2376 Dundas St. West (North of Crossways): Tower Development

The parcel of land discussed here is located at 2376 Dundas St. West., which is immediately north of The Crossways Mall and residential towers.

As of October 2011, the proposal will likely be, according to Ward 14 City Councillor Gord Perks' website:

"A mixed use development with a 29 story tower, 3 story podium and an 8 story building."

A pre-application community meeting is taking place on Thursday October 20, 2011.

March 2014: The OMB has approved dual 8-story + 23 story towers. See this article in The Bloor West Villager.

Please use this forum to discuss all aspects of this site's development.

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Giraffe building abandoned?

I would bet squatters are living there now with inactivity for so many years and this is better than having a working building there squabbling over how many floors and the shape is ridiculous. If Giraffe isn't going to do anything with it why not someone else like TCHC or Housing Connections. As none of us on the waiting list need parking or 29 floors or anything fancy. They could do it in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity and train up persons on OW or EI or students from construction programs. We don't need another condo especially not with one being west of it near Keele. With little affordable housing available you could help so many people especially the disabled like myself languishing waiting for TCHC or Housing Connections to get off their proverbial and stop spending on lavish offices for themselves. They sold 10 properties in Riverdale to fix currents repairs where does that leave the rest of us? So many of what is on offer through these two organizations are in unsafe neighborhoods and personally I could give a toss that it is near a subway. It is space being held up by stupidity and Perks big ideas meanwhile though saying he is a family person is happy as long as it is a pricey condo that no one but the idle rich can afford. Habitat is doing over condos alongside other properties so they have the know how a little cooperation and shadow training and we would already have at least a 10 or 5 storey building there. I remember what this place was as I went there for my first drink and the rubbish watering hole that it was. I for one would think it would do better to make it affordable housing and not just for families either to make it fair for everyone. The Sylvan Apartments is another site with the same hold and abandonment but that is near the dufferin mall area but that is not a Junction thing and there are old buildings in the Junction area used to commercial properties that could be converted but as long as our local MP sit on their hands and say no to this and that how is anything to be done. Stop sitting in your cushy chairs at your offices and do something productive.

OMB approves 8-story + 23-story on Dundas north of Crossways

Mote info in this article at The Bloor West Villager / Inside Toronto:

"The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has granted a developer’s appeal to build an eight-storey street-side building with a 23-storey tower just north of Dundas Street West and Bloor Street West.

In its decision regarding 2376 Dundas St. W., the site just north of the Crossways, issued Wednesday, March 19, the OMB granted the appeal in part because the property is situated immediately adjacent to multiple transit services and a provincially designated ‘Mobility Hub.’

The OMB’s approval of Dun West Properties Ltd.’s application for a zoning bylaw amendment permits the developer to proceed with its proposal for a mixed-use residential tower."

Dealership gone

I saw the car dealership was packing it in tonight. It's almost an entirely empty lot. Around 8pm, there were a few guys getting ready to take the trailer down.


Very impressed to see all these commenters embracing high density development.
I was also very surprised that the OMB nixed the Giraffe. What is the latest with that corner?

Pharma Plus

Just letting the neighbourhood know that the Pharma Plus in the Crossways will be closing in the next few weeks. Anybody who has a regular prescription there should have it moved to Shoppers Drug Mart or Datu's.

The curse of the

The curse of the "crotchways". : )

new dev & xways

Ms. Baichwal, I live across the road from you - above the dentists on the SW corner. Your building blocks my view, should it be torn down? Honestly, the Crossways is an ugly eyesore of a building. (as is my building)

We need more density. We needed the Giraffe building. The proposed development would be north of you and would only block north views, not East, South or West views... which are arguable the nicest views available.

This area is in desperate need of redevelopment. Any responsible development that brings new construction and affordable condo's to the area should be welcomed. Let's not kill another opportunity for renters to become home owners in this area. It's fast become a place for the wealthy, double income people who can afford the absurd prices of the homes in this area.

It's the perfect place for a large tower and the new business, jobs and homes that it will bring will be a wonderful addition to the community.

Brutalist Style

Its been mentioned here before but the Crossways was built using some loopholes that were closed after it's construction in 1974. It is probably one of the worst "Brutalist" designs ever built and killed local street level activity. I am sure that it's current residents would love a revitalized Dundas and Bloor with more life and more stores. Density will help make that happen.

this is precisely the place for development of a 30 story tower

this is precisely the place for development of a 30 story tower(s)

not only does another two 30flr towers already exist on intersection but to use the land properly and build transit supported development (TTC right at door), it is the ideal place to build properly, a tiny 15-20 story would look odd there right beside two 30 story buildings, we need proper planning in the city, and to improve the environment / air quality.

The urban sprawl is what is killing us, not proper density, we keep wanting only 2-4 story buildings so everything looks the way it did 50yrs ago, thats what has got us into this problem of car dependency and horrific traffic congestion.
It is time to progress, our tax dollars fund TTC & GO, which are both at the door of this development, we need to embrace the future and remember, this area is still considered Downtown TO, this is not the suburbs, we are still very fortunate considering.
If you can't build 30 stories with Subway/GO/Streetcar/Buses/BikePath at your front door in the city of TO, where can you build it...??? in an area where you need a car or must take a bus to rapid transit (meaning more air pollution), then hope they will extend the subway to the area at additional tax payers expense, we already have spent to build Dundas W and now must maximize our investment

What we need to do is voice concern for the amount of parking spaces they offer, pushing all the new/coming developers in the area to sell units to transit users not car users, and build with new Green building standards, then we change what we expect from new developments, the environment & the area local businesses.

In the city core few people buy condos with car parking 'cause you don't need to, you have rapid transit and walk to patronize local businesses, we need to instill that same mentality in our area, it is not just about how many stories a building has but how building right for planned growth can change the way people live in an area and how our local environment improves for all of us

I am looking forward to the meeting to hear what they have planned, hoping they build for local community & avid transit users

Desnity will come to Bloor/Dundas

Your points are well taken. There are people who will buy condo's without parking if it is on the TTC subway line. We have not seen anything yet design wise but that corner is exactly where people should be putting taller buildings. There are always issues with traffic and access anywhere in a city but that doesnt mean we should not pursue density on top of transit. With the GO Mobility hub and the inevitable development of the Zellers area and Bloor at Sterling/Perth there will no doubt be many other projects in the area. Its too bad the Giraffe got stopped as its great design and forward thinking would have set a standard for others to copy.

I too agree about the Giraffe

I too agree about the Giraffe development, I hope they can find a way to make it happen then we can insist the project is the new benchmark of thinking about sustainablity in urban developments in our area, nice turn around from the areas industrial polluting years.

I met to say would not like

I met to say would not like another huge 29 story building at the propsed site. Missed the word not in my previous comment.

New development proposed for crossways

I definitely would like another huge 29 story building at the proposed site.
I live at the crossways building A and would be directly across from us obstructing our view of the city which is pretty amazing right now. It would also create more traffic and crowding and congestion, to an already busy area.