Planning a Meeting about the Circus School and the Health Concerns related to the Building

Posted by Philip Share of the South Perth and Sterling Rd. Residents' Association:

Many parents who have enrolled their kids into the Circus School at 213 Sterling Road may not be aware of the health risks associated with that building.
This site was a former PCB transformer assembly plant - and over many years there were a number of spills - some reported and some not reported, when this building first changed hands the following email came from Public Health on the approved use of the building.

Quote -

"In addition to the above, an inquiry was made to the MOE in an effort to learn more about historical activities in the building. It is our understanding that pole transformers were assembled at this location. As the building is remaining industrial/ commercial, the MOE does not object to the activities currently taking place. If the use of the building changes to more sensitive use the owner will be responsible for ensuring that the building complies with MOE Legislation. The MOE confirmed that this building cannot be used for recreational purposes. A gym for kids is not permitted unless the building goes through a change of use and that has not been proposed by the owner nor is it expected to be proposed by the owner in the future.

Melanie Azeff B.A., B.A.Sc., CPHI(C)
Environmental Response Team (ERT)
Healthy Environments

I am looking to see if there is enough dialogue to set a meeting for the near future.

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What is the status now?

After reading this article and all the comments, I'm wondering what the conclusion is and why the current status is? I see the final post says that Addy asked the landlord about it and was told the proper measures were taken, but has that been researched further? Does anyone know if its actually considered safe for children?

there are many buildings in

there are many buildings in the city that turned out to be unsafe because there is no oversight from the province or the city, someone should call the health department and find out what is going on. I highly doubt it a public health official would make a statement that wasn't true, but it could have been doctored. i think we have a responsibility to our kids to look itno this further

Circus School Concerns not addressed

Subject: Re: Your contact with our Office
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 16:29:14 -0500

Dear Mr. Rycombel,

I write in response to your email of November 29, 2011 as sent to our Office.

The email was written to 'Jack' and mentions a circus school on Sterling Road, which I believe to be the 'Centre of Gravity West'.

For your information, the Ombudsman of Ontario is given the authority, through the Ombudsman Act, to review the administrative conduct of provincial government services and agencies. Our Office acts as an avenue of last resort.

Should you wish to discuss your concerns you are welcome to call me direct on 416-646-8005 (Monday to Friday 8.30 am - 4.30 pm).


Calum McCowan
Early Resolution Officer

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RE: Circus School Concerns not addressed


Jen phoned me couple of days ago, letting me know that she has asked the two level of government City and Provinical for documents showing that the place is clear to be used not only by Adults, but for youth and children specially.

Onced she sents them to me, I will post them. JF

Hi, I play at this facility

Hi, I play at this facility all the time and am skeptical about the "report" that has been quoted above.

Why would a health official say that something is unsafe for only kids to do recreational activities in a place? Would an official report not state that a building is "not safe for occupancy" or "not safe for use"? For any building that has been repurposed and zoned by the city for Commercial use, there are precautions to follow. If people could just walk in and claim a building safe to operate in, why hasn't anyone taken over the building across the street that has been abandoned for years?

I know that we can't believe in everything we read online, but why is it that I can't Google, Wiki or Bing anything about this building being unsafe (other than this posting ofcourse).

If we all jumped to conclusions, we would all believe in the House Hippo...
(By the way, if you believe in the House Hippo, perhaps you need to review the youtube commercial above)

213 Sterling Rd okay to be used for Circus School

I was asked by Jen Georgopoulos to send a message on her behalf.

Below you will find an email she sent to the Presidents of Just for fun Sporting Club, who is Jen's land lord. After Brett sending out a concern email regarding 213 Sterling Rd. I decided to send Jen the email like I told Brett I would, so Jen decided to check it out like she promised. You can see by her email below she was quite concern, not only in her email, but she also told me on the phone that she was ready to find a new location for the students of her school.
My involvment. The CPLC(community police liaison commitee) of the 11 division to which I am a member of is having a contest were students/kids who live with-in the 11 division boundaries can win free memberships to the Circus School. Centre of Gravity has graciously offered to give 5 free memberships to students, contest and rules should be in the Villager Paper this week.

Now to get back to Jen. You will see she emailed the Presidents of the Sporting Club who is her landlord and in turn Andy asked the owner of 213 Sterling rd regarding the concern Brett and the Perth/Sterling Residence Association had with the property. Below you will read Jen's asking Andy the President/Land and he responding back. JF

Hi Addy,
Should I/we be worried about contaminants at 213 Sterling Rd? Is there any
truth to the concerns brought to our attention by yesterdays emails?
The safety of our children is, of course, top priority.

Hey Jen,
I brought it to the attention of the owners and i was reassured by the
owners of the building that they have taken the proper measures to
ensure its safe for use. I also checked with the city before i signed
the lease to see if it was zoned for physical activities (basketball
school) and so on and it is.

Aditya "Addy" Mahadeo

213 Sterling Rd, Unit 100
Toronto, On

Perth Building

Isn't this the same building that is being used as a gym? Doesn't the TCSSC run sports through here? I see that there's always floor hockey and dodge ball activities. These, I assume, would be considered recreational!? The building is not being used for industry, except for the wood working shop I believe.

Is there any indication that the owner has ensured that this building is in accordance to MOE legislation?