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  • Daycare in the Junction Triangle- Perth Academy for Early Learning   4 days 24 min ago

    To All of the students - who went to Perth Avenue Public School FROM 1937 TO 1948 I would like to hear from you . I was a student there from kindergarten to grade 8 .

  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation   1 week 7 hours ago

    Is there any way to find out what the elevation of the track would be near my house?
    I am between Wallace and Bloor. If the elevation starts just north of Bloor, I'm hoping it's not too high by the time it gets to Wallace.
    But then, is the intent for Wallace to pass under the bridge?
    It seems to me that the ramp up would have to be pretty steep.
    I worry for my property values.
    The vibration from the 4 trains a day jiggles my house now.
    Is there a timeline?
    I may need to sell before this becomes a reality and it just breaks my heart.

  • Tuck Shop?   2 weeks 22 hours ago

    Had the burger and daily soup today, both excellent. Great guys working there too, an excellent addition to the area!

  • Christmas Market Night - "Noite do Mercado"   3 weeks 3 hours ago

    THE EVENT IS DECEMBER 19th of December at the Canadian Madeira Club 1621 Dupont Street.

  • Tuck Shop?   4 weeks 3 days ago

    Hey everyone - I just discovered this and if you haven't yet already discovered us, TuckShop Kitchen is a new takeout sandwich and convenience store.

    I'm one of the owners and moved into the Junction Triangle last Sept, and with my Partner Glen have been renovating and working w/the city for approval to open. At TuckShop, we grind our own burgers, cure/smoke our own bacon and roast our turkey breasts. Everything is made in house and pride ourselves with bringing a great sandwich at an affordable price.

    Here's a few links to learn more:

    Profile by Toronto Life:
    Profile by BlogTO:

    We'll have a website up very soon at


  • Bloor Dundas Condo - Giraffe Living (Tas Design)   5 weeks 2 days ago this is who they sold it too. Rumor has it, they are looking to buy out some of the other stores/houses west of the "Giraffe" building..

  • 2015 Canadian Federal Election   6 weeks 2 hours ago

    I voted for Julie Dzerowicz. Liberals have the best chance of defeating Stephen Harper and I am all for that!

  • 2015 Canadian Federal Election   6 weeks 21 hours ago

    I voted for Andrew Cash. I think he is pretty cool because of his music career. But I heard in the polls that the the Liberal candidate is projected to win.

  • Potential Salon Opening   7 weeks 1 day ago

    Clients care about what they pay not what you have to consider as a business not the clients problem. Those are prices for downtown not this area.

  • Potential Salon Opening   7 weeks 1 day ago


    There's a hair salon in the units at Campbell/Dupont very popular womens cut $20.00 men $15.00 so in comparison you may have competition.

    Good Luck!

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   7 weeks 3 days ago

    Actually Ana Bailao is quite involved in this issue. The City cant just come in and take peoples businesses away. There are steps and procedures that have to be met. You might want to call Ana's office and get informed.

  • LF Parking Spot or Garage Spot near Dundas + Dupont   7 weeks 4 days ago

    you can park for free on the small streets from 7am to 12am

  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation   8 weeks 1 day ago

    Metrolinx has released the first renderings of the Davenport Diamond Super Bridge. They are contained in a new report that makes the case for the $140-million bridge to eliminate the Barrie GO Line level crossing with the CP freight tracks near Lansdowne and Dupont.
    You can find the Davenport Diamond Feasibility Report, more drawings, some news stories about the study and lots of discussion at the Junction Triangle Rail Committee Facebook page. Join us!

  • Exploring the Tower Automotive building on Sterling Rd.   8 weeks 2 days ago

    I worked at Algoods during the 1980's. I was a buyer in the Purchasing Department on the 10th. Floor. So nice to see these photos, thank you for posting them.

  • Galleria Mall   8 weeks 2 days ago

    You know what if someone upgraded that mall it could be a seriously happening place. Half the stores there have been selling the same items from 10 years ago.

  • Baguette and Co.   8 weeks 2 days ago

    Yummy economically priced sandwiches! Delish!

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   9 weeks 19 hours ago

    you might have lived for 30 years in this neighborhood have i BUT you probably don't live right beside the CRAP-'s drugs, yes i have seen both use and dealing...drunk drive, constant because i have had my front fence knocked out and they drove off...even the swat team come out once... it's so good of a bar that the owner took his family to live somewhere else instead of hearing all the crap at night...yes this neighborhood has had it's past as others. but is now bettering itself and it's starts with cleaning this black hole out of this neighborhood ... and yes Gaivota isn't any better....BUT where is our city rep. ANA BAILAO on this ....NO WHERE...

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   9 weeks 1 day ago

    I agree that TMO Bar is not the only source of misbehavior we see in JT. I wouldn’t say that is the main source either. There is a phenomenal network of places that link delinquency around JT; Coffee Time at Lansdowne, Beer Store, TMO Bar, Edwardas Chicken or strip plaza serve to similar population. I agree that Gaivota Bar is an establishment that breaks many by-laws. Maybe more that other places but Gaivotas neighbors are business that serve to same clients. (including happy endings massage place to the west)

    I personally contacted building owner of Gaivota Bar after one night I couldn’t stand cigarette smoke cloud coming into Thai Lime. I wanted to let the owner know about city law that prohibits smoking Tabaco within 9 meters of any building entrance (Municipal Code Chapter 709).

    TMO Bar has “unfortunate” residential neighbors. Neighbors that are not necessarily newbies and are tired of being harassed by meth addicts, late night shouting, meth pipes in front yards etc...
    TMO Bar does not host to locals. Owners do not live in our neighborhood, they don't care how their operations affect our neighborhood. That is not cool. Stomping on once feet for a cause that is good for all is a right thing to do weather you are a newbie or an oldie.

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   9 weeks 2 days ago

    It's impossible to enforce real name posting. Even if I used an annoying third-party authentication (e.g. Facebook login), it's trivial to make something up. And that would just make it more difficult for people to post here, which people don't do as much anymore anyway...

    Edited to add: Anonymous posting is also a good thing, giving people cover to post when they may be shy or unwilling to reveal personal details when posting interesting/controversial information.
    ...and it's exceptionally rare that anonymous posts really cause that much trouble around here anyway. I guess they just occasionally stand out.

    Hope that helps, "K Putnam", whoever you are. ;)

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   9 weeks 2 days ago

    Thanks for making the effort to debunk the claims of this anonymous poster Scott. People too often get on this site and make outrageous statements and unsubstantiated claims while hiding their identity. Would they make the same statements if they were force to use their real names? Really wish the site moderator (who provides an awesome service to the community with this site) would revisit the issue of anonymous postings. For those rare moments when hiding a person's identity is necessary, perhaps the authors could send their comments to the site moderator for re-posting and we could end this kind of crap.

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   9 weeks 3 days ago

    How long does one have to live here to not be a new resident according to your standards? I have worked in the area since 1983 and lived here for 14 years. I recall hearing people complain about that location 14 years ago.

    If it closes a new cafe or pub will open and it will be more community friendly. The current patrons will move on to another bar in another area. I have had a beer in TMO and I see that it serves some of the lower income people of the area but I also see the riff raff and troubles that it attracts late at night.One does not excuse the other.

    Our area was pretty rough for a while but police stats show that crime has gone down every year for at least 15 years. You seem to almost wish the crime was back. Your statement that "250+ pedophiles living within this area" is complete BS and has been debunked over and over. It was a stat that was said erroneously and picked up by the papers but sadly people did not pay attention to the correction:

    "But it turns out that the figures were not set in a context that gave them appropriate meaning. An article in the Globe and Mail on Saturday, May 8, 2004 by George Emerson, a resident of Holly Jones' neighbourhood, challenges the chief's action.

    Emerson traced the Chief's statement to find the source for the figures, which turned out to be Detective Sergeant Elizabeth Byrnes in the sex crimes unit. Byrnes said the figure of 200 included a wide range of people who had committed offenses related to sex, but most were offences against adults, not children. It also included people who at one time might have lived in the area but might not now. When pressed, as to how many might be considered child predators, she said, "Maybe four or five. Maybe four. Maybe."

    Byrnes also noted the arbitrariness of the three mile radius, and the fact that this part of the city does not have a higher ratio of sex offenders in the registry than other communities.

    Emerson's article ends: "Chief Fantino held his news conference to press for the creation of a national registry of sex offenders. Databases and statistical analysis can be useful tools in crime solving. But they can also be easily abused and distorted to advance an agenda, however well intentioned. In the end, in addition to a cruel death, that is what is really chilling about the Holly Jones death."

    Not only was the number and definition incorrect but few people bothered to notice that a 3 mile radius is from Jane to Rogers Road, to Bathurst, to past the shore of Lake Ontario.Thats is a pretty large area for "Maybe four or five. Maybe four. Maybe." .

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   9 weeks 3 days ago

    We live close to TMO and there is some unfortunate friction (with us and certain "neighbours")... We feel like we are blamed, when we speak out about our concerns - as if deciding to live on a main street (etc) means we need to accept that people will be doing all sorts of things in our front yard... On top of that we have to deal with how this makes our family feel - we try to find alternative resolutions... we realize there are issues in the neighbourhood and it goes beyond an establishment...

  • Big Boozy Rumour (LCBO @ Dundas/Bloor)   9 weeks 3 days ago

    September 21 2015 (7;31pm)

    Ok, you can reach me at Google Plus under Michelle Shelly Eckert Mikiver, on the following URL find the comments, click on the picture of the beautiful girl in the beige with the tank top, on the post stating ... what good is a calendar ...

    Wanted man ... again he is still wanted... left him at a grocery store ... he drove in the direction of my building ?

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   9 weeks 4 days ago

    Hi There,

    Yes the elderly man that was found unconscious at the corner of DuPont & symington was later pronounced dead in hospital. He had substantial head trauma caused by blunt force trauma to his head. He was a patriot of This Month Only but was at the DuPont Chicken Churrisquiera located at Perth & DuPont right before he got attacked. Investigation into his murder is still ongoing. If residents think of this neighbourhood think that This Month Only is the reason for the down bringing of this neighbourhood you're are wrong. There is good & bad in every neighbourhood. Who's to say that the residents of the neighbourhood enjoy the company of the newly opened bars/establishments. Gaivota Bar which is located across the street from TMOB in the plaza is the exact same but because it's not located at the corner is harder to observe. There is gambling that happens, patriots from this bar get extremely drunk & drive away without anyone noticing. The block both entrances to the plaza with there cars & work trucks making it difficult to attend the other establishments such as Thai Lime. Closing TMOB won't solve anything as these patriots/ residents will just find another bar/establishment to go to. They're not going to move out of their neighbourhood which the majority of them have been living in longer than most of the new residents who have just recently moved into the neighbourhood. Things happen everyday that doesn't make it to the news. Perth avenue, Wallace avenue, symington avenue, DuPont street, Campbell avenue, Edwin avenue & all the rest of there conjoining streets have always had trouble & issues even way before the murder of little Holly Jones and Before the bomb & murder threats at Perth Public School & before all the murders, attempted murders & stabbings that have occurred on all these streets. I've lived in this neighbourhood for over 30 years and have seen & heard everything. If you want trouble you have to be asking for it don't look for trouble and nobody will bother you. I feel so safe in this neighbourhood & know everybody except the newbies who no offence are really stuck up and snobby and can't even say hi or wave hello as a friendly Neighbourhood gesture. Most of you especially those with children should be more worried about allowing your children roam around the neighbourhood without adult supervision considering there are more than 250+ pedophiles living within this area which includes the junction. Don't forget to smile you might enlighten someone's day & not even know it.

  • 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk   11 weeks 9 hours ago

    yes these are the doors that will remain....I am an owner and this was discussed at the information session. They indicated the doors needed to be 'fire doors' and that while they are not overly attractive...they are safe ....