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Clean Train Coalition

As a reaction to the Metrolinx / GO Transit "Georgetown South Service Expansion" project, a new grassroots organization has formed across West Toronto: The Clean Train Coalition.

The Clean Train Coalition, as its name suggests, is a coalition of community groups, residents, and other stakeholders in along the Georgetown South railway corridor who are concerned about the planned increases in diesel train traffic.

From the Clean Train Coalition website:

Clean Transit is Possible

Our city deserves a clean, effective and modern transportation system. Now is the time to build a transit solution that will benefit all of us and serve our region for decades to come. The solution should:

  • Use clean-running, quiet and light weight electric trains
    Eliminate the harmful effects of diesel pollution
  • Maintain and enhance neighbourhood connections
    Prevent the division and isolation of communities along the corridor
  • Create accessible and affordable transit for everyone
    Ensure this public infrastructure project provides a lasting benefit to us all

For more information about the Clean Train Coalition, to get the latest news about the GSSE project, and to get involved, please visit their website at: www.cleantrain.ca

To discuss the effects of the GSSE project on our neighbourhood, you can use our local forum.

Clean Train Coalition

Clean Train Coalition

Banner image from the Clean Train Coalition website.

Davenport Diamond Grade Separation, Open House #1

Apr 22 2009 17:30
Apr 22 2009 20:30

WHAT: Public open house for GO Transit's Davenport Diamond grade separation project
WHEN: Wednesday April 22 2009, 5:30 to 8:30pm
WHERE: St. Josephat's School, 55 Pelham Ave. (map)

The following flyer is provided by GO Transit (Click through for a larger version):


Davenport Diamond Rail to Rail Grade Separation
City of Toronto

GO Transit, the Province of Ontario's interregional public transit service for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas, is involved in an environmental assessment of the Davenport Diamond. The Study Area extends from Keele and Dufferin Streets to the West and East, and adjacent to Rogers Road and College Street in the North and South (as shown in the map).

GO trains operating on the Newmarket corridor between Union Station and Barrie cross over the CP North Toronto corridor just south of Davenport Road. It is proposed that a grade separation of the Davenport Diamond will improve rail access along the two corridors.

Davenport Diamond Grade Separation, Open House #1

Davenport Diamond Grade Separation, Open House #1

A flyer for GO Transit's Davenport Diamond Rail to Rail Grade Separation project public meeting on Wednesday April 22, 2009.

Community Meeting: Pile Driving Noise

Apr 23 2009 19:00

The following event information was provided by the Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre:





Arts and Crafts Table for the Children
Interpreters in various languages

DIGIN Meeting: Metrolinx

Apr 14 2009 19:00
Apr 14 2009 21:00

The monthly DIGIN meeting takes place on Tuesday April 14th, 7pm at the Wallace-Emerson Community Centre. This month's meeting is of particular interested to residents of the Junction Triangle. The main item on the agenda is a presentation by Mike Sullivan, chair of the Weston Community Coalition, speaking about the Georgetown South Service Expansion and how the significant increase in train traffic may affect our neighbourhood.

GO Train from Wallace Bridge

GO Train from Wallace Bridge

Looking north from the Wallace Ave. Pedestrian Bridge as a GO Train rides north through a snow storm.

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2008-12-19.

Metrolinx GSSE Open House

Apr 21 2009 15:00
Apr 21 2009 20:00

Today Metrolinx issued a Notice of Commencement for the Georgetown South Service Expansion and Union-Pearson Rail Link Project (GSSE).

There will be a series of Open House meetings during the month of April. Here are the details of our local meeting:

When: Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 3:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: The Lithuanian House, Hall B, 1573 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON (map).

If you can't make it to the local meeting, there will be five other sessions along the length of the study area. You can view the list here. An "online virtual house" will also be available starting April 15th.

The details below come from the Metrolinx meeting announcement flyer. Further details about the whole GSSE project can be found on the Metrolinx website.

If you wish to discuss this project, please use our forum.

GO Transit rail grade separation project: pile driver

GO Transit rail grade separation project: pile driver

Pile driver, part of GO Transit's West Toronto Diamond rail grade separation project. Viewed from the south end of Old Weston Rd. at Dupont St.

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2009-03-28.

Noise from the Rail Grade Separation Project (Part II)

We have reported on the GO Transit rail grade separation project in the past, but in the last few days it seems that members of the Junction community and their local politicians have been making their complaints known in a stronger way.

On the afternoon of Friday March 27th there was a rally on Hook Ave., where residents along with Parkdale - High Park MPP Cherie DiNovo demonstrated against the excessive noise of the pile driving.

The CBC and the Toronto Star both reported on the rally and the noise issues, as did the Junctioneer blog.

This morning, Monday March 30th, CityNews featured this story on Breakfast Television and broadcast the construction noise on live TV.

The ongoing noise from the pile driving, which may take up to 16 months, affects people on "our side of the tracks" as much as it does the people in The Junction. However, I haven't heard as many complaints from residents here, or action from any levels of government. In Parkdale - High Park, MP Gerrard Kennedy, MPP Cheri DiNovo and Councillor Gord Perks have all sent around information about this project and tried to get the noise issues resolved.

Residents of Hook Ave. have started a discussion list about the piling noise. This is probably the best place to get the most recent updates on the issue.

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