Junction Triangle Library Project

100 Day Survey

A group of local residents is working with the support of Councillor Ana Bailao to expand the Perth/Dupont branch of the Toronto Public Library. As an important community resource, we want to determine what Junction Triangle residents want in their local library.

The 100 Day Survey is ten questions that will form part of a Community Report to the Toronto Public Library detailing design features and services that will meet area needs.

The survey runs until February 29, 2012. You can complete the survey more than once if you have additional ideas or thoughts over the course of the one-hundred days.

Thanks for taking a moment to participate. Your comments are appreciated and help demonstrate strong community interest and support for a bigger library in the Junction Triangle.

Take The Survey!

Take a moment to look at these new and renovated TPL branches for ideas about Perth Dupont.

Check out these cool photos from the Original Perth Dupont Library
And these photos from the current location Opening Day 1982!

The Junction Triangle Library Expansion Committee would not have been possible without the support of people and businesses that have made financial contributions to help the cause. Many thanks to:

Chander Chaddah, Broker, Sutton Group - Associates Brokerage Inc.
Joseph (Joe) Russo, Sales Representative, Remax West Realty Inc. Brokerage
Grace Soares, Broker, Remax West Realty Inc. Brokerage.
Lee Dias, Sales Representative, Remax West Realty Inc., Brokerage
Mike Gryspeerdt, Sales Representative, Sutton Group - Realty Systems Inc. - Brokerage
Tracey Logan, Sales Representative, Remax West Realty Inc., Brokerage
David Bailey, Sales Representative, Remax West Realty Inc., Brokerage
Lucy Sanford, Sales Representative, Remax West Realty Inc., Brokerage

(All information collected in the survey will only be used for for the purposes of creating a community report. No personal information will be collected.)


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Library Strike

The Globe and Mail is reporting that talks have broken down and Library workers are headed towards strike action. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/library-workers-hea...

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who completed the 100 Day Survey. We've heard from hundreds of people about what sevices and features they would like to see in a bigger Perth/Dupont library.
If you haven't had an opportunity yet, today (Wednesday) is the last day to complete a survey. You can complete a survey in person at the library until 6 p.m. or online until midnight. Take the Survey!

Library Busting At Seams

Students At LibraryStudents At Library

Think that in the computer age nobody uses a library? Wrong, in fact MIT believes that the use of libraries in the digital age will actually increase. Recently renovated branches of TPL have seen huge increases in usage. Perth Dupont only has one (!) table for study and three computer stations which are almost always taken. On Saturday these two students improvised and continued their studies. They told me that the had filled out the Library Expansion survey because they value the library and know that it needs more space for study.

Our young people are sending a message about the need for expansion. Help support them by filling out the survey before the deadline on Wednesday night. Take the survey.

100 Surveys

The 100 Day Survey ends at midnight on Wednesday. We’re looking to hear from more residents of the Junction Triangle about what services and features they would like to see in a bigger library.
Can you help us add 100 completed surveys before time runs out? It’s 10 easy questions and everyone can complete their own survey including the kids.
If you love libraries and want to see the Perth/Dupont branch grow, please take a moment now and ask your family and neighbours to take the survey. It’s a simple gesture that will help demonstrate broad community support in a quantifiable manner (numbers mean something to people who make decisions about libraries).
Many thanks for your help! Take the Survey!

Residents rally behind 'landmark' library

Article in The Villager / Inside Toronto:


The Perth/Dupont Library should be a "landmark" building and "an anchor" in the community, said those who attended the first of a series of workshops to discuss the branch's renovation and expansion.

Read the rest here:

The Business Case for Beautiful Libraries

One thing many people want in a bigger library at 1589 Dupont is a building that is architecturally interesting - something that elevates the area with a landmark structure.
While remembering we're just a branch library, Lisa Rochon has a great article on the "Business Case for Beautiful Libraries" in Saturday's Globe and Mail http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/arts/lisa-rochon/the-business-case-f...
Architecture is sure to be a topic of discussion on Wednesday evening when DIGIN hosts a special library workshop at the Wallace Emerson Community Centre's Abrigo Room at 7 p.m. It's a free event and everyone is welcome. More details https://www.junctiontriangle.ca/node/1414

No One Seems Interested in Option 1

So far, in the responses to the 100 Day Survey to determine what people would like to see in a bigger Junction Triangle library, no one seems much interested in Option 1 outlined by Library management - build washrooms and an elevator off the back of the main floor.
Everyone (naturally enough) is interested in “more” this and “bigger” that. We already have enough money to pay for the washrooms and elevator thanks to Councillor Bailou and the $1.1-million Section 37 contribution. Everything beyond this point will require more initiative.
While all of the other elements to the library project are falling into place fabulously, we are still looking for more people to complete the survey before the end of the month.
You only have to take the survey once. Everyone including the kids can complete a separate one. It’s just ten easy questions starting with your postal code.
It's a simple demonstration of support that will really help the library. Many thanks.

Staff Report to Toronto Public Library Board

The Toronto Public Library Board met on Monday evening. Item 16 on the agenda was a Staff Report about the Perth/Dupont branch. It is interesting reading and puts our library on the Board's radar. http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/content/about-the-library/pdfs/board/...

Your Library Needs You!

There is just over a month to go in the public consulation process to determine what features and services area residents would like to see in a larger Perth/Dupont library. We are trying to encourage as many people as possible to complete the 100 Day Survey. Community participation is an important factor in addition to the ideas and comments people are submitting.
Please take a moment to complete the survey. It's an easy way to help our library grow. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KBN6ZGR
Many thanks.

Reference library gets $1.5M donation


Need to get those kinds of donations happening here :)

Funny Library Montage

A friend of mine posted this video recently:


Libraries Obsolete? Think Again

Some people might think that libraries are an obsolete idea. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is because at the core libraries are community spaces and information spaces. As technology has changed so has how information is shared. CBC's "Spark" often features segments on libraries which at first doesn't make sense because the show is about digital and emerging technologies. Harvard and MIT have library innovation centers and all over the net you can find examples of how libraries are changing but keeping the core social aspect that they arose from. Here are a few recent links from "Spark" to get you thinking. In 50 years libraries will still be around and some of what they do might be hinted at here...

1. The Fab Lab. The Fayetteville Free Library has a lot of cool stuff going on including copying the MIT model of a "fab lab" or "maker lab" which would create a facility to encourage innovation and fabrication on a local level. This is based on MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms which see the localized manufacturing of goods as the next huge information revolution; local people fabricating their own things. MIT and the Fayetteville Library see libraries as leading this. As a quick backgrounder look into "maker culture" here in Toronto (http://makerfairetoronto.ca/) and then look up 3D printing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3d_printing) to see where this is coming from.


Tekventure is already on site in Library parking lots in the US bringing the "maker/fab" ethos to the people.


2. The Harvard Library Innovation Laboratory. These folks have a lot going on but their three main interests, "Stack View", "Library Cloud", and "Shelf Life" are all projects designed to help make all library information available globally in ways never before possible. Imagine a reliable and usable world library.

These are just 2 examples show that information sharing is changing. It is becoming ubiquitous in terms of the Ether, but at the same time becoming more tactile in letting average citizens create actual things. These are just two examples of what the future of libraries may be but both cases are about community; in the global and local sense.

What is in store for our Perth Dupont Library? Who knows but the more you look, the more evidence you see that libraries are going to be with us because libraries are about community; the more people meet online, the more meeting and sharing with a sense of place matters.

Great links Scott

Libraries are inherently hubs of innovation and creativity. They are particularly important resources for people looking for jobs or starting businesses. Therefore they play an important role in the economy, helping people transition to different industries. It is great to see the innovation of libraries themselves.
With many top universities publishing course curriculum on the internet it wouldn't be much of a stretch to see more people use libraries as study and perhaps even testing centers. Imagine getting together with some of your friends at the library to take courses from MIT, Stanford, or Oxford.

It's Day 51

It’s Day 51 of the 100 Day Survey to determine what services and features Junction Triangle residents would like to see in a bigger Perth/Dupont library. This is a terrific opportunity to add your ideas and comments about the library and the effort to expand it. You can take the survey online here (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KBN6ZGR ) or complete a paper version at the library during regular hours.
With a million dollars already dedicated to the project, change is coming to the Junction Triangle library. If you have not had a chance, please take a moment and complete the survey. Many thanks.

Day 9 of the 100 Day Survey

It’s Day 9 of the 100 Day Survey to determine what features and services Junction Triangle residents would like to see in a bigger local library.
After a week of “polling”, a quick summary of the ideas and comments reveals that lots of folks want more computer work stations and a dedicated space for reading. A larger area for children and a bigger collection of materials is also popular.
There is a wide variety of ideas with people suggesting everything from a green roof with an outdoor reading patio, an interactive media centre and a space for local artists to display their work.
The most interesting idea of the last week comes from a respondent who wants “a tunnel to the chicken place.” We’re presuming that this is the same person who indicated they would visit the library more often if there was “free chicken.”
You can help the Junction Triangle Library grow with your ideas and comments, please take a moment to complete the survey.


Just did the survey with my kids. They really wanted to give their input as well. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Library Expansion Project - Public Meeting Summary

The meeting on Tuesday evening at St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Cathloic Church started with great news from Councillor Bailao about the $1.1-million contribution to the Junction Triangle Library Expansion Fund. The money comes from development fees for the Fuse condo project just underway at Lansdowne and Dupont.

Toronto Star columnist and Editor-in-chief of King West magazine Karen von Hahn made an excellent presentation about some recent Toronto Public Library expansion projects. Karen noted the contrast in styles between the classic Carnegie libraries that dot the city with new, modern libraries that are open, vibrant living spaces like the Bloor/Gladstone, Cedarbrae and Jane/Sheppard branches.

The question and answer session covered a range of topics and suggestions. One person asked if the library could have a specialized collection that would make it a destination branch.

There were a couple of questions about the possibility of having a meeting space at the library that could be used after hours. One person asked if children could be included in the design process for the renovated/new library building. Someone asked if there was a way to reach out to cultural groups and include them in the facility - something like a display or performance space?

There was an interesting suggestion about establishing a closer connection between the local schools (since their library budgets are shrinking) and the library. An intranet connection to the librarian and a computer terminal to search for TPL material in each school library.

The final question of the evening was about potential construction. What would happen to the library during the reno? Anne Bailey from the TPL replied that they would offer limited programs in the community and possibly increase bookmobile service during this period.