Looking for a dog walker

Looking for a dog walker for weekdays at around 3pm for my 4 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. Anyone know of any walkers in the area?

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Dog walker

Just realized I forgot to leave the website. www.alldogstoronto.com

good luck looking for one,

good luck looking for one, and please make sure your dog walker picks up after your dog. i live on rankin cres also, and there have been many many piles of dog waste lying in front of my yard over the years... :(

Looking for a dog walker

we need someone to come by and walk our 4 month old German Shorthaired Pointer weekdays at 3pm. We're on Rankin Crescent. Let me know if anyone has any referrals.

Reliable & Great with Animals

Hi there! I'm a reliable person from the neighbourhood - I have much more experience with cats than dogs - but perhaps we could meet and see if I get along with your furry friend?

Dog walker

Hey there! I'm with All Dogs and we'd be delighted to set up a meet and greet for walks with your dog. Feel free to reach out any time.


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