New murals on Symington Ave.

Symington Underpass MuralsSymington Underpass Murals

Mike Foderick, Executive Assistant to City Councillor Cesar Palacio, sent an email with photos of the new murals painted on the walls of the Symington Ave. railway underpass, just north of Dupont St. They will also be installing another mural on Dufferin St. You can read his email below, and view the attached sketch of the Dufferin St. mural.

The addition of murals in the railway underpasses around our neighbourhood is really perking up the streetscape. The Dupont and Dundas underpass murals went in several years ago (they could use a touch-up now), and we also have new murals on Bloor St. The dead-end of Rankin Ave. by Erwin Krickhan Park will also be getting a mural soon.

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Symington Underpass MuralsSymington Underpass Murals

Hi Everyone,

Please pass this along to your friends and neighbours. I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Councillor Palacio has been working with students from the Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre (MuralExpress) to bring art and murals to public spaces, particularly underpasses, throughout Ward 17. One such mural has just been completed on the Symington underpass, just south of Davenport Road.

A new mural is about to begin at the Dufferin underpass just south of Davenport Road, sketch attached (actual mural will be in color).

Attached are pictures/drawings of the murals.

If you have any questions please email me directly. Just wanted to keep you in the loop FYI.

Thanks and all the best,

Mike Foderick
Executive Assistant
to City Councillor Cesar Palacio
Ward 17 - Davenport
416-392-7011 (phone)
416-338-5243 (direct)
416-392-0212 (fax)

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