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Wallace Bridge: Looking into the Junction Triangle

Wallace Ave. Bridge: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-04-16Wallace Ave. Bridge: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-04-16

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words".

I was walking home from the Dundas West subway station on Friday evening and decided to take this photo from the Dundas St. side of the Wallace Ave. pedestrian bridge. I always enjoy the view from here, especially since it contains two of our neighbourhood's most iconic sights: The bridge itself, and the old G.E. Water Tower near Lansdowne Ave.

When I came home and took a closer look at the photo, it struck me that there are many things going on within the frame of this picture. Little bits of history, neighbourhood icons, and changes that are happening rapidly. Here's what I spotted. Maybe there are some things I missed?

Yasi's Annual Ride-in Movie Night

The annual "Ride-In Movie Night" takes place in our neighbourhood again this year, as part of the City of Toronto's Bike Month. Details below are from the official Bike Month Listing:

Presented by:
Yasi's Place

Starts: June 26, 2010 08:30 PM
Ends: June 26, 2010 11:00 PM
Cost: Free

Join us for bike themed movie shorts under the stars. Bring an extra pillow/blanket/chair if you can. Assorted treats will be available. Hosted by Yasi's Place and Martin de la Rue.

For more information contact:
Phone: 416-536-9888
Yasi's Place
299 Wallace Avenue
Bloor & Symington
Map to this event


Jane's Walk: Junction Triangle

Started in 2007, Jane's Walk is an annual event honouring the late urban thinker, activist, and writer Jane Jacobs. On May 1 and 2 2010, free walking tours will take place in cities all over Canada, the USA, and other countries around the world.

A local walking tour of the Junction Triangle has been organized to take place on Sunday May 2, 2010, at 11:00am, starting from Wallace Crossing (Wallace Ave. between Campbell and Lansdowne). All Jane's Walks are free, and this one does not require registration, but you can sign up for an email reminder on the Jane's Walk website.

This walk is intended to familiarize the urban footSoldier with the newly/old named ‘Junction Triangle’ area of the City’s West end.

Contained by the railway heritage of being a former industrial hub of City ‘production’; three sides (hence ‘Triangle’) are bound by tracks isolating this closely knit working class mix of residential and post industrial TO.

Come walk the brilliant new ‘railPath Park’ and experience the semiBohemian City culture that occurs where old industrial meets newUrban.

Then and Now: Wallace Ave.

Here is the latest in the series of "Then and Now" photos. Do you have any old photos of this neighbourhood? Please feel free to get in touch if you're willing to share them!

These photos compare the view looking westbound on Wallace Ave., over the CN/GO tracks between Campbell Ave. and Ward St. The first photo is from May 25 1923, and the second photo was taken on March 28 2009. The building on the north side of the street hasn't changed too much, but the south side was re-born as D&M Building Supplies at some point, but even that is now vacant and waiting to be developed. Even more recently (last week!), that building was demolished to make way for the "Junction Triangle Lofts".

It's also interesting to see the old railway watchtower on the south side of the street, and the "new" townhomes on Rankin Cres. The fire hydrant is still there too, but it has changed in style, and probably colour.

Wallace Ave., May 25 1923: City of Toronto Archives. Fonds 1231, Item 1301Wallace Ave., May 25 1923: City of Toronto Archives. Fonds 1231, Item 1301

Wallace Ave., looking west, March 28 2009

Wallace Ave., looking west, March 28 2009

Looking west along Wallace Ave., over the CN/GO tracks between Campbell Ave. and Ward St.

This is an updated view of this photo from 1923.

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2009-03-28.

Unveiling of 229 Wallace Ave. Lofts

The following invitation was sent by the builders of the future 229 Wallace Lofts. If you want to see what's happening with this development, and chow down on some free lunch (from Yasi's Place), then drop on by.

A discussion forum for this development is here.

Junction Triangle: Water Tower

Junction Triangle: Water Tower

The former GE water tower on Wallace Ave., digitally enhanced with our neighbourhood's name on it. Image created to publicize the final outcome of the Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming project.

Local Student Contributes to Fuzzy Mural

Local student and graffiti artist Eric was enlisted by the owner of 229 Wallace to add his artistic flourishes to the Fuzzy Mural. Michael Wacholtz, a representative of the owner, helped out and stood by to make sure people knew that the Fuzzy Boundaries initiative, the mural, and Eric are supported by the property owner. Kudos to 229 Wallace Lofts for helping this local youth. Check out the video as this smart and motivated young man talks about his art. Only a week or so remain to see the mural before the building is torn down. Way to go Eric!

More photos on the Fuzzy Boundaries website.

Artist painting 229 Wallace mural

Artist painting 229 Wallace mural

Part of the Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming project.

Photo by Scott Dobson, 2010-03-06.

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