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  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   31 weeks 1 day ago

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking to buy an apartment and found one at the Junction, I don't know the area that much but I have read that is growing. I currently live around Queen st and it will be a big change for me. I have gone around there for summer but I would like to hear from the neighbors how is living there? Is it a walkable area? I'm sorry for all the questions, but it's my first big purchase and I don't want to mess it up. I heard also about the contamination, the train noise. The building I'm looking at it's the one at Heitzman.

    Thank you! :)

  • Dog poop Wallace at the Railpath   31 weeks 1 day ago

    with all of the great off leash parks in the immediate area, it is such a shame that people just don't care. Wish there was a better way to communicate to the dog owners who don't want to obey the rules, but unfortunately these people will never learn. For the record, I think there are many more fantastic dog owners than bad ones, but the bad ones are the ones that cause the issues

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   31 weeks 1 day ago

    I've heard stories of the contamination, but I've never experienced it. I've been living in the area for 7 years. I've also have never heard of anyone having health issues because of it.
    The best thing to do is contact the city councellor in the area who HAS to keep track of all of this. Better have actual numbers than rely on people guessing.

  • Junction Triangle Population   31 weeks 2 days ago

    with the contamination found in the lot that used to be owned by the TTC south of wallance on lansdowne, and the contamination that GE produces, is there any risk of living around the area?

  • Corner of Lansdowne and Dupont   31 weeks 2 days ago

    Just one question neighbours, is it safe to live around this lot? it's confirmed that there is contamination, so what effects it has on the surrounding neighbours who live there? any health issues?

  • Dog poop Wallace at the Railpath   31 weeks 4 days ago

    I think this has become a general phenomenon everywhere! I was walking under the bridge on Dupont a little West of Lansdowne and the amount of droppings is ridiculous. Dog owners, if you have a dog, it's your responsibility to pick up after them. And I agree-with more dogs in the area this is going to be a precedent if owners aren't responsible!

  • Dog poop Wallace at the Railpath   31 weeks 4 days ago

    Railpath is an on leash area. For some reason this was never put on signs but this year should see some signs going up.

    Judging by the number of dogs in the area these days I suspect that people living near Campbell or Perth Park should get ready for the fun of a dog walk battle. : )

  • Dog poop Wallace at the Railpath   31 weeks 4 days ago

    I bike the path and encounter quite a few dogs off leash. One ran in front of my bike suddenly, causing me to crash and have $150 in damages to my bike.

  • Dog poop Wallace at the Railpath   31 weeks 5 days ago

    Thanks for reminding people, for picking up your own dog's poop, and especially for going out of your way to clean up after others.

    Springtime is often the worst, as the melting snow reveals months worth of poop.

  • Dog poop Wallace at the Railpath   31 weeks 5 days ago

    Dear friends
    The dog and I did another cleanup this morning Wallace to Ernest just the east side of the rail path .Over 20 poop deposit sites and I ran out of bags to collect the remaining 1o , spoke to a lady from the Wallace apartments who was also picking up around the grounds of the residences . This is far far worse than Dufferin Grove . My theory is either people have their dogs off leash and don't watch them or they are on their smart phones or they don't care . You cannot walk or let your dog walk of the pavement now unless you want to clean the dog's feet when you get home . Discouraging and a big drag . So functionally the green spaces next to the pavement are for certain sections of the Railpath a complete no go area.
    Good Luck to us in fixing this problem. If we all pick up more than the poop of our dogs we can make some headway on this .
    Best PeterT

  • 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk   32 weeks 2 days ago

    Has anyone walked by lately?

    It looks like they have installed a sliding door on the 2nd floor, and put the window on the ground floor.

    This makes no sense, because you would walk out to a 9 foot drop.

    The drawing of the plans has this the opposite.


  • Dog poop Wallace at the Railpath   32 weeks 4 days ago

    That's gross. Leaving a dog poo is exactly as gross as leaving a human poo.

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   32 weeks 5 days ago

    I know Davenport Village is just north of the JT, but exciting news in that it's confirmed Balzacs Coffee will be one tenant of the beautiful Powerhouse building
    Imagine in time, walking along Dupont St, going to a new Library Branch, having Shoppers and Metro on the corner and perhaps walking a bit North into Davenport Village for a coffee and what looks like a pub/restaurant. Exciting!

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   32 weeks 6 days ago

    New fish monger not too far away with friendly service.

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 52 min ago

    I echo the sentiments here...if you are simply a speciality shop not yet...if those specialities are combined with everyday products for all income levels then ABSOLUTELY! We don't have a proper bakery(I discount all the ones that already exist). We also don't have a proper butcher shop or fish monger(again discounting what already exists). If we had a general store that stocks speciality pantry items, breads, cheeses, basic produce and maybe meats, I think you'd be on to something.

    BTW-we also don't have a proper florist, dry cleaner/alterations, record/book store and specialty store like TOWN in Bloordale or Midoco/Juxtapose in the Annex. I think those will thrive too! For all you entrepreneurs!

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 14 hours ago

    Bloordale all the way! And don't forget the expresso bellavitano!

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 15 hours ago in the The Junction among others.

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 18 hours ago

    The north side of the west end is a cheese dessert. You should also consider bloordale! The strip of bloor between dufferin and lansdowne would serve not just JT but wallace-emerson and brockton triangle (all currently cheese-less). I think you'd have a bigger market, as demand in JT is already served by the businesses at keele/dundas, and that stretch of dupont might not get much non-local traffic.

    I know people in bloordale who would go every day, just for the bread

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 20 hours ago

    I think getting your foot into the area is a great idea and a strong following before more stores open will keep you a step ahead. I agree with some of the posts that you do not want just a cheese shop. But it seems your intention is to have more than cheese anyway and that would go over much better. Personally, I think it would go over very well as there really is not place to shop here in this stretch. I personally do not count Eduardo's'. I think you are getting a mix of income coming into this area and I for one like to be able to go to a speciality cheese store.

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 22 hours ago

    Any new retail would be welcome in JT. There once was a lot of it.

    I love cheese but I am not sure a cheese only store would get enough business; cheese is expensive. As a comparison look west to the higher income Annette near Runnymede where one finds stores like Creme Fraiche Market Cafe. In their case their prices are higher but they also have a very large selection on ancillary items. There are a few other stores/cafes that are similar in that area. I dont think Dupont has the foot traffic for a specialty store at this time. When the Library moves east there will be even less foot traffic. I think we need a few more cafes and other retail before a specialty store would be supportable.

    I echo all the other posters that our real priority is a good green grocer (not Metro). We used to have some in the hood many years ago.

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 23 hours ago

    It's good to read the positive comments above, and I definitely wouldn't want to dissuade you from opening an independent business. I own a fairly new retail shop on Dupont and I'm a firm believer in the potential of Dupont Street. I actually looked at buying a building next door to St. Andrew's Ukrainian Church on Dupont in the JT before I bought this place. Why I hesitated was because I sensed that it would be a minimum of five years before a critical mass of entrepreneurs would be willing to take a chance on the JT. There have been a couple of new food-service businesses that have opened up there in the last three years, but unless you have the resources to stay in business for a few slow years, you may wish to consider choosing a location on Dupont that's east of the JT. The Dupont/Dovercourt area is a very up-and-coming area, and we now have several small independent boutique-type stores on the south side of Dupont between Manning and Shaw. The north side of Dupont between Ossington and Kendal is slated for development (condo/retail combined) so it's definitely an area with legs. If you have deep pockets and feel like being part of pioneering the JT area, I'm sure your shop would be appreciated by the local residents, but my experience is that unless there are other retail stores to buy from in the immediate vicinity, people are less likely to make a special trip to visit one store. If you'd like to drop by and scope out our part of Dupont, you'd be most welcome. I hope that's helpful.

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 1 day ago

    FYI there is already a cheese shop on Dundas a little W of Keele and a cheese factory off Keele, N of Dundas.

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 1 day ago

    I love cheese and the other items suggested. However, there is a cheese shop and a cheese factory near Keele & Dundas.

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 1 day ago

    it would be a great addition to the community

  • Cheese Store in the JT?   33 weeks 1 day ago

    I would definitely come to your store for cheese and other items you mentioned, but I might not come frequently. I would come all the time if you could also provide fresh veggies, fruit, eggs, milk. If I were brave enough, I'd love to open a store that's partnered with a local farm(s) to offer local eggs, milk, veg, fruit, meat. I'd definitely support a business like that. Regarding location, if you could get close enough to the Farmhouse/Farmer's daughter, there would be more traffic, plus the employees at the Freshbooks office, etc in the Planet Storage building.