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LF Parking Spot or Garage Spot near Dundas + Dupont

Hi there,

I work in the area, and am looking for a parking spot to rent, open to covered or uncovered. The office is at Dundas and Dupont, so somewhere in the area.


100 in 1 Day: Buzz on the Bridge

Details from the organizer, Mark:

Hey Everyone,
I am going to be doing 'Buzz on the Bridge' at Wallace Street bridge again this year as part of 100in1day Toronto on Saturday June 6th. I'm hoping to build off the success of last year's event, which was really great. I'd like to plan something similar to last year, but this year I am hoping to do more ground work early to get some other key partners on board and maybe do more advanced 'advertising'.
If anyone has any thoughts or ideas to contribute, I am all ears. I would like to set up a meeting soon for those who are interested in getting a bit more involved.
I have posted the event on the website at: https://toronto.100in1day.ca and even got a twitter handle for the event @buzzonbridge
There is a 100in1day workshop downtown at MaRS on the evening of April 8 (Wednesday from 6-8) that I will likely attend to get the planning going, if anyone wants to join.
Thanks, bye for now,

More info at the Buzz on the Bridge listing at the 100in1day site.

The Star: GO rail construction for Union Pearson Express keeps residents awake

The Toronto Star has posted an article about some unusually loud overnight construction noise along the Georgetown Rail corridor, near the Wallace Ave. footbridge, during this past weekend:

GO rail construction for Union Pearson Express keeps residents awake

Construction noise kept some residents up all night last weekend along the Kitchener GO line.

By: Tess Kalinowski Transportation reporter, Published on Tue Feb 04 2014

If you are in nee for a new or used vehicle

Good day,

Hi my name is Joanne Farrugia and I have was raised and still live in the Juction area.
I recently took a position at Nissan on 3275 Dundas Street West to be close to home.
If you are looking for someone to guide you with a vehicle purcahse please feel free
to contact me at: 416 804-4843

Tim Horton's

The weird intersection - where Dundas meets Dupont meets annette..and eventually Weston...
There's a coffee time and an Active Green & Ross.

It looks like maybe beside the active green & ross they're putting in a Tim Horton's.
Anyone know anything about this development?

I find that Tim Horton's usually kills off Coffee Times and often times that means a neighbourhood has officially made it. Well, more so with the elimination of coffee time. I'm not being cruel, it's been mentioned before.

Anyway - anyone know anything of the development?

Dundas/Sterling: Meeting slides and notes posted

Dundas and Sterling - Proposed Changes (July 30 2012)Dundas and Sterling - Proposed Changes (July 30 2012)

The City's cycling department has posted the presentation slides, meeting notes, and a complete collection of comments from the July 30 2012 meeting about improvements to the Dundas St. West / Sterling Rd. / West Toronto Railpath intersection.

The city's notes are posted here (944KB PDF file).

Thanks to Councillor Bailao for sending the link to these notes.

Police request assistance in Dundas/Sterling stabbing investigation

Via Toronto Police Service TPSlinks and 11 Division email:

Police Request Public Assistance in Stabbing Investigation

On Friday the 8th of June 2012 at 1:45AM police responded to a call for a stabbing in the Dundas Street West and Sterling Road area.

Memorial for Jenna Morrison at Dundas and Sterling

P1120521 You Are Here

On Monday November 14th at 8:00am, there will be a memorial for Jenna Morrison, the cyclist who was killed by a truck on November 7th. The memorial will take place where she perished, at the corner of Dundas St. West and Sterling Rd. (southern end of West Toronto Railpath).

A local group of neighbourhood cyclists are riding down together:

"Hello friends and neighbours,
A number of people will be riding down the railpath to attend the vigil for Jenna. The meet-up is happening at Dupont & the railpath shortly after 7:30 and we will leave at around 7:40/45. Please come and join us if you can."

Cyclists riding from other parts of the city are meeting at Bloor and Spadina at 7:30 to ride over to the memorial site.

The memorial has been organized by Advocacy For Respect for Cyclists.

Some more details about Jenna and this heartbreaking incident can be found in the National Post.

Ms. Morrison was married and the mother of a three-year-old son according to one source. She was expecting her second child.
The crumpled mass of bits of steel that had been Ms. Morrison’s bicycle and a trailer in which she pulled her son, which lay at the scene Monday night, included a child’s bike helmet hanging from the handlebars, with a Spiderman design on it.

2376 Dundas St. West (North of Crossways): Tower Development

The parcel of land discussed here is located at 2376 Dundas St. West., which is immediately north of The Crossways Mall and residential towers.

As of October 2011, the proposal will likely be, according to Ward 14 City Councillor Gord Perks' website:

"A mixed use development with a 29 story tower, 3 story podium and an 8 story building."

Meeting: 2376 Dundas W. (N. of Crossways) Development

There will be a meeting regarding proposed re-zoning and development of 2376 Dundas St. West, which is the plot of land immediately north of the Crossways Mall / Towers at Dundas and Bloor. Although this is just outside of the Junction Triangle and Ward 18, local residents may be interested.

The following meeting info comes from Ward 14 City Councillor Gord Perks' website:

Community Meeting for the Proposed Redevelopment of 2376 Dundas Street West

On October 20th, 2011, there will be a pre-application community meeting taking place at 1573 Bloor Street West (Lithuanian Hall) in Hall B on the 1st Floor. The meeting will run from 7:00PM – 8:30PM.

Representatives from Urban Strategies Inc., and Lormel Homes will be providing a presentation and answering questions about their development plans. Currently, plans for the site propose a mixed us development with a 29 story tower, 3 story podium and an 8 story building. Make sure to attend and find out more information.

This meeting is a great opportunity to contribute ideas, express concerns and have questions answered by the developers and City planning staff.

For more information please see the attached flyer: Dundas West Info Session Flyer. Oct 20 2011

Hope to see everyone out!

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