Tim Horton's

The weird intersection - where Dundas meets Dupont meets annette..and eventually Weston...
There's a coffee time and an Active Green & Ross.

It looks like maybe beside the active green & ross they're putting in a Tim Horton's.
Anyone know anything about this development?

I find that Tim Horton's usually kills off Coffee Times and often times that means a neighbourhood has officially made it. Well, more so with the elimination of coffee time. I'm not being cruel, it's been mentioned before.

Anyway - anyone know anything of the development?

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cheque cashing

last week i walked by that lot and saw a big sign for a cheque cashing place..like a money mart but some other company. i was incredibly disappointed and surprised to see it there. i was hoping for something far...cooler...than that. if it is a cheque cashing place, my prediction is that it doesn't last very long.