Old rail underpass by Paton Road.

Hey Guys, I took this pic of the old rail underpass by Paton Road.


Thought i would share.


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I heard there was a murder

I heard it was sealed when someone was killed in the tunnel. It would've been 15 years ago I think. When they build the new overpass, there is supposed to be room for people to walk under it at that point. But the shortcut to Propeller and the subway is a ways away.

I remember seeing that

I remember seeing that underpass too. I didnt know there were gators there though. Scary huh. Maybe that's why it is sealed off.

watch out! there be gators

watch out! there be gators and crocks lurking in those parts

More then Gators

Been a while. I think there is more then gators down there. Few of us were trying to get the attention from Public Health and others levels of government regarding the un-used under path. Many residents close to the under path complained about seeing rats coming from the path. Not to mention a good breeding ground for West Nile virus.. Been dark and wet. The should fill the hole and do an enclosed over path above the rails to the other side, like Wallace bridge. Leaving it like that can be dangerous to the public as it is not sealed properly as water gets into the opening, not a good idea.

I remember when it first open it was been well used, then you seen a change. More criminal acts were happening, lights were been broken, tagging, very dark, unsafe. People stealing cars then letting go down the stairs, assaults. Never remember and sexual assault been reported. However I do remember people been robbed, many going unreported.

How do you get to that underpass?

Hey - does anyone know the history of this underpass - why it was sealed off? How about opening it again? Great way to get to Propeller - or the Subway at Lansdowne!