Google Maps and Street View - Our neighbourhood

Google Maps now has the "Streetview" capability for Toronto. You can "walk" around the city and look at things from the ground, pan and zoom around, etc. I've been looking forward to this for a long time. :)

Have you found anything really interesting, quirky, or funny features in our 'hood yet?

To use Streetview, go to and then go to the location you want to check out. Drag the little "man" icon (from above the zoom slider) and place it on the street that you want to view.

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Google Maps now shows Edwin Ave. extension

I noticed tonight that Google Maps now shows the extension of Edwin Ave. from Ruskin Ave. down to Wallace Ave., through the currently under construction Wallace Walk (former Glidden factory) site:

Also...Ruskin Ave. Streetview now has my photo walking down Ruskin Ave. :) I took photos of the car as it went by too. August 15 2014.

Streetview and Rankin and Paton

Go back in time at Rankin and Paton via Streetview. Start here, and click forward, and the northernmost part of Erwin Krickhahn Park reverts back to being a street.

Thats cool. Where do you find

Thats cool. Where do you find the time to uncover this stuff?

Finding time for Google

In this case, I was actually looking at the intersection for the purpose of the JT Traffic Management plan. :)

....and going back in time is

....and going back in time is part of the plan !

Google Maps Streetview update - 2012

If you check Streetview in Google Maps now, you'll see much more recent photos of our neighbourhood. Much of it taken in August 2012, August 2011, etc.

Haven't looked around much, but one thing worth noting is that most of our local laneways are now mapped. Also, while the original streetview of the Junction Triangle was taken during the municipal workers strike (with overflowing garbage cans etc.), many parts of the 'hood were mapped this time on garbage day instead :)

Post here if you find anything fun, funny, interesting, etc.

It's updated my house from

It's updated my house from what appears to be mid summer 2011. Its almost a year and a half out of date already...

Google maps dates

If you look in the bottom-left corner of the Streetview screen you'll see the month and year of when it was taken. From the stuff I've looked at so far, it's been mostly August 2011 (e.g. my laneway) and August 2012 (My stretch of Symington).

Google gets it....sort of

Google has finally labelled our neighbourhood as "Junction Triangle", but they haven't removed the incorrect "Silverthorne" tag yet.

The "Junction Triangle" tag is off-center too. It's placed above Erwin Krickhahn Park, and overlaps the Wade / Jenet / Lansdowne area too.

You can see it here:
..and when you zoom out a bit, it's the dominant tag for the whole Bloor-Lansdowne area:

Still A Little Fuzzy

That's a big step forward on Google. The second view (wider shot) looks great! Another prod or two and perhaps it will be complete.

Local Google Maps updates

Just noticed this morning that Google has finally updated their maps for this area.

Some corrections I noticed:

  • Entire length of Rankin Cres. is now represented (used to not have the section between Paton and Wallace)
  • Wallace Ave. Pedestrian bridge is now there. If you choose "Walking" directions, it will even guide you over it if appropriate.
  • Paton Rd. is properly closed-off at the railway tracks, although they don't account for the stub that was recently added to Erwin Krickhahn Park.
  • Some laneway updates
  • More road / laneway details around Merchant Lane / Ruttan St. / Sterling Rd. Lofts.

Unfortunately they still have the incorrect "Silverthorne" label for this neighbourhood! Also, too bad they didn't add the West Toronto Railpath as another pedestrian/cycling corridor.

New Google satellite images

Yesterday, Google posted new satellite images of the Toronto area. Our neighbourhood has changed so much since the last images were posted, so it's nice to see the more current data online.

A few new things I noticed:

  • Railpath is completed. Old version was pre-construction, or very early construction.
  • NRI Factory is demolished.
  • General Electric factory is demolished
  • Tower Automotive demolition
  • Burnt-down houses on Franklin Ave. have been demo'd
  • Lots of construction action around the West Toronto Diamond grade separation project
  • Construction cranes at Brownstones on Wallace and Brownstones on Bloor
  • Former Glidden Paint site has changed, but the images were taken before it was completed
  • New images are taken during the summer, so everything is much more green. Easier to see which parts of the neighbourhood have a nicer tree canopy.

Anything else?

Streetview oddity on Sterling Rd.

On the short east-west section of Sterling Rd between Maloney Electric and Tower Automotive, the Google Car seems to do a weird warp from the road to some back parking lots behind the buildings, and then back to the road. Go here and move forward:,...

I also found some people embracing and smooching in the 'hood, but I'll leave that for you to find yourself. :)

I also found the store owner

I also found the store owner at the corner of Symington and Earnest mooning the camera.

2 more Streetview Finds

Google Streetview finds

Bike murals in progress on Dupont. Too bad the Streetview car didn't go by when the artists were there:

Here's Bloor and Perth, looking towards the railway bridge which is getting a coat of paint. If you move one step closer to the bridge, it immediately changes to the fully-painted version. :)

A person cut in half at Perth and Randolph:

Motorists parked illegally in the bike lane on Dupont at Franklin:

Campbell Park dump!

This person was obviously excited to see the Google Streetview car: