End of a JT landmark?

I just spoke with a man installing vapor barrier on the new buildings at the Wallace train bridge. We talked for a while and he seemed very knowledgeable about the development. He told me that the bridge supports are in the way of the new road being built along the tracks where the buildings zoned commercial are going to be and that the bridge is going to have to come down. I asked how I would cross the tracks. He said there is talk about building a new bridge a couple of blocks north by the Bell building. I'm not sure where he means but it sounds close to Dupont, which would defeat the purpose of having a pedestrian crossing between Bloor and Dupont. Has anyone heard about this? I am very fond of the bridge and use it frequently. I would hate to see this neighbourhood landmark destroyed.

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Wallace Train Bridge Stairs closure?

Reading the comments about the Wallace train pedestrian overpass. I was at two development meetings from the builder of the these new townhouses, and both times people asked about the Edwin road extension and were told that the new stair configuration would not involve a bridge closure for any amount of time. The new stairs do not continue in a straight line down, they will fold back towards the rail path, but at both meetings they said that the new stairs would be built and in place, and then they would remove the old staircase in order to extend Edwin down to Wallace.

If this has changed it is totally against the original planned project. People are referencing Vic's comments but I do not see them, if Vic has already said the same thing I am saying here, sorry about that!

Thanks. That's reassuring

Thanks, that's reassuring.

Vic is correct. The bridge

Vic is correct. The bridge will be closed later this summer for 2 weeks. We are hoping that there will be bird netting put under the bridge too so people can sit under the bridge without heing pooed on.

Wallace Bridge

Unless something recently changed, the plan has been to just reconfigure the staircase so it does not interfere with the new road.

Only the east stairs are being reworked

The only change is to reconfigure the east side stairs so that access is in the north-south direction, winding back on itself a once half way up. There will be no change to the main span or west side stairs. I live inthe neighbourhood and am doing work for the developer on this bridge with access to the building plans. The main span of the bridge is listed with the City as a heritage structure, so it would generally not be possible to demolish it without a very valid reason. Aside from a very cool structuee, this bridge serves a very usefull purpose for the community and is very well used by many people.