Dog poop Wallace at the Railpath

dear Friends
We moved to Wallace Ave , along with our dog , in July . Like many, we are on the Railpath at least twice a day. I have noticed a definite increase in the amount of dog poop left beside the paved part of the Railpath, since the first snowfall in December. Now it is a problem, there is so much salt that a lot of us are walking on the grassy verge beside the Railpath and there you encounter multiple dog deposit sites. Especially not good for smaller kids walking there as well. Some days I am picking up to 9 piles of other dog's poop. Hoping that we can get the pickup habit to be more closely followed, no matter what the weather . Worst is the east side of the Railpath between Wallace and Ernest and the grass sections with trees beside Ernest all the way to Perth . The litter and garbage is not as bad , there must be multiple people picking that up. Good luck to us

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with all of the great off

with all of the great off leash parks in the immediate area, it is such a shame that people just don't care. Wish there was a better way to communicate to the dog owners who don't want to obey the rules, but unfortunately these people will never learn. For the record, I think there are many more fantastic dog owners than bad ones, but the bad ones are the ones that cause the issues

A growth

A growth industry.

New York times had a story about one condo where the poop issue vanished the day the program was instituted.

I think this has become a

I think this has become a general phenomenon everywhere! I was walking under the bridge on Dupont a little West of Lansdowne and the amount of droppings is ridiculous. Dog owners, if you have a dog, it's your responsibility to pick up after them. And I agree-with more dogs in the area this is going to be a precedent if owners aren't responsible!

Dog poop update Jan 19th 2015 Wallace an the Railpath

Dear friends
The dog and I did another cleanup this morning Wallace to Ernest just the east side of the rail path .Over 20 poop deposit sites and I ran out of bags to collect the remaining 1o , spoke to a lady from the Wallace apartments who was also picking up around the grounds of the residences . This is far far worse than Dufferin Grove . My theory is either people have their dogs off leash and don't watch them or they are on their smart phones or they don't care . You cannot walk or let your dog walk of the pavement now unless you want to clean the dog's feet when you get home . Discouraging and a big drag . So functionally the green spaces next to the pavement are for certain sections of the Railpath a complete no go area.
Good Luck to us in fixing this problem. If we all pick up more than the poop of our dogs we can make some headway on this .
Best PeterT

I bike the path and encounter

I bike the path and encounter quite a few dogs off leash. One ran in front of my bike suddenly, causing me to crash and have $150 in damages to my bike.

Railpath is an on leash area.

Railpath is an on leash area. For some reason this was never put on signs but this year should see some signs going up.

Judging by the number of dogs in the area these days I suspect that people living near Campbell or Perth Park should get ready for the fun of a dog walk battle. : )

Thank you, Peter

Thanks for reminding people, for picking up your own dog's poop, and especially for going out of your way to clean up after others.

Springtime is often the worst, as the melting snow reveals months worth of poop.


That's gross. Leaving a dog poo is exactly as gross as leaving a human poo.