Junction Triangle Lofts @ 229 Wallace

Junction Triangle Lofts: 229 Wallace Ave.Junction Triangle Lofts: 229 Wallace Ave.

The former D&M Building Supplies at 229 Wallace Ave., just east of the Newmarket/Barrie tracks, has been redeveloped into Junction Triangle Lofts. Use this forum to discuss this development.

The website for this development is here: http://www.229wallace.com/

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Businesses in the JT Lofts

Saw this posted in the Urban Toronto forums:

"The adaptable work lofts have attracted a diverse cross-section of businesses to date, including a Yoga and Pilates studio, a medical office, an animation studio, a clothing manufacturer, and a caterer."

The article also has some interior photos of the spaces and the businesses that are moving in.

That posting on Urban Toronto

That posting on Urban Toronto reads like a PR piece instead of real information. Most of those spaces are still empty. Why would somebody moving in create full colour images of their new space? That doesn't make any sense. Isnt it coincidental that the outside view is done with the same software ? My spider sense tells me these places are not selling.

JT Lofts on UT

The promotional renderings were posted last year (check the date). I should have been more clear...I was referencing the article posted yesterday, down at the bottom of that thread. It's all current photos (Jan 12), including some of the yoga/pilates studio.

But yeah, it still seems like most of those places are empty.

I do know that a pilates

I do know that a pilates studio will be moving in come January. There is also an osteopath who works out off the pilates studio.


Any updates on what businesses will be moving into the lofts?

Business in and around JT

I'm curious too. I keep walking by hoping to see something.

Also, "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" on XBox Kinect is awesome! Kudos to Ubisoft for their innovation. Happy to have them in the hood.

More Businesses Around the JT

The Nuthouse has opened on Bloor Street just east of Lansdowne. It is a bulk food store. You can't miss it, just look for the giant walnut.

Bulk Food -- Whoohoo!

That's great news! Bulk food available within a 10 min. (or less) walk from the JT.


Nuthouse on Bloor St. is excellent, if you're looking for organic / health / specialty /bulk food. The family that runs the place is super-friendly too.

Junction Triangle Lofts open house

There's an open house at Junction Triangle Lofts tomorrow, Thurs. Nov 11, 2:30-5:30PM. Details on their website:

Progress on Wallace Lofts

I walk by the lofts every couple of days to see the progress. I like the design -- I think the low build, the red brick, and the general style of the building are complimentary to the neigbourhood and its industrial past. I also think interesting work spaces encourage creativity and make a neighbourhood interesting. Overall, I feel pretty good about this one, and I can be a harsh critic when it comes to development.

Just Happy

Just moved into the neighborhood and have been excited about how quickly the lofts are going up. I can't wait to see what businesses move in.

229 Wallace

Thanks Michael for stating clearly, for those who remain suspicious, your response to unfair, misinformed accusations. Sometimes people have nothing better to do than complain anything about everything from their soapbox. Offering feedback is always encouraged in forums like this. It does however get testy when accusations (mostly unintentional) get thrown around. Never, ever, will everyone be happy about whats going on in the community. One persons, enviromentalist is anothers tree-hugging potsmoking hippie! We at Boo's welcome all development in the JT as long as it meets the needs of the majority. This area, in a very short time, has grown substantially and will continue to grow. We are a lucky bunch to be living here, now. M&S


I have been following this thread with interest and concern but have hesitated to re-open the discussion.

However I feel I must as someone here, someone who perhaps has their own agenda and is hiding behind a pseudonym, has come onto this forum to make unfounded accusations, spread misconceptions and generally smear the reputation of a person I respect and a project I am proud to be associated with. This person has also misquoted me and taken comments I made out of context. All of this has been done in a manner which does more to undermine his own credibility and show his bias. Some of it, the name-calling in particular, does not dignify a response. I don’t expect anything I say to change this person’s perspective, but for the others here who have been following the discussion and weighing in, I would like to address the main concern this person seems to have.

Even after all of the posts from others, this person ends his last post accusing the developer of 229 Wallace Ave of exploiting the community. To address this person’s lingering concern and make things clear, here is what the developer of the Junction Triangle Lofts @ 229 Wallace has done to “give back” to the community to date:

- after hearing about the community initiative, he contacted FB to see if he could assist in any way. Unlike some developers, he likes to be connected to the communities he is building in. After a meeting with FB where they expressed what they would be interested in (not the other way around), it was decided that a financial contribution to assist with flyer distribution would be welcomed.

- a subsequent conversation took place where the developer offered the side of the soon-to-be-demolished D&M building to be used as a mural to bring further awareness to the naming campaign. FB took that idea and ran with it. The developer provided all materials for this, the community did the painting.

- in response to the community’s mixed reaction to the mural, the developer, in conversation with FB, decided that he would, at his own expense, do some subtle tweaks to the mural, keeping in mind the sensitivities of those volunteers in the community who worked so hard on the mural in the first place. He was willing to hire a professional painter; it was my idea to try to find some local youth and work with them. Their school actually mentioned they should do it for community hours, as the students need them to graduate. That this is warped on this forum as a smart business decision to get free labour is cynical in the extreme.

- the developer offered his site to FB and by extension, the community to serve as a place to do the reveal of the "new" name of the community. FB declined, saying that it felt the venue, even though it had the mural as backdrop, might send the wrong message, as there are elements in the community that are very anti-development and anti-real estate no matter the intent. The developer thought it unfortunate, but agreed and respected FB’s decision.

- the developer continued to follow and was excited by what was happening surrounding the naming process. As witness to strong community spirit, he wanted to honour that and name the whole project after whatever the community chose. His thought was that it would be a good thing for community spirit to see business embracing the name and providing further momentum of the naming process. He planned an event and did a mail-out, inviting the entire Junction Triangle neighbourhood and providing lunch. Often renaming a project would simply be done as a press release. It is also worth noting here that from a marketing standpoint, it's VERY risky to place the name of your project in the hands of an outside democratic process. This was pointed out to him, but he said he believed what the community was doing was a great thing and he wanted to support it, no matter what the outcome.

- the developer has established contacts for catering, however he chose to use Yasi's to provide the food, as he wanted to use a local business.

- as to the continued “giving back” that has yet to be written and others have touched on, thanks to the developer at 229 Wallace, some of the businesses considering a move to the Junction Triangle neighbourhood include: an Art Gallery and training studio, a independant coffee shop, a textile shop doing silkscreening, an animation/tv production head office, a physiotherapy clinic, a pilates studio, a restaurant, a walk-in family doctor's clinic, design firms, and many others. One of the businesses currently interested in the project plans to employ over 30 people in just one unit; these businesses and service industries benefit the local community for years, possibly decades to come.

In closing, I think it’s important to note that the developer, with sensitivity to the FB initiative at every step of the way, actually took into practice exactly what the naming process is all about. He used the name. Wasn’t that part of the point of the whole process to begin with: to get the name in use again and continue to raise the profile of the neighbourhood? I believe this very important point has been missed.

Communities can be built hand in hand with developers, not in constant opposition to them. Are there developers out there that have no concern for the community they do their projects in? Absolutely. Has the developer at 229 Wallace behaved in that way? Absolutely not. I would argue he has done the opposite. His actions speak to this fact.

If anyone wishes to discuss this further, I can be reached anytime through my brokerage office. Also, if you would like further information about the project, which is moving along quite quickly, the number is 416-535-3103.



Michael Wacholtz
Sales Representative
Junction Triangle Lofts @ 229 Wallace
Freeman Real Estate Ltd, Brokerage


My apologies for saying "sleazy". I hope my second posting made my position clearer. Fuzzy Boundaries is good people with good intentions. The developer and how he used the community in this case sounded sleazy to me. It was not my intention to slur my neighbours. I look forward to seeing FB's next community based initiative. And I agree to play nice.

A Joke, right?

So they are building a butt-ugly strip mall where the D&M Hardware was. The D&M Hardware building was no beauty queen either, but still it had character and people used it. Now we have theses lofts.
I'm not against development, but calling it Junction Triangle Lofts is the most suspicious thing I've seen in a while. So the real estate agents bankroll the Fuzzy Boundaries campaign to rename the neighbourhood. The Fuzzy Boundaries campaign uses the community to mobilize everyone around the name of the hood, gets press, ups the profile of the neighbourhood...the name is selected and presto, the name of the new development is Junction Triangle Lofts with Fuzzy Boundaries bragging about them and advertising for them on their website. Fuzzy Boundaries is a great name for this group because I don't know where the real estate agent starts and the community group ends. I did call the real estate agent and ask him what the company planned to put back into the neighbourhood since they worked so hard at helping them come up with the name of the lofts and promoting this up and coming area for them. He said giving them that name was giving back to the neighbourhood. Right! He said, 'Let me give you a macro example". If someone wants to call their business Toronto Restaurant, they can. I agree, but there was no group who was working the neighbourhood to change the name and get the people together to do all this work...is the name trademarked. No, and I doubt it should be, but there is something sleazy with this whole connection. Development is good, exploiting a neighbourhood to do it is bad.


Amen! I had the same warm fuzzy feelin myself about this.
But I guess everyone has their own opinions.

Now lets play nice.

What Do You Mean

What do you mean Ranajit, play nice? Someone has come onto the site and completely smeared the efforts of community volunteers and described a relationship with a local business person as sleazy. What's nice about that? Why would you even make such a ridiculous statement?

Playing Nice

I assumed that Ranajit just meant that after his statement, he was asking others to respond nicely and not start bickering. We all know what can happen on this site when we start disagreeing with one another. I thought Scott's comment was very polite in response to traintrack.

Let's play nice. :-)

Speaks For Itself

The amount of fantastic press and support from local churches, schools, business speaks for itself as does this poster: http://www.fuzzyboundaries.ca/node/120

Take a bow JT and lets get onto other fun projects.

The Truth is Out There

The sad part within all the rumours spread about the FB project (since the beginning) is that no matter how many times the truth is spoken and written about, there will be others who will continue to believe what they want and continue to embellish their version of the story, despite the facts.

Such is life, I guess.

No Joke

You are entitled to your opinion and you have stated it clearly but in some respects your impressions are not accurate. The FB process was underway quite some time before anybody donated money to promoting it and those that donated had little else to do with the process. The idea that those companies that donated money, and not all were real estate agents, were somehow secretly behind the process is just is not true. Their logos were up front for all to see. FB also received support from the Library and businesses like Boo Radlys; business is part of the community too.

Talk to the people who did the real work; residents. Don't overlook the fact that the largest donation was in fact the time that locals spent on the project; and they spent a huge amount of time on it and got a lot of positive attention for the area. I don't know how anything could be suspicious when the winning name was the long time front runner and a name that had been used by many since the 70's. If anything it confirmed the status quo but gave people a chance to try something different if they wished and most did not.

People used JT as a name in 1977 and in 1983 and they are using it today. At the end of the day I sense you believe in a story that is just not there.

respect. My point, and I

respect. My point, and I guess I should have made it more clearly is as follows: If a developer uses the as you state - "the time that locals spent on the project; and they spent a huge amount of time on it and got a lot of positive attention for the area.", then I believe they should put something back into the neighbourhood. I'm sure that the Lofts are not not-for-profit. When I spoke to the real estate agent, he stated that "naming the lofts this is giving something back". And I don't believe he is right. He also said that the company came to the name after the naming of the neighbourhood, not by doing the research that you did. I have nothing against the people who were involved in FB. They are good people, if not naive about how developers come into communities and use them without any vision. And I'm not against development either, but there is community development and there is exploitation. If I hear that the company gives back with more than just naming the lofts, I'll be satisfied. I hope that I will be because I agree that FB did a lot of work. I just don't want to believe that unknowingly they worked for developers. If that's all that comes out of this, I'm sure they'd be disappointed in this as I am I'm sure.

Cool. But you are aware that

Cool. But you are aware that they donated to FB and let FB use the DM building as a sign too? They also helped a local student with his co-op hours in terms of painting that sign.


dontate to FB = smart business move
let FB paint on the wall = smart business move
coop student = free labour = smart business move

winner = business
loser = community

smart business move from a community perspective
money for kids' programs, funding of art projects, construction of something that serves the entire community, donation to a local social service or community organization

Starting at 600,000 dollars, these is not a community housing strategy.

Good Karma means sharing your profit with those who helped build it.

Extra Employment Opportunities

More local businesses can mean more employment opportunities for residents, which in turn may go back to other local businesses in the area and hopefully, create a thriving community where residents can hopefully live, work and play in the same area. opportunities

This neo-liberal excuse for

This neo-liberal excuse for community exploitation needs to be examined and deconstructed. There is a point to it, but I think in the days of Ronald Regan it was called the "trickle down effect" and has gone out of fashion in most progressive circles. Strong communities have a strong infrastructure. Most people have learnt that what is at the top usually stays at the top and those under the top have very little say in where the anything trinkles down. I'm not saying that the development was wrong, I'm saying that any development at the sake of a community is wrong. Surely you'd agree with me there. Unlike you, I do not live in hope that this hypothetical utopia will come about because we've got the Wallace Lofts in the neighbourhood. It may help, but there are no structures in place where developers are accountable to the community. I believe in the good will of the community as illustrated by what FB did. I don't believe in the good will of a developer, no matter how much good press they get.

Small scale Biz?

I totally get where you're coming from and given that most of us plebs DON'T have a lot of monetary power, from the specs that I saw, it looks like the businesses are small scale businesses NOT big box stores. Given that, I hope. :)

Commercial, not residential property

This is a commercial, not residential property. Even if they wanted to, they probably couldn't put community housing in there.

true, so there is definitely

true, so there is definitely a profit to be made here. Are we going to see it?

Loki, rather than attack a

Loki, rather than attack a business person who supported a community improvement project led by local residents, why don't you risk your money and start a business in the area? Then you can donate any and all profits to the community and feel good about contributing something to the neighbourhood like others have aleady done. Go ahead, set the charitable bar a little higher and see if you can get others to equal or match your righteous example.

got no money Lofty...don't

got no money Lofty...don't challenge me to a cock fight. What if the FB people approached the Developers and asked "hey, seems like you're business venture is going gang busters. Thanks for all your support before, but now what we know it's a great project, could we maybe get funding for this summer camp project we're doing with some kids for Pelham Park and Symington Place?" What would be wrong with just expecting that they put something more substantial into the community? I'm not saying they are wrong, I'm not saying FB is wrong. I'm saying until we make developers accountable to our community, the balls in their court. I just think it should be the other way around. Questioning a developers' motives is not a crime. Not protecting a community from exploitation is.

No Evidence

There is no evidence that the community has been exploited by this business person who made a donation and supported the Fuzzy project. You're just grasping at some preconceived bias against developers when you should be thanking the builders of these commercial lofts. I don't see the Brownstone builder doing anything remotely close.

Lofty We'll get no where with

We'll get no where with me accusing you of being an apologist for a developer's exploitation or you accusing me of having a bias against developers, no seriously, some of my best friends are developers.
Anyway, I think on a positive note, any growing community needs to have structures in place so that development is a bigger deal than something gets built and "it's all right with me Jack". You're right, the Brownstones did nothing...gave nothing. I welcome the new businesses and residents to the neighbourhood...but again I say, developers have to give back. It's not too much to ask and if you feel that they have done enough, I'm cool with that, but I don't think they have and I hope for the community's sake that they do. I don't know how this can happen but there must be models in other communities that work. What's wrong with asking for more from developers...basically it comes down to that. And if we can't agree on that, fine, we can't agree. I think it's a great neighbourhood and my family loves it here.

Good ideas

If you follow up on these, I'd be happy to help out.


I'll keep you posted.


Starting at 600,000, this is not a community housing strategy.

And man, from what I saw of the design on the website...they are not going to add to the architectural beauty of the area either.

Better than zero

Or they could have contributed nothing. What they donated is better than zero. What their building costs or looks like has nothing to do with anything, its their choice. Also the final chapter on their involvement in the community has not been written. Its not their responsibility to solve every issue in the community nor are community issues their fault. I can tell you though that citizens and companies won't donate in the future if they are criticized and their motives second guessed. They donated something and set an example. Good on them. I am moving on to positive things now.


"It's their choice"?????!!!!!!!!

229 Wallace is now "Junction Triangle Lofts"

The building was used as a canvas for a neighbourhood name mural during the Fuzzy Boundaries project. Now that a name has been chosen, the developers decided to name their building after the 'hood. More info and photos on the Fuzzy Boundaries site.


I too have seen those creepy photo shoots. Disturbing.

respectfully disagree

I was glad to see this sign go up. I've been to the website and it looks like it is for employment. The plans online say they are light industrial retail and studio/workshop lofts. And considering what is currently there, don't you think this is a good thing for the neighborhood? It also seems like a pretty good price considering you get almost 3000 square feet of loft space.

I Agree

I walk my daughter to school past this site daily and am looking forward to seeing it cleaned up. Any space that gets cleaned up and limits the areas where drug dealers/ users and prostitiutes can hide is a step in the right direction.

100% agreement

We moved here several years ago when D&M was still there and the city was discussing the police station in the empty lot on Lansdowne...I am so happy to see that something is being done (FINALLY) in this neighbourhood to improve it.
I am tired of the prostitutes and drug dealers and pornography photographers in our back alley and next to the area that is being developed and I hope this makes a change - soon!!!

As for needing more affordable housing in the city, I am just pleased someone is developing the land and improving the area and would welcome with OPEN arms anyone who wishes to further develop this last area of the downtown core that is still needing a significant amount of improvement.

100% Agree

The DM building, like the other under used / vacant industrial buildings doing no more than allowing another place for illegal activity to reside.

We need these areas to be developed & attract more creatives, live/work space, foot traffic, destinations spaces & family friendly spaces

the time is ripe for positive change, we have waited for a very long time for something positive with good-use of "underused spaces" that will positively change the dynamics of our neighbourhood

I embrace the 229 Wallace project, it is already going to be worlds better than what was there all of these years

what does this mean ?

"pornography photographers " what does this mean ? This seems far fetched to me.

totally unsuitable;

adding more 'upscale' (from the point of view of price range, not design quality) accommodation, when what the City needs is affordable (and mixed) housing, makes no sense. And i thought this was "employment land".

to anyone considering this project, i would suggest having a good close look at MetroLinx plan for removing the Go track diamond @ Dupont/Lansdowne; one of the planned options would close Wallace, dead ending it at the tracks (right beside "Wallace Industrial Lofts").