Shooting at Dupont and Campbell

The media is reporting a police shooting near 254 Campbell Ave.

From 680 News:

The Special Investigations Unit has been called and a man has been rushed to hospital after he suffered multiple gunshot wounds near Lansdowne Avenue and Dupont Street.

EMS has confirmed to CityNews that the man is in his 40s, and there are reports he was showing no vital signs when EMS workers arrived.

There are reports the incident began when police were called to 254 Campbell Avenue, perhaps for reports of a person with a weapon.

Additional media links:

Will update this post later if there are more details.


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Smashed back window passanger side to get bag

It was clear to a few of us last night after seeing the car this 40 year old who paid the ultimate price for something he wanted in the back seat of a car parked on perth avenue. The owner or owners of this car did not heed the police warning about not leaving any personal belongings in vehicles. A few of us took a walk around the neighbourhood only to see a car with the back passenger side window that was smashed only to see a bag still in the back seat. Though people should not touch what is not theirs, however criminals don't always think that way. Sad

Police At Wallace Church Too

It appears people related to this incident have a car parked at the former Wallace and Perth Church and some people have said that a person may have tried to break into the church. My neighbours seem to know some of the people involved and the corner is taped off right now.