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Railpath Run 2015

Railpath Run 2012

Railpath Run 2012

Reminder! The annual Railpath Run is coming up on Saturday September 26th, 2015. This run is a fundraiser for The Stop Community Food Centre.

If you are unable to run/walk, perhaps you can volunteer on the day of the event.

Busy Saturday in the Junction Triangle!

I don't think I've ever seen this many events happening all on the same day in the Junction Triangle. Bikes, bees, butterflies, beauty, bartering, and boxcars*. Here's a quick rundown. Click the links to get more info about each event.

100 in 1 Day Festival:
Three events that are part of the 100 in 1 Day Festival are taking place in the Junction Triangle, along the West Toronto Railpath. All of them help celebrate the awesomeness of our neighbourhood and surrounding areas:

  • West Toronto Railpath Milkweed Planting Day. Railpath at Wallace Bridge, 9am-1pm. Help plant 500 new milkweed plants along the Railpath to provide habitat for monarch butterflies!
  • Buzz on the Bridge. Wallace Ave. Footbridge, 10am-6pm. "Community party with local artists playing music and showing their art, bridge decorating and mural painting for kids and adults and other community building activities. Swing dancing from 12-2".
  • Love Letters to the Junction Triangle, Past Present, and Future. Railpath at Wallace Bridge, 10am-3pm. "A collection of thoughts, feelings and photos of the traditional and newly welcomed communities in the Junction Triangle", with opportunity to submit your own thoughts etc.

Kids and Cargo Bikes, 10am-11am at Perth Square Park, followed by a family ride on the Railpath. Come and show off your own cargo bike, or see what other people have. Some vendors are also coming.

Really Really Free Market, 10am-4pm at Campbell Park. Drop off items to give away for free, or pick up your own free stuff or services. Also, free food. Free. Really. Really.

100 in 1 Day: WTRailpath / Got Milkweed? Planting Day

Description of this event comes from the 100 in 1 day festival website.

by Friends of West Toronto Railpath

Raise public awareness for the Railpath as a Car~free, multi mobile corridor and biological diverse public park .


9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday June 6th 2015

All are welcome to celebrate the West Toronto Railpath Park, learn about the diverse plants that grow along the path and to plant milkweed- the main food source of the Monarch butterfly in association with the David Suzuki Foundation/Homegrown National Park Project 'Got Milkweed' Campaign.All we need are your hands to plant milkweed in a pre chosen site near the Ernest Ave. Railpath access. Explore the entire phase 1 stage of this unique linear park and learn more about the plans for the phase 2 Railpath extension.

Kids and Cargo Bikes

This is a Toronto Bike Month activity happening at Perth Park and the West Toronto Railpath. Details are from the Bike Month event listing:


A rally for everyone for everyone who owns or is interested in cargo bikes.

Event Type: Ride
Time: Saturday, June 6 at 10:00 am - Saturday, June 6 at 12:00 pm
Contact: ward13cycles@gmail.com
RSVP Required: No

Kids and cargo bikes are a great combination. Meet up at 10 am. At 11, there will be a family bike ride (Kidical Mass) along the West Toronto Railpath, and back to the Park. We hope to have a number of cargo bike vendors in attendance.

Bloor GO/UP BBQ and Free Rides

You’re Invited

We want to show our thanks to the Bloor community!

On June 6, Metrolinx celebrates the launch of Union Pearson Express—the dedicated air-rail link that speeds travellers from Union Station downtown to Toronto Pearson, stopping at Bloor and Weston stations on the way. It’s a reliable 25 minute ride, with trains leaving every 15 minutes, 19 and a half hours per day.

Progress isn’t easy sometimes, and we know that the Bloor community has had to put up with our dust, our noise and inconveniences along the way.

So, on June 14, we want to thank you personally by offering a free ride on UP Express from 11 am to 3 pm. Please come down and see what we’ve built. There will be a BBQ, giveaways and lots of fun things to do for the whole family.

We’re working hard to build a city for the future, but we couldn’t have done it without you.

WHEN: 11 am to 3 pm, June 14
WHERE: The Bloor GO/UP Station Rail Path off Randolf Avenue

100 in 1 Day: Love Letters to the Junction Triangle, Past Present, and Future

Description of this event comes from the 100 in 1 day festival website.

by Vicki McGregor, Jennifer Harrison, and Nuria Gonzalez

Showcasing diversity and connecting community members in the Junction Triangle. Encouraging learning and discussion about the neighbourhood.


10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday June 6th 2015

A collection of thoughts, feelings and photos of the traditional and newly welcomed communities in the Junction Triangle.

The intervention will feature photos of the past and present to showcase diversity and encourage inclusiveness in our neighbourhood. Community members’ thoughts and feelings about the Junction Triangle will be displayed in love letters. On the day of the event, people can write letters to add to the display on the West Toronto Rail Path.

We’re asking people to participate by submitting photos from different time periods: past (older than 10 years) and present (within the last 10 years). Photos of historical places, community events, and personal significance are welcomed. Please note, the exhibit will be curated and the photos will be donated to a local community hub following this event.

Junction Triangle residents will submit their statements about the following:
My fondest memory of the Junction Triangle is….
I love the Junction Triangle because….
My vision for the future of the Junction Triangle is….

These materials will be part of my intervention:
pens, table, a few chairs, string/rope, tape and clothes pins, print photos, print cards for statements

It would be great if participants can bring with them:
Submit statements and photos via social media ahead of the event so they can be displayed.

Community Cleanup Day

Cleaning up the Railpath: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2012-04-21.Cleaning up the Railpath: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2012-04-21.

This weekend, April 18-19, is Clean Toronto Together, the annual Spring cleanup in our city. There are several cleanups scheduled for the Junction Triangle area. Here's a list. Leave a comment if you have another cleanup to add.

Saturday April 18:

  • Perth Park (and beyond) - 10:00am - Organized by some Junction Triangle parents (Info here)
  • Carlton Park - 10:00am - Organized by some Junction Triangle parents (Info here)
  • West Toronto Railpath (Bloor to Dundas/Sterling) - 12:00 noon - Organized by the Parkdale Road Runners (Info here)
  • Campbell Park - 1:00pm - Organized by some Junction Triangle parents

Jane's Walk: The Railpath and its possibilities

West Toronto Railpath: South from the Wallace Bridge: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-05-09.West Toronto Railpath: South from the Wallace Bridge: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-05-09.

This Jane's Walk will take place on Saturday May 2 at 2:00 PM. Details are on the Jane's Walk website.

Join the people who co-designed the West Toronto Railpath to explore the story behind the Railpath and and think boldly about its potential. How can the Railpath be used as a green transportation link, as a catalyst for local economic development, as a canvass for creativity, and as a node of connection among communities? Where might bold thinking lead us? And what resources and champions are needed to get us there?

Starting point is at Dundas/Sterling. A group of people will be gathered at the entrance to the West Toronto Railpath near the sign for the path. At least one of us will be wearing a bright orange t-shirt with "Railpath Run" written on it.

End of a JT landmark?

I just spoke with a man installing vapor barrier on the new buildings at the Wallace train bridge. We talked for a while and he seemed very knowledgeable about the development. He told me that the bridge supports are in the way of the new road being built along the tracks where the buildings zoned commercial are going to be and that the bridge is going to have to come down. I asked how I would cross the tracks. He said there is talk about building a new bridge a couple of blocks north by the Bell building.

Dog poop Wallace at the Railpath

dear Friends

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