Perth/St.Luigi Playground

I'm out of town and was wondering whether any shovels have hit ground at the Perth/St.Luigi playground? Thanks in advance.


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Volunteer Opportunity

A great volunteer opportunity still exists for neighbourhood parents. Despite all of the "discussion" about Phase 1 of the Perth Public School playground, no one has stepped forward to lead the next round of improvements. If you are willing to devote time over the next couple of years raising money and building a group dedicated helpers, this could be just the job for you. Generations of children will be grateful and you will receive an education into the mysterious workings of the Toronto District School Board. Just call the office (416-393-1410) and let the principal Janice know you're ready to make our neighbourhood even better.

Yes, many thanks to the

Yes, many thanks to the community for their efforts in the project. But I have to agree, we were expecting more...much more. The material on the track is just not feasible for our climate. The design is really awkward as it's not a full track in the sense I would understand it. Circular in shape that is. Also, they just re-used the existing soccer nets(without even as much as painting them) and what is the purpose of that planter box? TDSB is a beast of an organization as many mentioned but with that kind of money, I wonder if much of it was spent in labor costs as the materials certainly don't reflect that kind of money! The middle of the track wasn't even scraped to be re-paved.

Money for school yard

Parents raised the money. TDSB did not put a dime. What do you want for $ 200 000 bucks. You have to rent the machinery, pay the dump trucks, fencing, and labour. I just did my upstairs washroom for $ 10 000 bucks, get a quote to repave your driveway!!!!!!! What they did with the little money they had is not that bad!!!!!!!!!!

Money for school yard

Parents raised the money. TDSB did not put a dime. What do you want for $ 200 000 bucks. You have to rent the machinery, pay the dump trucks, fencing, and labour. I just did my upstairs washroom for $ 10 000 bucks, get a quote to repave your driveway!!!!!!! What they did with the little money they had is not that bad!!!!!!!!!!

Am I mistaken but wasn't this

Am I mistaken but wasn't this also part of an Mlse grant for 100k? If that is added on to the 200k that was raised am I correct in saying that's a total of 300k? I'm ignorant about construction but that seems like a lot of money for the product. For 100k we redid a whole floor in a house! I just don't get it...


It would be nice to see where the money was spent, and how much in total. From what I've read $50,000 came from MLSE's Team Up competition that Perth/St.Luigi won. Another $55,000 came from Ana Bailao's summer bbq. Also Ana had a motion at city hall that released section 37 funds for the purpose of the playground, not sure what this amounted to.

So from those dollar totals, and whatever the additional funding was...we have track that is not rubber, the so called soccer pitch is using the existing rusted nets that were moved on the same bare asphalt. They even lost two existing hockey nets that were permanently on the asphalt.

I hate to say this, but for the kids I don't see how anything is different. We could have just painted lines on the asphalt and called it a track, and then left the soccer and hockey nets as is.


Is anyone else as disappointed with the "new" play ground as I am??? I realize the obstacles they had with the school being buried under the play ground but I think we could have gotten more out of the $100,000.


Honestly, yeah, me too. Is there supposed to be more to it? Is it complete?

Perth Schoolyard - Phase One

The schoolyard project opened today at Perth Avenue Public School is phase one of upgrades planned for the yard. The initial $250,000 could not cover all of the design wishes, so this is a scaled-back version of the original plan. The money for this project has been raised by parents in the community. Many thanks for all of their efforts!!
If you would like to see more improvements, please consider getting involved. Our neighbourhood has lots of potential and loads of great ideas, just not enough hands to make everything happen.

Perth Schoolyard - Phase One


I'm not trying to demean or degrade any effort by the parents (I'm one of them) and/or the community. I know the hard work that went in to planning and raising the money. Is there going to be a phase two? I just don't see $250,000 worth of improvements. If I'm wrong than I apologize to all involved. If there is a phase two let me know where I can sign up.

Perth Schoolyard - Phase One & Two

Sorry TuffyRocks, did not mean to put you on the defensive. The School Board is a monster unlike any other. Everything is super expensive and takes an unusual amount of time. It took a lot of effort by a group of parents, not me, to make phase one happen. Phase two will require another group of parents to knock themselves out. The School Board does not have the resources, it will only happen if there are people able to dedicate the time.

Work on the Perth/St. Luigi play ground is finished

It's done and officially open.

Ana been all over Twitter singing it's praises.

Expiration date on $50k grant for school yard?

I understand that the $50k in grant money needed to be used within 6 months - is this true, and if so, are we in danger of losing access to this money for the school yard redevelopment, should the project and contractors be secured? I, and a bunch of friends, voted every day for this - it would be a real shame to see this money evaporate! If you know any different, please let us know here...

hello, yes, originally we did


yes, originally we did have a six month time frame for that grant but we were given an extension by MLSE last year because some of the hold ups were simply beyond our control. as far as I know at this moment, we are not in danger of losing that money. the principal has promised further updates to the project in the next two weeks and I will be sure to post information here as it is received. thanks again to everyone who did vote for this project!! to date, we have raised/received over $200,000 but we need about $100,000 more to be able to finish the entire scope of the project. so....who's got $100,000?? :>)



hi there,

unfortunately, there has been a hitch in the tendering process...from what I understand quotes were coming in much higher than originally discussed and anticipated. we were advised to wait until fall and re submit. this project WILL happen!

and on that note, mark your calendars for the fall fair on September 26. all proceeds will go right into the schoolyard enhancement fund. we are also looking for donations of goods/services/money (to cover expenses). if you are interested in donating, please contact me at

Sharon colwell

Nothing yet (Perth / St. Luigi Playground)

Nothing has happened yet. Not sure what the status of that is.