Caledonia Towns on The Park

I know this development is otuside of the triangle, but thought I'd post anyway, since there were also posts about Davenport Village. Just wondering if anyone has heard much about this newly developed residence or if you or someone you know has bought a unit. I recently visited the Minto site and watched a video tour of one of the suites:

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issues with sidewalk

Someone, the builder or the city seems to have screwed up BIG TIME !!

see article from Toronto Star:

Changes to come in the aera

Minto seems to be a great green company and last time i checked they have one unit left or sold out by now. As a long time resident of the neighborhood, this great project brought some life in the aera. Full of young professionals and young families.

Also interesting to note, the Dairy Freeze at the corner is closing down by mid 2014 (together with the hair salon and the banana delivery cie) for new mid-rise residential/commercial developments.

On the Toronto city website you can read that the city has big projects in mind to re-vamp the north and south west corners of Caledonia and st. Clair.

This change in the neighborhood has been a long time coming and sounds very promising!!