Photographic Ode to the Wallace Ave. Footbridge

West Toronto Railpath - Unofficial Opening Parade

I haven't really posted on this website in a very long time. So here's a simple photo-post to change that.

The Wallace Ave Footbridge has undergone one of its most significant changes since being built in 1908: The straight eastern staircase down to Wallace Ave. has been removed and replaced with a turning switchback type of staircase connecting to the West Toronto Railpath down below.

A recent Tweet by @hellokaitlin made me want to dig through some of the photos of the Wallace Ave. Footbridge in the Junction Triangle Flickr Pool, and then post them here. This isn't really a true historical record of the bridge, as most of these photos are from the last 10 years, but it shows the bridge from many different angles, perspectives, during all seasons, by many different photographers, and with rapidly-changing surroundings. The photos in this collection are posted in semi-chronological order: Sorted by when they were added to the Flickr group, but not necessarily in the order they were taken.

Click any of the photos to go to their Flickr pages to get more info about the photo, photographer, etc. There are many more photos of the bridge and the rest of the neighbourhood in the Junction Triangle Flickr Pool.

You can also visit this link for a few photos from the City of Toronto Archives.

Jane's Walk 2010: Railpath Ramble


Crossing Over

wallace ave bridge


shadows_bridge (2)



Wallace Ave Bridge


walking bridge in winter

Wallace Station Bridge


bridge over Rail Path




Rail of Light and the Bloor GO Station

Rail of Light, as seen from the Railpath

Rail of Light: Doubleu

Nuit Blanche Toronto

Stepping into another dimension

Coming out of the Shadows

Photographing the Photographer


community analysis junction 008


Wallace Street Bridge

Monochrome Wallace Footbridge

Steel Bridge

Junction Bridge

Who's Zooming Who?

Working It


Salty Stairs of Wallace Bridge

Richard Mongiat


Shadows and Graffiti - The Junction

Apartments / Rail Path Bridge



is it Art?

i phone Photographer

Wood, steel, flesh and balloons

End of the bridge

Jogger on stairs

Stairway to...

The Wallace Bridge

Wallace Bridge

Junction Triangle view from the Wallace Bridge

Junction Triangle view from the Wallace Bridge

Stairway to Heaven

High Walker

Love Padlock

Sunlight Through the Wallace Street Bridge

Passing Over


Wallace Street Bridge

Rail of Light

Day 162: A classical spot along the Railpath

Wallace Ave. Footbridge

Wallace footbridge

Bike by the bridge

Bridge steps

Wallace Avenue Footbridge

The Junction Photo Shoot


Walking over wallace bridge at night

walking in the rain

06.14 : wallace bridge


Wallace footbridge

West Toronto Railpath

Wallace Avenue footbridge

A shadow of a bridge


The Wallace Ave. Footbridge was looking great

Bees and flowers under the Wallace Bridge

Buzz on the Bridge

Goodbye Toronto (VIA Version)

173. jun 22. foot bridge.

Dawn on the bridge

On Wallace bridge steps 1

Walk the Line

Colleen & Fernando forever

Wallace bridge




The Junction @ Toronto

End of July Sunset

West Toronto RailPath


Wallace Ave. Footbridge and West Toronto Railpath

Wallace Street Bridge

Wallace bridge

Wallace bridge

Across The Tracks.jpg

Bridge Towards Water.jpg


Wallace Avenue bridge with new staircase

Wallace Avenue bridge staircase


Wallace Avenue Bridge - new staircase near completion

Wallace Avenue Bridge - new staircase near completion