Southwest Corner of Dupont and Symington

Does anybody know what's planned for the empty lot at the southwest corner of Dupont and Symington? I haven't seen a lot of movement there recently.

Just curious,

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Dupont & Symington SW corner

A lot of these entries are old I can say up to 2013 there has been nothing done about this site Hydro used it when they were burying cables on Dupont. I asked Sobey's if they would consider building on the site they said they would investigate and heard nothing further since then and I moved away from the area but have been back coming through in 2014 and still nothing. I had no idea anything was buried underneath that would explain a lot. At the time I had only lived there that year and frustrated at the lack of proper grocery in the hood as 20 corner stores in the area is not helping things and totally useless it amazed me any of them are still around. So I am guessing once the Union Lofts go up no one will bother? I had asked the library but they are moving to Campbell I never understood why. This site has so much potential but goes unused because no one wants to bother even though the hood is changing. I had mentioned to Sobey's about that awful mall opposite with the bakery but no answer. It's sad even with new townhomes and a few new restos and cafes this side of Dupont remains neglected.

southewst corner of Dupont/Symington

At the that corner there used to be a gas station which was later converted to 3 stores. The underground gas tank weren't removed until they recently demolished the buildings.

As of this afternoon: There

As of this afternoon:

There is a small tank truck pumping something at different spots in the lot and a small pick up has been there the whole time with a construction guy who's walking around the property looking at the ground.


Testing is probably routine

If there are plans for anything residential there would be mandatory testing. Its the souls of 25 million chickens we need to worry about.

soil testing

I saw the workers there a few weekends ago and it looked like they were taking samples of the soil for testing????

Dupont and Symington

I haven't heard of anything happening there either. Although I think there were a few trucks and workers on that property a couple of weeks ago. No idea what they were doing (it certainly wasn't much).

I did a quick search on the City's building permit site, and didn't find anything interesting, just a demo permit/inspection from 2007:

If anything is about to change on that site, there's a good chance Giambrone's office would know.