Fuse Condos - Lansdowne & Dupont

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the Fuse Condos development planned for Dupont & Lansdowne, with the Metro and Shoppers Drug Mart? The signs have been up for quite awhile, listing an occupancy date of 2014... but I haven't seen any actual development yet.

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It's been awhile since the

It's been awhile since the last comment, but I'm also wondering about this area.

Did anybody buy into the Fuse condos? I'm concerned about the noise (railway, busy intersection, etc.). The sales person said that you won't hear anything with the windows closed. Can anybody already occupying the unit confirm if this is true?

Also, how smooth was the overall purchasing and moving experience? I want to remove my phone. My lawyer brought to my attention a few highly unfavourable clauses.

Any insight would be great!

Update please

Hey Fuse Team!

Your neighbors in the triangle would LOVE an update. Looks like people have started moving into Fuse and the Metro building is under construction. Would love a status update and details please!


it's coming

I called the Fuse salescenter today and asked when phase one was going to be ready and whether Shoppers and Metro were going to be built. She told me that phase one would be built in 2015, and Shoppers and Metro were also part of phase one. Can you lie about stuff like this?

Well, there is evidence of

Well, there is evidence of phase one being built. Right now, they have the foundation of the tower going, so there is validity to it. I would assume they have to have the towers up(or at least the foundation) before Metro and Shoppers can go in. But again, there is evidence as well that construction is happening inside the old building as well. They cut out a large opening to the building(facing Dupont) and on a few occasions when it wasn't boarded up and there were lifts inside with workers. So long as the foundation for both towers is done before major snowfall, all it becomes is building upwards. And we've all witnessed in the city how fast that can happen. I would guess you'll see phase one and the Metro and Shoppers by spring of 2015. And as far as the possibility of Metro pulling out of the deal, it'd be ill advised if they did. They are now sitting in an area that is grossly under served with regards to the grocery market. With Davenport Village up the street, 4 towers being built in direct proximity to them, along with the Chelsea lofts and Standard lofts, not to mention the existing homes in the JT, they'd risk if they did pull out. And I'm certain with how things are changing in the JT, you'd have someone licking their chops to take their place.

There is a Freshco a block

There is a Freshco a block away and Drug store.

what about the Coffe Time

what about the Coffe Time across the street, and all the "activities" that have been going on there for years? hopefully the Fuse condos will be made up of young professionals, and not the same type of people who have been occupying those two apartment buildings behind Coffee Time. Better yet, that Coffee Time shall be replaced...

I doubt very highly that

I doubt very highly that these same people you speak of will be able to afford the rent of a condo! So be rest assured, you're getting a different type of building. If you read some of the other posts, things will change and hopefully organically but don't paint all those same activities with all the residents that live in those buildings. I've seen plenty of young families walking out of those buildings and school buses waiting to pick up kids. $750 for rent is affordable and some people's only alternative regardless of what goes on at the Coffee Time. Again, don't post it hear, tell it to your councillor if everyone is so concerned. This blog is simply a forum, not an avenue to impart change. It's a good start to talk about it, but now it's all becoming words.

The post from Fuse Condos

The post from Fuse Condos Team, can that be confirmed as being legit? I have to say even a casual observer would worry it is taking a bit too long for the towers and the commercial space to be up. So whether it is the developer of the Fuse team, give us numbers. When will everything be done?

Confirming - Not true!

Hi Junction Triangle!

Hope you are well.

We love your blog, very informative and supportive of the junction neighbourhood!

It's simply not true, our developer has confirmed that it's just a rumour!

You heard it here first!

All the best,
Fuse Condos Team

Metro Pulled out of development?

Just heard a rumour today that the Metro has pulled out of this development. Can anyone confirm this? Their website has no mention of it and photos have been altered to not show the Metro signage on the front of the building anymore.