South Perth & Sterling Road Residents Association - Important Meeting

Oct 23 2012 18:30
Oct 23 2012 20:00

Philip from the South Perth & Sterling Road Residents Association sent the following meeting announcement:

At the Church of the First Born – Scheduled for October 23rd at 6:30-8pm – (snacks and beverages will be provided).

This meeting is the final discussion with the residents before the matter of the Rezone application goes before a final vote at Council Nov 8th. Nestles has been invited and it will be interesting to see if they attend.

Local Recording Studio Featured

Junction Triangle's Candle Recording Studio is featured in The Grid. Interesting story about a place you might not know exists.

First Annual Junction Triangle Halloween Pumpkin Sale

Oct 27 2012 10:00
Oct 27 2012 13:00

Perth/Dupont Library Expansion Project

Saturday, October 27, 2012
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Perth Square Park (Northeast Corner)
350 Perth Avenue

All Large Pumpkins, $10 each. If the deal was any better, it would be Christmas!

Proceeds in Support of Perth/Dupont Library Expansion Project

Cafe con Leche - Espresso Bar

So we'll finally be getting an espresso bar on Dupont. Cafe con Leche seems to be moving quick to be opening near Edwin. These are the same people that operate Cocoa Latte and Clay in the St.Clair and Christie area...much needed in the neighborhood and especially along those beautiful buildings that have been abandoned so long on Dupont.

ps-also noticed that bar on the north side(This Month...) seems to have new signage going up and they are fixing the facade...wishful thinking that it may actually be going through a makeover?

Condos vs. chocolate in West-end land use fight


Should condos be allowed beside the Nestle chocolate factory in Toronto’s west end?

Land use issues in the area are causing conflicts between developers and the chocolate factory that’s been there for decades.

Click link for video report:

The Toronto Star:

Book Fundraising for Perth Public School

Hi All,

There's a book fundraising event currently going on to expand libraries of underfunded schools across the country. Our neighbourhood school, Perth Public School is listed among them.

You can help give a book to Perth P.S. by:
1) Buying Indigo e-giftcards. For each $25 giftcard purchased (for your own purposes), 1 book will be donated to Perth P.S. Gift cards do not expire.
2) Adopt Perth P.S. (For every 50 adopters, Perth P.S. will receive 1 free book)
3) Giving a cash donation where every $12 gives 1 book to Perth P.S. (non-tax deductible)

JT in the New York Times

A friend of mine who lives in the Bronx, NYC, sent me this article. Our 'hood made it into the New York Times Travel section:

An Art Scene Blooms in a Toronto Neighborhood

Despite the article calling the JT Bloordale, you'll see references to streets within our neighbourhood boundaries.

ParkBus Provincial Park Service

I dont want to start a flood of commercial messages on the site but recently I became aware of a service that I had never heard of that was green and potentially a great idea for families that don't own a car but want some nature in their lives.

This clever bus service basically takes you to a few of Ontario's best provincial parks. Until they started there was no transit to any Ontario Parks and this project is a project of the Transportation Options (T.O.), a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering sustainable tourism and transportation in Ontario.

Train Wall Horror Show

Sep 16 2012 12:00
Sep 16 2012 15:00

From the Junction Triangle Rail Committee:

Sunday, September 16, 2012
12 Noon – 3 p.m.
Perth Square Park (350 Perth Avenue)

For anyone wondering what the future of diesel train service in the Junction Triangle will look like, you can see it on display in Perth Square Park on Sunday, September 16 from Noon til 3 p.m.

Hot Water Fraud

Just had a pushy sales rep (a young girl, green eyes brown hair about 5 feet tall) from “Ontario Consumer” at the door claiming to be acting on behalf of Direct Energy. I called Direct Energy and she is lying and it’s a scam. Don’t give her entry to your home (she will claim she needs to know the size of your hot water tank to make an appointment for an upgrade) and definitely don’t sign anything. Don't know why these people are still allowed to operate. No legitimate supplier will come to your door in this fashion and lie to you.


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