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Photographic Ode to the Wallace Ave. Footbridge

West Toronto Railpath - Unofficial Opening Parade

I haven't really posted on this website in a very long time. So here's a simple photo-post to change that.

Storage Places?

Hey folks, anyone with any feedback on either Planet Storage or Tower Storage? We need to move a bunch of stuff into storage for our reno... I can't even tell if Tower Storage is still around?


parking space available .

Parking space available at Elsie lane. The space is available for December 1, 2015. Please contact 647342-6235.

100 in 1 Day: Love Letters to the Junction Triangle, Past Present, and Future

Description of this event comes from the 100 in 1 day festival website.

by Vicki McGregor, Jennifer Harrison, and Nuria Gonzalez

Showcasing diversity and connecting community members in the Junction Triangle. Encouraging learning and discussion about the neighbourhood.


10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday June 6th 2015

A collection of thoughts, feelings and photos of the traditional and newly welcomed communities in the Junction Triangle.

The intervention will feature photos of the past and present to showcase diversity and encourage inclusiveness in our neighbourhood. Community members’ thoughts and feelings about the Junction Triangle will be displayed in love letters. On the day of the event, people can write letters to add to the display on the West Toronto Rail Path.

We’re asking people to participate by submitting photos from different time periods: past (older than 10 years) and present (within the last 10 years). Photos of historical places, community events, and personal significance are welcomed. Please note, the exhibit will be curated and the photos will be donated to a local community hub following this event.

Junction Triangle residents will submit their statements about the following:
My fondest memory of the Junction Triangle is….
I love the Junction Triangle because….
My vision for the future of the Junction Triangle is….

These materials will be part of my intervention:
pens, table, a few chairs, string/rope, tape and clothes pins, print photos, print cards for statements

It would be great if participants can bring with them:
Submit statements and photos via social media ahead of the event so they can be displayed.

Davenport Diamond Grade Separation

Metrolinx is planning to grade-separate the railway tracks that run along the east side of our neighbourhood (between Campbell Ave. and Lansdowne) and the CN Tracks on the north side of our neighbourhood (between Dupont and Davenport). Here's the Google Map link.

Currently, these tracks cross each other at-grade, meaning that they intersect at ground level. Trains travelling along the north-south tracks must wait for east-west trains to finish passing through before they can proceed, and vice-versa. The grade separation plan proposes to elevate the north-south GO Transit Barrie Line tracks over the Davenport Diamond, eliminating the intersection and train traffic conflicts.

Though no details have been provided yet about exactly how this grade separation will occur, the summary basically goes like this:

  • A bridge will be built to carry GO trains on the Barrie line over the east-west freight line
  • The bridge would start ramping up from just north of Bloor St., proceed over the Davenport Diamond, and return to ground level north of the Diamond (probably between Davenport Rd. and St. Clair Ave.
  • Wallace Ave. would not be closed (as was possible in one of the previous grade separation proposals)
  • Some additional track crossings may be opened up, e.g. Paton Rd. or Antler St. / Lappin Ave.
  • Space under the bridge could potentially be re-purposed by the community (Park? Trail? Other?)

Timelines, construction methods, costs/funding, and other details have not been provided yet, though I expect some of that will be made available soon.

This thread will be updated as we continue to find out more. All comments and discussions related to this project will be consolidated here too.

Note: Grade separation was previously discussed in 2009 with a few options proposed, but this ended up getting rolled into a larger Barrie corridor expansion EA and shelved until recently.

Brownstones on Wallace Community Spring Yard Sale

BOW Yard Sale 2014BOW Yard Sale 2014

The Brownstones on Wallace townhomes are planning a spring yard sale for Saturday May 31st, 2014 (Rain day Sunday June 1st), from 9am to 1pm. All neighbours are welcome to participate in buying, selling and/or trading anything they choose. Those selling need to bring their own table (BYOT).

Will be held in the Elsie Lane Courtyard/Parkette, slightly south of Wallace on Elsie Lane. See attached for more info.

House - siding

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right Forum, but I live on Wallace Ave and am currently in the market for new siding (for the entire exterior of my house). I was wondering if anyone in the area has had their siding replaced and if so, do you know any good contractors for this.

Thanks in advance!

Parking for Rent in Wallace Brownstone..

Parking for Rent in Wallace Brownstone..

if interested, call 647 607 7507

Chances of electrification of UP line...?


I am considering buying a property in the Junction Triangle. I am wondering if I can get some opinions from people on here who have attended the recent public consultations what they think the chances of electrification of the UP rail link are?

It seems to me that the Electrification EA is a good sign that that this is likely to happen. However, I have not followed this or other electrification projects so I don't know if this always leads to somewhere...

Wallace and Co open for dinner!

Hi there!

Starting next week we will be open for dinner Wednesdays thru Fridays until 8:00pm! Looking forward to getting to know more of our neighbours!
Wallace and Co

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