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Campbell Garden Weekly Digest Issue #1

Let's get ready to garden!

June 3, 2016
Grow bags 2015
by Marina De Luca-Howard
It is time once again to think about the garden: our grow bags and our front garden, as well as the mulched patch just to the left of the grow bags.
Jutta Mason has generously donated some organic bean seeds. She’s joked they are Jack and the Beanstalk type beans, promising the quick results, will delight our junior gardeners.
Here is the plan for this season:
Companion Planting
Three types of plants per grow bag:
Beans, carrots, squash
Lettuces, herbs

Campbell Park Saturday Supper Menu for Saturday July 25th 5:30-7pm

Please join park staff for a lovely Campbell Park Saturday Supper al fresco inspired by Franco-Italian summers with Cassoulet, Poulet Provencal, with Roasted Aubergines et courgettes and Pasticcini morbidi alle Mandorle(traditional Italian Gluten free almond cookies).

A culinary journey with lavender, rosemary, parsley, thyme and rosewater soothing the senses! Child friendly gf meal, with vegan options. Otherwise top your meal with chevre or Parmesan!

Busy Saturday in the Junction Triangle!

I don't think I've ever seen this many events happening all on the same day in the Junction Triangle. Bikes, bees, butterflies, beauty, bartering, and boxcars*. Here's a quick rundown. Click the links to get more info about each event.

100 in 1 Day Festival:
Three events that are part of the 100 in 1 Day Festival are taking place in the Junction Triangle, along the West Toronto Railpath. All of them help celebrate the awesomeness of our neighbourhood and surrounding areas:

  • West Toronto Railpath Milkweed Planting Day. Railpath at Wallace Bridge, 9am-1pm. Help plant 500 new milkweed plants along the Railpath to provide habitat for monarch butterflies!
  • Buzz on the Bridge. Wallace Ave. Footbridge, 10am-6pm. "Community party with local artists playing music and showing their art, bridge decorating and mural painting for kids and adults and other community building activities. Swing dancing from 12-2".
  • Love Letters to the Junction Triangle, Past Present, and Future. Railpath at Wallace Bridge, 10am-3pm. "A collection of thoughts, feelings and photos of the traditional and newly welcomed communities in the Junction Triangle", with opportunity to submit your own thoughts etc.

Kids and Cargo Bikes, 10am-11am at Perth Square Park, followed by a family ride on the Railpath. Come and show off your own cargo bike, or see what other people have. Some vendors are also coming.

Really Really Free Market, 10am-4pm at Campbell Park. Drop off items to give away for free, or pick up your own free stuff or services. Also, free food. Free. Really. Really.

Really Really Free Market

The Really Really Free Market returns to Campbell Park this Saturday, 10am-4pm.

From the Really Really Free Market Website:

No money. No barter. No exchange. Toronto's Really Really Free Market is returning on June 6th! Bring items that you'd like others to have and take items that others want you to have. You don't need to bring items to take items. We can only accept things that are clean and in working condition - nobody wants dirty socks or broken computer screens. They also don't want underwear, no matter how clean. As a general rule, bring only items in a condition that you yourself would take. We also cannot accept large items as we have no way of disposing of them if nobody takes them. If you do bring a large item, we ask that you leave your contact information with a volunteer so we can contact you if no one takes it.

For the first time ever, Food Not Bombs will be present at the market and will be giving away free and delicious vegan food.

The market is open from 10 am until 4 pm. We stop accepting items at 3 pm and cannot accept anything before 10. Please treat everyone at the market with respect and generosity. We hope to see you there!

Ward 18 Community BBQ

Ward 18 Community BBQ

When: June 21, 2015, from 1pm-3pm
Where: Campbell Park

"Donations to help furnish the new Community Centre along the West Toronto Railpath at Ruskin Ave. will be accepted by Christie-Ossington Neighbourhood Centre at this event."

Community Cleanup Day

Cleaning up the Railpath: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2012-04-21.Cleaning up the Railpath: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2012-04-21.

This weekend, April 18-19, is Clean Toronto Together, the annual Spring cleanup in our city. There are several cleanups scheduled for the Junction Triangle area. Here's a list. Leave a comment if you have another cleanup to add.

Saturday April 18:

  • Perth Park (and beyond) - 10:00am - Organized by some Junction Triangle parents (Info here)
  • Carlton Park - 10:00am - Organized by some Junction Triangle parents (Info here)
  • West Toronto Railpath (Bloor to Dundas/Sterling) - 12:00 noon - Organized by the Parkdale Road Runners (Info here)
  • Campbell Park - 1:00pm - Organized by some Junction Triangle parents

Campbell Park Snack bar, Really Really Free Market, and Saturday Supper August 2

Saturday Supper Aug 2 2014, supper with Campfire 5:30-7pm, with Really Really Free Market

Campbell in a Stew,

Meat Option: Ragoût de boeuf à l'anglais

Vegetarian Medley served with chickpeas

side of watermelon, cucumber, spicy greens with raspberry vinegrette and salad

Dessert is almond blueberry cake

Suggested donation for entree plus salad: $5

campbell park activities from 10am-8pm

Summer 2014

Friday Garden Program
Friday is Gardening 4:30-7pm

First Saturday every month is the Really Really Free Market

Saturday Activities 10am-7pm

Toys, Crafts, Games, Food cart, Campfire and Supper

Food Cart Menu VARIES: cookies, muffins, quiche, nut bread, lunch plate with salad, and watermelon, nectarines, apples, coffee, drinks, Popsicles

Supper 5:30-7pm

campbell park activities from 10am-8pm July 5

A busy week at the park...

Friday 4:30-7pm
This week we will be dealing with tomatoes, weeding and thinning plants.

Saturday programming

Really Really Free Market starts at 10am with Ana Bailao at 2pm

Snack bar:
Veggie, halal, Gluten-Free sweet and savory snacks, hot dog and lunch items.

Muffins, Nut cake, Turkey loaf, Quiches, Falafel, coffee, tea, juice boxes and drinks.

Activities, face-painting, and Crafts by onsite Campbell Staff

Band playing cool tunes--jazz, funk and more


Campbell Park Snack bar and Saturday Supper June 28

SATURDAYS Snackbar begins at 12:00
Savory and Sweet snacks

Saturday Supper June 21, 2014, supper with Campfire 5:30-7pm
Canadiana Extreme Supper

Meat Option: Poutine with pulled beef

Veggie Option: Hearty Vegan Poutine with soy curds, with mushrooms

sides are coleslaw and oven roasted green beans

Grandperes with ice cream

Suggested donation for entree plus salad: $5

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