Brownstones on Wallace

The Brownstones on Wallace townhouses on Wallace Ave., west of Perth Ave. are now being developed. Use this forum to discuss this development site.

Editor's Note: This development was completed several years ago, units are occupied, etc. Further discussion about internal condo policies, etc., should probably be done in a private place. For that, there's a Facebook group (link below). Comments are now closed on this forum.

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To All,

Please be advised that there is much misinformation being posted here. I have time and again made my phone number available for people to contact me - so once again here it is: 416-483-1066 ext. 108. Call me, it may take a day or two to get back to you but I will respond.

With respects to Occupancy, the building inspector has been by the site to carry out his inspections we are awaiting his return and as soon as he grants us occupancy I shall let you know. We have set up an information page at I will try to post as much information as I receive. The final coat of asphalt is not required for occupancy - it will most likely be laid once all construction has been completed to ensure that it does not get damaged during the balance of construction.

I believe that Block A and B will be the first to receive occupancy. The majority of PDIs have been conducted on block A, Customer service will be contacting those in block B this week to book their PDIs (Pre Delivery Inspections) starting Tuesday of next week.

If you are looking for more information please either check, email me at or call me at the number listed above.

with all due thanks for the official update...

look who's talking about misinformation :-)

good source of reliable info

Hear ! hear !
Matter of fact - this forum is the only reliable source of any information regarding Brownstones.
Cheers to Vic the web-master !!!

As for trees, allegedly crafted in whatevershop, those consitute the only point scored by the builder so far... these beautiful trees were are complete surprise to me, otherwise rather disappointed purchaser.

I hope there are more when we start taking a closer look at interior of our homes.
Thanks for coming and sharing your thoughts.


there it goes:
*** the 'reliable source' clause is to be translated as 'a source of information, reasonably reliable at times'.


There is so much misinformation on this site! We went by full of hopes. The road does not have its final coat of paving yet. Also the sidewalks aren't done. Occupancy will not be granted until final paving. Also the photograph of the trees has maybe been photoshopped. The building on the left is Wallace, but there is no high, windowless, red brick building at Wallace. It may be two photographs made to look like one but why would someone do that? Anyway as of now we're shutting down this blog becase it now merely a rumour mill instead of a source of helpful, accurate information. Good-bye and see you at Wallace, eventually.

I have to agree with the

I have to agree with the other posters... it seems you've either misread, misinterpreted or simply didn't read the posts of your future neighbors. From your post the first coat of road was done and sidewalks were missing, this is EXACTLY in line with what other posted said ahead of you. So while I thank you for confirming their posts, your anger and frustrations seem misdirected. As for photoshop I don't even know what to say. Just because you couldn't find the angle the shot was taken from (which looks like the back alley to the east of the site) to accuse someone of photoshoping seems a bit much.

I understand your frustration, we are all waiting for clear answers but until we have them the tidbits that we have been able to compile here have been exciting and appreciated (if not by you, by many others).

See you soon at Wallace.

Hire a Laywer and stop swamping our site

Our community, which we welcome all to join and take part in and lead, has certainly put up with a lot of crap going back many years for those who have the time to look it up and over the past few years we have endured a lot of dust, dump trucks and noise ( about 4 years worth) as this project on Wallace has "developed". Our site which provided a forum for people to communicate has been swamped with Wallace buyers who obviously did not hire a lawyer or did no research about the area or the site. All new Wallace home owners that want to share stories AND read other parts of the site to get to know their new friends, welcome. Others, like the posting above, go away and start your own blog.

I have had the good fortune to meet some eagerly waiting owners as they look over the fence, almost since day one; there are some cool new residents to the area. There are also some that are clued out and will spend their whole lives in front of their big screen. For the former, cant' wait to share a pint and see what we can do together.

No Photoshopping Here

I don't know why a community run site would be photoshopping pictures but I can tell you that there are at least 3 views of the Wallace site that match the posted photo so there goes that conspiracy theory.

The paving is exactly in the condition posters said and the sidewalks are in the condition posters reported. This morning the paving company is back doing an inspection, I saw them myself while walking by.

Maybe you went to the wrong site. : )

I hope this blog is not

I hope this blog is not closed. Yes, there may have been some misinformation but there has also been some good information provided from some posts.

Definitely not closing this forum / blog

Don't worry, I'm not closing this forum, blog, etc. People are still more than welcome to post here. I think that post about "closing this blog" probably meant that the person who was writing that post is not coming back.

I probably will close comments on this thread soon, after people move in, because this thread is a bit huge and has run its course. I will make a new forum topic to keep the converstations going, and allow you guys to talk about your new homes there...without having to sort through this massive thread. :)

Anyway, it seems like there's alot of excitement going on right now, with rumours, promises of closing dates, anticipation of moving, etc. I hope it works out well for all of you moving in to Wallace Ave. But yeah, it's probably best to check things out yourselves, talk to the developers, consult your lawyers and realtors, etc, rather than relying on what other people have posted here.

Vic - web nerd

final closing date

When do you think we can final-close our units for title-transfer ?

Depends on Roberts

I think the final closings depend on Roberts the Builder's hardworking. No doubt, the soone they are the better for owners. Hopefully before the end of December 2010.

I do not know how accurate

I do not know how accurate this is but I heard that the builder is anticipating December for final closings

price increase

I would like to know how much our units are up in price currently.

This is only a guestimate but

This is only a guestimate but I would assume that the units have increased by at least 15% to 20%

This is only a guestimate but

This is only a guestimate but I would assume that the units have increased by at least 15% to 20%

385000 $ ?

I paid 305000 $ for upper unit(around 1200 SF), but they say the current price is around 385000 $.Do you agree with me ?

Hmmmm where is this so called

Hmmmm where is this so called update????

Road is paved

In case people were wondering, the road was paved today. They still have to put in the sidewalks along the paved road into the site, but according to a crew member they should be going in soon. Also, I asked if the paved road would be considered as "safe" access to the unit, he said yes, so I guess the rest of us will be able to get our PDIs soon.

paved road

Yes, I saw it today, although It appeared as not just finished yet.
Apparently, another layer is due before it's safe.

a little update

I got this from Robert today via email:

The City inspector has started his occupancy inspections I anticipate that these inspections will take a number of visits, once we have received clearance to occupy, we shall be notifying purchasers via email and telephone.

Also, Robert said to expect an announcement today on this website

I really think that a lot of

I really think that a lot of undue stress could be saved if our builder would stop telling different things to different people. I am a purchaser and have received no such email. I know they have my email address on file as they have sent me stuff in the past.

Instead of trying to skirt around the issues just be straight about it.

Thanks much for taking time to update on your PDI

Please keep this forum posted.


I've also been very curious to know if the air conditioners are on the deck's or if they put them at the back of the buildings so they aren't taking out floor space. Also curious if they put in closet doors of if they are sliding doors instead....


My unit is about what I expected from the floor plans, except for the loft, I found it disappointingly small compared to the dimensions on paper. The staircase takes up quite a bit of space in the room, so thats a bit unfortunate if you were planning anything of size up there.

For closets they are all sliding doors with no mirrors. Saves some floor space with no swing, but obviously not as nice as closet doors that swing open and closed.

The air conditioners for my unit were outside on the patio, taking up some floor space, but in an easier position to service. It was on full tilt and was quite quiet, so no complaints with that really.

Hi Scotty, the loft,you

Hi Scotty, the loft,you mentioned it's alot smaller than you imagined...just to know the size what could you put up there? is it big enough to be a tv room - tv stand and couch (s)? thanks


Yes its a Broadway unit. Overall the condo is a good size and well laid out and good use of space. The windows are fantastic, lots of light comes in!

For the loft, it could be a TV room with a TV mounted on a wall and a couch and maybe a smaller chair, it would all depend on your preferences. Definitely wouldn't be able to put a huge reclining sectional or anything like that. Best bet would be a sofa against the wall, TV mounted on the same wall as where the HVAC closet is, and a chair facing the TV. Other options might work too, but you could run into some space issues with access to the sliding doors for the terrace. Definitely condo sized furniture for that room IMO.

Thanks Scotty, are you in a

Thanks Scotty, are you in a Broadway unit?

From what I have seen they

From what I have seen they have put the air conditioners on the decks... Which unfortunately takes up some floor space on the rooftop decks and will contribute to some noise even........ if they are very quiet. I'm guessing they put then on the decks so they could be accessed in the future for maintenance as there may not be easy access to them on the "backs"

For the lower level patios, I have seen them placed under the stairs


We also had our PDI, and definitely feel that we are about to walk into quality units. There were no major issues during the walk through, and even the small items were carefully noted by the builder. They seem committed to getting everything just right.

While we didn't get an exact occupancy date :( we also got the feeling that the only major work needed to start at least a partial occupancy of the site is for them to pave the main road. I am not sure whether city has granted occupancy (or partial occupancy) but it definitely feels like the wait is coming to an end.


Hi, thanks for the update.

Hi, thanks for the update. my i ask what type of unit you are in? Was the actual size of the unit what you expected from the floorplans?


my pdi went well... the finished product looks nice and seems to be a well built home. there were a number of corrections and remediation needed (51 in total) but nothing that was too extreme or over the top, mostly just paint touch ups and finishes

the timeline was not confirmed as to when it will be ready to occupy, but hedge bets that it won't be until after the road is paved and the garage door is in...

looking forward to getting the next call re: occupancy

i'll try to post a few pics of interiors later, if i can figure it out


I was at the site today :

They removed fence at entrance, but the Road to Garage is not done yet .
Sidewalks are partly done .
Underground Garage is paved but door isn't there yet .
Block A seems almost finished, but windows ain't clean, a few touches here and there and... ta-da , welcome home !

Resume: we are not there yet.

Any updates from anyone? What

Any updates from anyone?

What is the site looking like? How did the PDI's go? Any more PDI's scheduled?

I Got my PDI as well, we are

I Got my PDI as well, we are so excited and we are in Block A as well.

Hi, i'm a soon-to-be resident

Hi, i'm a soon-to-be resident of Browsntones on Davenport and i have been following this blog for 1.5 years, i am so excited for everyone on Wallace, it has been great hearing everyones concerns and questions. Please keep the blog updated with your comments, it is appreciated as B.O.D will be going through this in December (hopefully).

got the call

FYI neighbours, I got the call this afternoon to set up my PDI for next week. I am in Block A.

home inspector to PDI

That's one good news !
Thanks for keeping the forum updated.
I'll be checking in to read your comments on the PDI.
Question: are you considering bringing a home inspector along ?

In my opinion one having an

In my opinion one having an home inspector at a PDI may not be the most effective use of their time. They probably won't have enough time during the PDI to do a comprehensive assessment of the construction and workmanship.

If you decide to use the services of a home inspector for new construction, it makes more sense to do this within the first 30 days of occupancy where the inspector will have more time to do a thruough inspection. Any discrepancies or defects should be noted on the 30 day tarion warranty form.

Just my suggestions

point taken, thank you

Just zipped by the site. It's busy with men working on the common area, putting grass patches, planting trees... hallelujahs

!!! YES, we are going to have trees in that tiny little square in the middle !!!
Oh, I love 'em trees, I'm going to water them early in the morning right after having jogged along the railpath ... all I have been waiting for damn long time.

Pictures will be attached momentarily.

one picture speaks more than 100 words

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

no inspector

no I am not getting a home inspector, i am doing it myself... i'll try to post some feedback and some photos from the day... exciting stuff! im going on wednesday so i'll report back after then!

My lease ended June 30. I

My lease ended June 30. I couldn't renew for one month so had to move out. I moved in with a relative who was willing to help me but with whom I don't get along that well. It is a bachelor apt. and also some of my stuff is here. We are bumping into each other all the time, plus he loves to watch loud TV and the bedroom area is the corner of the living room. I thought it would only be for a couple of weeks, 4 at most. A couple of months will be unbearable.

The real issue is that

The real issue is that builders are allowed to sell properties without sufficient permits in place to reasonably guarantee a projected closing date. Then they set a date, knowing it might not happen, then they set another date, etc. This needs to be corrected at a level much deeper level than the level of individuals asking a developer's representative what he/she thinks will happen. Mr. Falus then offers information to the best of his ability, but becuase the factors are so variable, the information then turns out not to be accurate. Then people complain to Mr. Falus. Has anyone lobbied the City to have more stringent guidelines in place for developers? That is where the solution lies, not in blaming a builders' representative who is only the messanger.

no excuse for misleading clients to such extent

The fact that city left buyers at mercy of developers provides no excuse to thou who've been in the business number of year, mislead clients to such dramatic extent.
The bottom line, as we all know, is money, thus R.F. and his kind are concerned with maximizing profits, not keeping promises. don't you think that's where the real issue is ?

I dont know where people get

I dont know where people get their info from and where the 26th of July came from but as of today, there is no paved road and only a few sidewalks. The City will not grant occupancy until a fire truck can access the site. Use that as a guide. The good news for long suffering buyers is that the pace seems to be fast and it looks like it will be sooner than later although different blocks are at very different levels of completion.

I agree. I was never once

I agree. I was never once promised a specific inspection date for this week or next. We have company coming from out of town and no place to put them as we are currently "camping out" in someone else's place so we are in a very difficult spot.

However personal slandering and misinformation in posting only makes an awkward and frustration situation worse. It almost seems as though some are posting misinformatin on purpose to see what reaction they get.; but hopefully not.

Let's chill out a little

We are all frustrated but personal slander is not the way to go. I'm not on the "builder's side" because I believe that more due diligence should be in place before units are sold - so that these long delays do not occur, but to call people names like "liar" doesn't help. Mr. Falus is becoming hesitant to offer information and now that his attempt at clarification has resulted in him being slandered again, he is even less like to speak with us or ever post again.

I know for a fact that he would never have "promised" a move in date of July 26 as one writer asserted, or a PDI of this week. He has been very careful not to "promise" things. When someone hears what they want to hear instead of what is actually said it doesn't help.

Frankly I am becoming a little concerned that some of the people posting on this blog with their personalized anger and rage are going to be my neighbours.

Le's chill people. The situation is horrible but some of you are not helping.

I would agree that slander

I would agree that slander isn't the best idea and I can certainly understand why the builder rarely posts on this forum, choosing instead to deal with people who call him directly. The trouble is, in our experience, that while he seems personable and forthcoming over the phone, his predictions rarely come true. Frustration turns to anger when we take his word and plan accordingly, only to find out later that he was wrong. We are almost 60 days from the Sept 30th move-in deadline, but, we are hesitant to give the required notice period to our current property manager. If we go on past history, we would choose to wait a few more weeks to give notice and pay rent through the middle of October, knowing that if we occupy at BOW in Sept it will be several hundred dollars wasted on rent. But, if we provide notice on Aug 1st to move out by Sept 30th, then history repeats itself and the Falus committment of Sept 30th passes, we would be homeless until we occupy at BOW. Either way my family suffers, which is not something that we should ahve to go through because of a developer.

I can certainly understand delays due to weather, municipal red tape, etc but those things don't account for 2 years worth of frustration. They do, however, create enough frustration for some people to be irate, which can result in slander.


To add to the points above, I think that another reason there is difficulty getting answers and maintaining decorum at times is there are so many anonymous posts that it is hard to follow who is saying which comment. While the forum is meant to foster open discussion, it is difficult when there are so many anonymous posters. It is hard to know what is factual or what is meant to incite a mob reaction.

I've had positive experiences with Rob to date and I would understand he is under the gun from more than just the purchasers. I've also moved out of my rental at this time and will be eager to find out when we can move in. A bit more patience and it will all be worth it.

The real issue is that

The real issue is that builders are allowed to sell properties without sufficient permits in place to reasonably guarantee a projected closing date. Then they set a date, knowing it might not happen, then they set another date, etc. This needs to be corrected at a level much deeper level than the level of individuals asking a developer's representative what he/she thinks will happen. Mr. Falus then offers information to the best of his ability, but becuase the factors are so variable, the information then turns out not to be accurate. Then people complain to Mr. Falus. Has anyone lobbied the City to have more stringent guidelines in place for developers? That is where the solution lies, not in blaming a builders' representative who is only the messanger.

Thank you, Robert, for your

Thank you, Robert, for your update and clarification. Much appreciated.

LIAR!!!!!! Never to be

LIAR!!!!!! Never to be trusted. I was suppose to get a cal for my PDI yesterday or they said today and yet NOTHING!!

Wallace Update

A note from the Brownstones on Wallace

There seems to be some confusion and misinformation circulating about PDIs and Occupancy for Brownstones on Wallace. That is understandable because different information applies to different units depending upon block location and the orientation.

The facts are :

1. All of the interior work has been completed on most of the blocks.
2. The construction of the garage is completed, however line painting and general housekeeping has yet to be completed.
3. All of the sidewalks and driveway are scheduled for completion at the end of next week. (some sidewalks and landscaping has already taken place at the south east corner of the property.)

All units will not be available for occupancy at the same time. Information given out with respect to one unit will not necessarily apply to another unit – it depends upon the block location and the facing direction. For example , information for Block A , the west side will be slightly different than information for Block A , the east side. And similarly , information for Block A will be different than information for Block G.

The developer is as anxious as the purchasers are to schedule PDIs and arrange occupancy. PDIs and occupancy will be scheduled as soon as the units can be properly accessed and the requisite occupancy permissions granted by the City of Toronto. The Customer Service Department is working on both of these matters and will contact each buyer at the earliest opportunity to schedule the PDI and occupancy for each unit on an individual basis.

Well, July 26, 2020 is here & gone - NOTHING!

This builder is shameful! How we have laws and contracts that are written one sided to protect builders rather than consumers is shameful. To knowingly enter into contracts that knew they cannot & will not meet is deception, fraud and borderline criminal. They sold the townhomes clearly knowing they could not & would not meet the closing date on the contract. SHAMEFUL - DECEITFUL -

I spoke to Falus this morning

I spoke to Falus this morning he told me that hey have put the occupancy request in with the city and we should expect to receive a phone call this week regarding PDI.

He told me that if we have to give notice on our place we live in now (which we do) then he would advise to do so at the 60 day mark. Now he has personally told me untruths quite a few times so I told him I was quite hessitant to just give my notice as move in dates have never been met. Now we have a baby we cant risk being stuck with nowhere to live so I told him I will personally hold him responsible if my family is homeless. He still stuck to his guns and advised to give my notice, if only I had a crystal ball its a tough decision but we are going to be careful and maybe give ourselves a bit more time renting here just in case and if we move early then so be it.

He did say that we may get a call today for the PDI but I wont hold my breath.

I must say I too will never buy off plan again its been hard to keep your life on hold

Buuying off Plans

It is too bad you never had my teacher. When I was in grade 12 he told us never to buy off plans. You never get the closing date stated. I will keep my fingers crossed for you all. I know how hard it is to have a baby and want a permanant residence. All the Best!!

What did I learn

I think I was able to learn something from this website. Never trust the sales agent and never buy from these people again!

Was At/ on the site today

Here is what I can tell you from my visit today....

Block A is NOT complete, some units still need appliances including the one north end unit. Some of the units also need the carpeting to be installed.

From what I saw it looks like all the hardwood is in and has been for a while. They have covered the hardwood floor with cardboard.

They have started packing and leveling the areas where the sidewalks will go. They are a little less than half way up the path on the west side of block A, but no concrete or stones. Just packed and leveled dirt.

The A/C units for the lower level in block A were running today so maybe they are doing a final test on them?

The closet doors look like they have been installed in all the units that
I was able to look at.

***** I have not been inside any of the units, nor have I heard from the builder*****

It would be nice to have some sort of email from the builder to keep us up to date on where we are. At least if I knew what was still needed to be completed then I would be better able to plan my life.

I know they can't give 100% answers on things but at least a brief idea of where they were at would go a long way.

Was at/ on the site

I wrote the previous post and have a rtetort. I spoke with Tom Falus today and he said that we should plan to move in monday or tuesday.

Yes he said MOVE in this monday or tuesday. July 26 or 27.

He is applying for the permits from the city today and is planning to start the PDI's on Monday.

He seemed pretty confident about the dates.

This is for Block A only. But for other blocks he said they are applying for the occupancy permits for the majourity of the site so that as the units are finished people can move in.

Not to be negative but it

Not to be negative but it doesn't sound right. You don't just move into your unit. When you buy a new condominium property you will need to visit your lawyer twice. Once for occupancy closing, where you will sign documents and provide cheques for the monthly interim occupancy fees. The second time will be the final closing where you officially take ownership of the property. This happens shortly after the property is registered. If you havent been contacted by your lawyer yet about interim occupancy I doubt it will be done before early next

But... I do hope I'm wrong and that people start moving in very soon!

good news

sounds like good news and quite positive...

I hope it all pans out and we are able to move in on Monday! Keep us updated if you hear anything else! It sounds like such a different story from what I heard from Robert yesterday.

6 days

One would hope (in an ideal world) that given that the Brownstones Group has our email now, there would be regular email updates or at least a letter to come out given that the original closing date is a mere 6 days away. However, this is not the case and we are left to assume that the 26th is a definite no go and to just standby and wait for when the actual day might occur.

Driving by last Friday I saw that there was some activity but I did not notice any work being done on the driveway or other common areas that I am sure are required to be completed for PDIs to begin. Anyone have any additional updates?

My wife was at the site

My wife was at the site yesterday and spoke to 2 of the trades, who said the following:
- The parking garage is almost done, lines were being painted yesterday.
- They are preparing the site for the roads, which will be paved 'soon', starting at the back of the site and moving toward Wallace Ave.
- The units in A/B blocks are all "done", incl interiors/appliances, not sure about other blocks.
- The crew was given a revised date of Sept 30th aswell. They think it's likely we will be in on or before that date.

From visiting recently I can add that the patios at ground level of "A" that were previously joined have now been seperated by wooden fences. Also, there are railings around the ground floor patios and the stairs down into each of the front doors.

Given that we were provided the 'option' to extend our closing dates to Sept 30th, in order to accomodate people with leases that require 60 days notice to leave, I wonder what we are going to hear on Aug 1st when it comes time for us to give that there going to be a guarantee that we will occupy on/before Sept 30th?


Thanks Jamie for the update! Yes, with August 1st nearing, I would imagine we would hear something, but time will tell on that front. I don't have any doubts that Sept 30th will be the day, but hopefully it is sooner than later and registration doesn't take much longer so we aren't paying "rent" on something we own.

I heard that the builder is

I heard that the builder is hoping to have the site registered by Dec 2010. So anticipate paying the "rent" until at least then as no one will be able to get a mortgage until it is registered.


I sent and received a reply re: status of development for a few questions I had asked... the response is:

"I will be contacting individuals with respect to Pre Delivery Inspections starting Tuesday of next week. Pre Delivery inspections for Blocks A & B will commence the week of August 2nd, 2010 assuming the site is safe for entry. Currently I am not sure when the City will grant occupancy I should have a better idea within the next two weeks."

So Block A (me) and B should be able to take a PDI early August assuming all proceeds as planned.

Stay tuned I guess

We also have a parking spot

We also have a parking spot for lease, our email is

Parking For Lease

I have a parking spot that I am looking to lease. If interested you can email me at
Price to be determined.


I was at the site yesterday and had a chance to get inside my unit.
Exterior work is done, concrete work on side-walks around all blocks is in progress.
Underground parking is just bare walls, no door installed yet.

Well, it looks almost finished:
Walls painted, lights installed;
Doors and cupboards are in place;
Sink, plumbing and electricity is hooked up;
Although no carpet, the stairs have railings installed;
Ceramic tiles in kitchenette and washrooms;
Furnace/AC , duct, vents all in place;
Toilets, bath, pipes all done.

Still outstanding:
No hardwood in living room.
No appliances.

Overall impression is 7 out of 10.

Thanks for the update How did

Thanks for the update

How did you get a pre-pdi? Which block is your unit in? Lastly.... Your 7 out of 10 rating...... Is this the quality of work or progress.

pictures of development - July 11

Just an FYI - there is a lane

Just an FYI - there is a lane way on the east side of the site which you can use to view the project. It is not accessible from Wallace. You need to go to the street south of Wallace and access the laneway right next to Solloways and walk north. From there you can get great views on the units in the south west corner

PDI checklist

Tarion has good information about PDI's and a pretty in depth checklist. You can access it here:

I will post the pictures I took today as soon as I figure out how.

Dear neighbors, How about we

Dear neighbors,
How about we discuss fast approaching PDI in more details.
Experienced buyer's insight is very much appreciated :-)

What would be the first thing to check in a brand new place ?

thank you for you updates

I think that it would be fair to say the we all appreciate being updated on development at 351 Wallace ave.
I hope we all get in our new places soon and find them built in quality to redeem the long wait nuisance.

Thanks for sharing your info with the rest of us.

Best Regards

Wallace update....

I was by the lot yesterday. They are finished bricking and putting siding on top floor of the last row. I couldn't see anything being done on the roadway and sidewalks. Although the dirt does seem to be leveled out. I asked one of the construction guys where they were at with interiors. He said he was working on installing showers in block E but that the floors and not much else was done in there. He wasn't too chatty so I didn't get much more info on the rest of the interiors. I am taking my mom by on Sunday so I can take some pictures and post them.


I hate to ask again, but if anyone has been by the site could you please post another update. To be honest if there aren't concrete forms for the roads or sidewalks built or being built at this point I'm guessing July is out of the question. I'm just worried that the Sept 30th date that was offered to most people is when the project will really be finished.

Thanks in advance

I just past by the site

I just past by the site (Saturday) and there was alot of activity. With respect to sidewalks. There are no forms yet but in many sections I could see they put gravel where the walkways will be so you can see where the grass will be and the sidewalk will be.

Getting all this done in two weeks????? Time will tell


any update?


Spoke with Robert Flaus and he said they are still waiting for "Life safety" elements to be completed before any pre delivery inspections can be setup.

Mainly the sidewalks.

Then before we can move in the garage still needs to be finished off and the street lights amoung other things need to be completed.

thanks for update

did R.F. mention any specific time estimate ?

another update

I received a note from Robert indicating that the cleaners are on site and starting to clean units this week but until it is safe to have people on site, he cannot carry out the PDIs. He will let me know as soon as he has more information.

Sounds like things are progressing to the final few stages, a bit more patience and we should be in!

tiny square in middle...

According to the plan it is supposed to be a parquette. I assumed this meant a swing set etc... for kids but who knows...

trees like people, but 10 times better -- (c) Shri Aura Binda

Swing is nice to have, somewhere in a large open area, say, High Park.

That is my own and very personal opinion, that among couped up stacked homes a tree, or better yet, a group of trees, looks better at any day.

Just picture that swing, all day busily squeaking across a street with cars rushing in and out...
Replace swing with trees... and voila, not so bad looking spot, isn't it :-)

Tiny little square in the middle.

Dear neighbors,
there's this little square in the centre of the development according to the site plan.

Wouldn't that be nice to have a tree or two planted there. And some grass maybe.

Yep, I know, I've been daydreaming.

Happy Canada Day to you.


Has anyone been by to speak to the workers lately? Just wondering where they are at with interiors

If anyone has been by the

If anyone has been by the site lately I was wondering if they had started the roads and sidewalks yet. I am guessing that it will take at least a month and if they havent started its probably a good indication of how delayed those of us who want to take immediate occupancy will have to wait.

I was by the site yesterday.

I was by the site yesterday. I did not notice any sidewalks yet but noticed some railings around lower unit patios in A block. The roads are there but are still dirt roads. They are filling in the site and leveling it out. Think of it like a giant swimming pool but instead of water they are using dirt.

The last building along Wallace is almost all bricked also.

Has anyone been contacted for pre-delivery inspections? That would be a good indicator on where they are at for those who are taking a chance with July 26 occupancies.

house are fine

The earthquake was on the Ontario and Qubec border and there was little afects in some areas