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  • Junction Triangle T-Shirt Contest Results   3 hours 49 min ago

    Congrats Eric, My Fave was Kelly Payne.

  • Noise Wall Committee Websites   2 days 2 hours ago

    CALL TO ACTION! With noise wall construction just underway in the Junction Triangle, area residents have a choice to either accept this poorly conceived piece of infrastructure or make a goal line stand to improve the situation - we still want a greener solution than concrete and plexiglass that will simply provide a massive canvas for graffiti despite all of the PR spin from Metrolinx.
    Since being elected just over five months ago, Davenport MPP Cristina Martins has remained invisible on the issue of electrification and noise walls. E-mails and telephone calls from the Junction Triangle Rail Committee have gone unanswered.
    Now with the help of Julie Dzerowicz, a candidate for the federal Liberal nomination in Davenport, we are making another attempt to meet with the Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca. As a colleague and member of the government, Cristina Martins is well positioned to help open the Minister's door to a meeting.
    If you want to help, please take a minute and call Cristina Martins. Ask her to stand with the residents she represents by arranging a meeting with the Minister ASAP. If you don't get her on the phone, leave a message and ask her to call you back. If you hear nothing, please keep calling. The number is 416-535-3158. This is Cristina's opportunity to show us that she is more than just a go-along backbencher. Many thanks!

    More information about noise walls and electrification can be found on our Facebook page @

  • Bloor Improvement Group AGM   2 days 19 hours ago

    "organized stalking" ? What are you talking about?

  • Is Colt Paper at 151 Sterling Rd the Oldest Business in the Triangle Junction?   3 days 31 min ago

    I also can't think of any other continuously-run business older than Cowan's -> Rowntree -> Nestle. Laura Secord fits into that timeline in at least the 70's too (Ref:;jsessionid=00...)

    Toronto Hydro, though a municipally-owned corporation, built their 30 Edwin Ave. substation in 1911, and have used it continuously since.


  • Is Colt Paper at 151 Sterling Rd the Oldest Business in the Triangle Junction?   3 days 2 hours ago

    Thank you for the great piece on the history of our company, Colt Paper.
    I learned alot about the history of the Sterling Rd. /Perth neighbourhood that I didn't even know about.
    We are a proud member of this community.

  • Bloor Improvement Group AGM   3 days 2 hours ago

    That's a pretty broad and general accusation. If there's something like this happening, I hope you're dealing with the police. If there's anything that should be made public, you need to share specific details.

  • Bloor Improvement Group AGM   3 days 2 hours ago

    There are a lot of people involve in organized stalking in your area, targeting certain people and stalking them for years, if you know this is going on bring attention to it with articles or a lot of people could get hurt or killed, we have had enough!

  • Is Colt Paper at 151 Sterling Rd the Oldest Business in the Triangle Junction?   4 days 1 hour ago

    Scythes Flags which is now Flying Colours at 128 Sterling was formed in 1910 although I am not sure how long they have been on Sterling.

    The owner of Colt told me his building used to be the storage facility for People's Jewellers and included security for their goods.

  • Is Colt Paper at 151 Sterling Rd the Oldest Business in the Triangle Junction?   4 days 16 hours ago

    Cowan's chocolate factory on Sterling was built in 1904-1905. The company was sold to Rowntree in the 1980's and it was later taken over by Nestle's. The business is still there, just under different management.
    Irv Ungerman who ran Royce Dupont Chickens closed his poultry company a number of years ago, but he still runs his business affairs from a neighbourhood office and is a significant land owner in the area.
    Ontario Hardwood Lumber has been around since the 1950's I believe. While the wood lot and mill were moved out of the neighbourhood ages ago, the office remains in operation on Perth Avenue.
    Great to have Colt Paper still in the area even if the title of "Oldest Business" is an uncertain claim.

  • Noise Wall Committee Websites   1 week 23 hours ago

    The Villager has published a story today about the start of noise wall construction in the Junction Triangle along the West Toronto Railpath.

  • Annual Junction Triangle Craft and Home Style Sale 2014   1 week 3 days ago

    Good reminder of the craft show this Saturday in The Villager:

  • Annual Junction Triangle Craft and Home Style Sale 2014   2 weeks 4 hours ago

    Hey! We have a new twitter handle, so follow us for some fun and the countdown to the craft show, happening on Saturday November 22, 2014!


  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    i see, i wonder what is going to be built in that lot. it's a big lot.

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    That was considered, but because of the ongoing legal issues over three contamination, the police chose to make their new station at Davenport and Osler a few years ago.

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    they should really put up a police station in that TTC lot south of wallace on lansdowne...that is going to make the area a lot better

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Well put. Lets be careful dont to demonize everybody because of a few. That corner has improved over the years just as the whole area has. One thing that changes an area is eyes on the street and with the development and stores and new library there will be a lot more people around. As expressed in the idea of a "donut city" the marginalized are being pushed out of downtown to the burbs but even middle income people are finding it harder to afford housing downtown. It will be interesting to see how long that coffee Time landowner wants to hold out....I think a developer will look to buy it and the 2 towers.

  • Fuse Condos - Lansdowne & Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    There is a Freshco a block away and Drug store.

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Dupont and Lansdowne is Ward 18 - Bailão.

    Palacio's ward 17 is north of the tracks.

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Again, get people to contact the local councillor: is in that particular Ward but so should have a vested interest in what's going on. You guys are just lucky you didn't move in 10 years ago...we all allowed this type of stuff to happen because no one bothers. And we have absentee landlords running the place with no accountability.

  • Fuse Condos - Lansdowne & Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    I doubt very highly that these same people you speak of will be able to afford the rent of a condo! So be rest assured, you're getting a different type of building. If you read some of the other posts, things will change and hopefully organically but don't paint all those same activities with all the residents that live in those buildings. I've seen plenty of young families walking out of those buildings and school buses waiting to pick up kids. $750 for rent is affordable and some people's only alternative regardless of what goes on at the Coffee Time. Again, don't post it hear, tell it to your councillor if everyone is so concerned. This blog is simply a forum, not an avenue to impart change. It's a good start to talk about it, but now it's all becoming words.

  • Fuse Condos - Lansdowne & Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    what about the Coffe Time across the street, and all the "activities" that have been going on there for years? hopefully the Fuse condos will be made up of young professionals, and not the same type of people who have been occupying those two apartment buildings behind Coffee Time. Better yet, that Coffee Time shall be replaced...

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 1 day ago

    i am moving in in this area soon (wallace and lansdowne), and i am extremely concerned about the activities in this corner (especially the safety and the overall well being of the kids in the proximity). Do you think whether it's possible for the neighbours to collectively apply some sort of pressure to the city so they do something about it? is there anything we can just concerned for the kids...

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 2 days ago

    I'm not certain background checks are the only thing that is needed. The one landlord made the building on Lansdowne go into such disrepair but was still granted millions of dollars a few years back to do some cosmetic work to the exterior of the building and clean up some of the units within. If you choose to own a building don't be an absentee landlord. He and whomever owns/runs the one on St.Clarens should be brought to task. Due to the fact that many of their tenants are on assistance they know they are getting their cheque by month's end and they have to do nothing for it. That's why they are in the state they are in. I believe the owner of the Lansdowne building doesn't even live in the city, he's from Montreal! So that attracts all types of different activities let alone the deplorable conditions for people living inside the units! Again, unless the city gets on it, what are the cops going to do? The problem runs deeper than simply busting some heads with a baton and making a few arrests. Frankly, the criminality is how the residents and community is being treated by some slum landlord.

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 2 days ago

    yes most definitely the landlords should be accountable for this as they should be performing more in depth credit/background checks of their potential tenants. It just ticks me off a little bit that even the cops could not do much here.....on the side note, i would apprciate a tim hortons over starbucks for this particular corner due to tim horton's affordability relative to starbucks...

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   2 weeks 2 days ago

    The sad reality about that corner is that many of its residents are just trying to get by. I know that the "activity" is not as bad as it once was but it's still present. The buildings offer housing at a pretty cheap rate and for those who need to be in the city and close to transit it's the reason we have a vast number of residents that draw from different walks of life. There are also those who live there with mental illness. So perhaps the people just hanging out at the Coffee Time are also those who appear to be up to no good when in fact they suffer from mental illness and are maybe off medication and don't "look" right. Write and call your local councillors like I have. It's great that you bring this up, but that does nothing to help the situation. Let's make the owners of the buildings accountable. I know there is an outreach program in one of the buildings for these types of residents. But once funding gets cut off, they are on their own with very little life skills to cope. Also, they eliminated the tables they had outside the Coffee Time and some phone booths to dissuade certain activities. I sympathize with what you're saying but there is also a hint of NIMBYISM behind it. Let's look to the source of the issues there, and not how quick we can get rid of people. The sad reality is that not only will those activities eventually became lessened with the development, the fear should be that some people on low incomes will be slowly removed too if rents increase. And I've heard that Starbucks is involved with acquiring the Coffee Time location. So it may make us latte loving folk happy, but some of the residents won't be able to afford a simple coffee. Let's make the landlords, councillors and businesses accountable and equitable for all.