Brownstones on Wallace

The Brownstones on Wallace townhouses on Wallace Ave., west of Perth Ave. are now being developed. Use this forum to discuss this development site.

Editor's Note: This development was completed several years ago, units are occupied, etc. Further discussion about internal condo policies, etc., should probably be done in a private place. For that, there's a Facebook group (link below). Comments are now closed on this forum.

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Private site / blog / etc.?

Is there a private website, blog, Facebook group, etc. for Brownstones on Wallace owners?

Perhaps it's time to just close comments on this forum and link to a private one. As someone else mentioned, this forum really was initially intended to discuss the planning and development of this site, not ongoing internal issues.

Let me know, and I'll link to it.

Vic - site administrator

There is a Brownstones on

There is a Brownstones on Wallace facebook group which is limited to members only. Therefore when the community discusses concerns this is not open to the public. Simply go to Facebook and search for "Brownstones on Wallace" Once there you can request to become a member of the group. After your membership is activated you can participate. My suspicion is that some of the people on this blog will not want to join because it is not anonymous. It is not for venting, but rather for seeking resolution in an courteous and helpful way.

This blog

One option is to have this blog taken down. Who administers it anyway? It was originally set up to discuss construction issues. Now that the units are built do we really need this blog?

Try the "Contact Us" link

Try the "Contact Us" link

Protecting your investment

People who write here may wish to rethink discussing negative issues on this public forum. When my unit was up for sale recently my real estate set up a feedback form for viewers to make comment on regarding whey they chose not to submit an offer. Two of the forms stated specifically that the negative issues discussed on this site were the reason they did not submit an offer. There is a members only Brownstones on Wallace Facebook group which is limited to members only where these issues can be discussed where the public cannot see them. It doesn't matter to me - I have left - I am just mentioning this as a favour. To protect your investment you may wish to stop discussing issues like vandalism, poor air conditioning, and not being able to BBQ on this public forum. As I found out to my detriment these can be deal breakers for potential purchasers.

Couldn't agree more. This

Couldn't agree more. This blog has become a forum for people to vent their petty frustrations vs. dealing with them in an effective manner. I live in the Brownstones on Wallace development and am shocked by some of the comments posted on this blog and the manner in which people are speaking to each other. I almost didn't purchase based on some of the comments on this blog.

It's a wonderful community to live in - it's unfortunate the benefits of this community are overshadowed by a few "complainers" whom have nothing better to do with their time then spout negativity into this world.

So agree. But I just want to

So agree. But I just want to clarify to prospective buyers to consider that most of our issues are eventually corrected through the Tarion warranty. Our complex has improved after dealing with issues we encountered when we just moved in. For resale, they are spared what we went through. For us, we are just glad that we could finally simply enjoy our brand new homes.

Request for Assistance

Hello all,

I have an issue I would like to discuss with a member of the condo board. I have tried raising the issue with Peter Tanase but that has not been helpful. If someone could provide contact info or how / where I can obtain contact info that would be greatly appreciated.

Need to speak

Please feel free to contact me 416-482-8283

I'd really like to take the

I'd really like to take the time and thank the killjoy(s) who ruined my summer by banning propane BBQ's. We all know that the solid concrete patios located on the lower levels are ready to explode with a fireball of herculean strength resembling some epic biblical plague involving fire, brimstone and apocalyptic women riding horses.

In addition, I Thank every imaginable deity known to mankind that you removed these death traps from the patios because when I see a mother BBQ burgers for her family I immediately run into my brownstone jump into my cast iron bathtub and ball up in the fetal position to evade the impending explosion hazard of propane, BBQ shrapnel and Schneiders juicy jumbo wieners.

I'm glad to see that cooler heads prevailed and a great compromise was reached in setting up one communal BBQ in the grassy common space (which I hope is not propane because that ticking time bomb could explode at any given moment harming the children that play there) . I would like to take the time to request that you please set up a wrestling ring, mixed martial arts ring or some sort of Dug out pit for feats of strength. That way every sunny day at 6:00, every lower unit brownstones member that wishes to BBQ can meet in the 'Dug out pit for feats of strength' and we can have massive Gladiatoresq battle. We could have the neighbors dogs haul us along in chariots while we bludgeon each other with BBQ spatulas. We could fight each other until there is one man standing and at that point he will look up to the Romanesque God like owners of the upper level townhouses which have a natural gas line and BBQ. At that point the appointed upper level townhouse Caesar can give a thumbs up or thumbs down and determine the life or death fate of our glorious gladiator grill-master. Then and only then can he/she grill his/her wieners.

Until then, I will be outside BBQ'n a pork chop with a cigarette lighter.

We are lower class lower-unit

We are lower class lower-unit owners...perhaps we just accept our station in life. Why should we be able to barbeque on our 100+ square foot open air terraces? We are not worthy of that luxury. We should be content that we are even allowed to be on our own terraces.

However, one would think that making the necessary amendments to the rules to allow for real bbqs (real bbqs are not electric) would boost property values for lower-units and incidentally raise value for uppers. This would be in the best interest of the upper-unit owners and at the end of the day, it is the upper-unit owners who need to be satisfied. Then again, maybe us lowerclass lower-unit owners aren't worthy of their mercy.

I think your solution for the common bbq is a good idea but I fear that the wrestling/MMA matches might be too damaging on the minds of young adolescents who may not truly understand the plight of the bbq-less lowerclass.

As much as I enjoyed reading

As much as I enjoyed reading your post (very funny) I want to clarify that this is NOT an upper vs. lower unit conspiracy. These are the rules set out by the developer in the declaration.

Isn't this being implement

Isn't this being implement because of some kind of new city by-law and not just due to a group of killjoys?

It's been in our condo

It's been in our condo guidelines all along. This isn't a new policy. There are gas hook ups for barbecues. No propane tanks.

Now is the summer of our discontent.

First they came for the barbecues,
and I didn't speak out because my unit had a natural gas hookup.

Problem: http://www.quickmeme

WARNING: fuse box caught FIRE

I just wanted to warn people of an issue that could be in your fuse box as well.

A month ago my fuse box was sparking, I called the propert developer and they sent someone over to fix it. The "electrician" did not fix the issue on top of that he overloaded my fuse box and, left an empty fuse open and covered itwith tape.

I noticed the sparking again and called again. The property developer informed me it was now my problem because I was no longer under warranty. They were still unwilling to help when I explained the "electrician" they sent did not do the repair to code/properly.

A few days later my fuse box caught fire! They then sent another electrician over whom fixed the problem. He said the "electrician" whom came before should not have put the tape over the empty fuse and could lose his license.

He also told me that this isn't the first time this has happened in these units (so the property developers are aware of the danger and are doing nothing, and gave me a hard time about fixing it) He said when building, the inside of the fuse box had been painted which is causing the wires not to connect properly, thus causing the fire.

I wanted all to be aware of this problem. You may want to have someone come and check your fuse box before a fire starts.

Breaker Panel

Had a similar problem a while back. The breakers smelled of ozone when i was running my stove and dryer. I immediately tripped the breakers (which were burning hot to touch). An electrician came by and replaced the breakers. These breakers were arcing on the line side so the main breaker would not trip until the panel was completely screwed. When the electrician removed the breakers it was observed that they had melted. This happened a second time, I had the electrician move the significant loads in the panels. In our panels the stove (40 amp) and washer & dryer (30amp) were located next to each other. (with breaker for the fridge -which is under constant load- underneath the two). Once he moved these to another spot in the panel (away from each other) it insured that the high amperage loads would not cause significant heat when they were both in service. The breaker panel has ran problem free since. I'm very lucky to work with electricity for a living because if I hadn't spotted the problems both times that it occurred my panel would have definitely caught fire as well.

packages stolen

We have had 3 packages stolen delivered from Canada Post. They advise to ask for "no safe drop" when having stuff delivered. I have also had a bike taken from our patio. Anyway my advice is to either use registered post or have the post-office not leave packages outside your door, especially for xmas

i have had the same thing

i have had the same thing happened to me

That's awful about your

That's awful about your packages being stolen, Michael. Although I generally trust my neighbours in the complext, I was always a little uncomfortable with my packages being left on the doorstep all day. I recently signed up with BufferBox ( and I've been very happy with the service. Check out the website for full details, but the general idea is that your packages get delivered to a locked box in a retail location (I pick mine up at the 7-11 at Bloor & Spadina) and they email you a code to open the box. You can pick up your packages at your leisure.

Hi Michael; sorry about you

Hi Michael; sorry about you stolen packages. Your experience with the people in this complex is very different from my own. We have a Facebook group where we organise social activities and discuss ideas for the complex, I know there are a large number of people who would be very glad to meet you.

In addition, if you're an owner we'll be having the AGM shortly, there will be a lot of owners to meet there and it's always a fairly social meeting.

Facebook Group >

Parking space for rent

Currently I have a underground parking spot for rent. Contact me if you are interested and I can be reached at 416-855-6803. Thanks.

I live in the area and I am a Sales Representative

I live in the area and I am a Sales Representative with Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

If you are looking to sell or buy a home please feel free to contact me at 647-274-8565 or email me at and I would be glad to assist you.

Also, Up Side Down Condo - Phase1. Only 5 Units left.
Located on Dupont St and Lansdowne Ave.
Occupancy: December 2012
1 Bedroom from $ 215.000

I can help you buy a unit if you are interested. Give me a call or email me for questions!

Alexandro Sclavi

Real Estate Representative

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

55 St Clair Ave West,
Toronto, ON M4V 2Y7

Mobile: 647-274-8565

Local Real Estate Sales Representative

My name is Alexandro,

I live in the area and I am a Sales Representative with Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

If you are looking to sell or buy a home please feel free to contact me at 647-274-8565 or email me at and I would be glad to assist you.

Alexandro Sclavi
Real Estate Representative
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage
55 St Clair Ave West, Toronto, ON M4V 2Y7
Mobile: 647-274-8565

Thank you

Looks like the abuse problem

Looks like the abuse problem has been solved. Anyone caught now in visitor parking will get a ticket. That's the risk people take if they park there without paying... It seems to be working well so far.

That being said...Why do residents need to check for parking stubs on cars in visitor parking? It is enforced by the parking company, not residents.

Because they want to see for

Because they want to see for themselves whether people are following the new system or not. Simple as that.

As a side note, has anybody actually seen the parking enforcement people come by to check for tickets yet? Just curious.

Although the parking meter is

Although the parking meter is probably not popular to many, it did however, in my observation resolved the issue of people taking advantage of the use of visitor's parking.
Also, I would like to share of what took place over the weekend. I have noticed someone checking on each parked car's dashboard; more than likely, looking if tickets were purchased. I am quite sure he is not a parking enforcer, as he is not wearing a uniform and secondly, there was no parking enforcer car within the vicinity. I believe he lives in one of the units. I certainly did not think that his action was appropriate. We have a parking system in place. If people decide not to purchase a ticket, then they take the risk of getting ticketed. I really think this is a great community and I hope that we remain respectful of one another.

I am glad residents are

I am glad residents are checking ..... That's just because there has been way to much abuse here... Can't blame him at all!!!!! Obviously the Residents here have not been RESPECTFUL of one another in the first place, that is why we have to set rules in place..... If they were RESPECTFUL we would not have these issues now would we? Lets get something straight here, there is and was abuse here, even in the underground... Why do you think there are signs asking people to keep pets off grass because kids play there? But, see the same people walking their dogs and letting them piss and crap all over...... It's not rocket science to see whats been going on here... And I have no problem telling people to keep their animals off the grass what little we have of it .... I am glad we have people checking for us.....

Go look outside. There are NO

Go look outside. There are NO cars there. Does anyone know if this is costing money or is the company splitting the take? Because this has money loser written all over it. So where are all the cars of people who couldn't get a spot and would gladly of paid for it? Parked on Wallace and Perth? What a joke.

I agree. The system has

I agree. The system has gotten rid of anyone abusing the visitor parking, for this I'm super happy.
Yet I'm nervous this system is going to cost all of us more than its worth.
I assume there is a monthly fee that includes rental & maintenance of the ticket machine, plus the cost associated with having personnel come to check for valid tickets. laid

According to the condo corp

According to the condo corp meeting last week, the visitor parking venture has been profitable so far. The costs associated with the setup and equipment have already been recovered. Not that I like paid visitor parking but the set-up has dealt with the abuse that was happening for the longest time.

I think your missing the

I think your missing the point. I don't think anyone is happy that visitor parking system is required. If it wasn't abused by residents the board wouldn't need to do anything. Now that the visitor parking system is in place, no more abuse. Visitor parking here was a mess... cars were all over the place. Once the fire route started to get enforced by the city earlier this year, people stopped parking there. Now that the visitor parking system is in place the residents are parking elsewhere.
The implementation of this system has not been communicated yet and this is something that should have been done better. I'm anticipating we will be getting some information soon. You do ask valid questions about how this is managed and costs... unfortunately at this time none of us have any idea.
Before shooting down the system... give it a chance to operate for a while. If it isn't the best solution for our community it can be changed to another one down the road. But it has worked well in stopping the residents parking in visitor parking. Now we just need our visitors to use it! :-) But I did notice it was used on the weekend.. which is when most people would have visitors.

Ya, 'cuz Thursday night is

Ya, 'cuz Thursday night is the social highlight of the week... >_<
Can't believe anybody would defend the old setup... unless you were one of the people abusing the parking privileges.

Obviously you've never been

Obviously you've never been out on a Thursday.



Go look outside. There are NO

Go look outside. There are NO cars there. Does anyone know if this is costing money or is the company splitting the take? Because this has money loser written all over it. So where are all the cars of people who couldn't get a spot and would gladly of paid for it? Parked on Wallace and Perth? What a joke.

Costing more than making...

I agree. The system has gotten rid of anyone abusing the visitor parking, for this I'm super happy.
Yet I'm nervous this system is going to cost all of us more than its worth.
I assume there is a monthly fee that includes rental & maintenance of the ticket machine, plus the cost associated with having personnel come to check for valid tickets. Does the company also take a split of the ticket sales?
I think its time the Board provides some answers on the details of the transaction. At the present time, I can't believe the few visitors purchasing tickets will balance out the cost of having the machines on-site. The Board's BIG selling point was how much money it will generate for the complex. As a non-profit organization the financial dealings of this transaction needs to be more transparent for all owners to review. I'm sensing an owners meeting needs to be scheduled for early September.

You can make a request to

You can make a request to review the non-confidential records of the corporation at any time, copies are subject to normal fees. The board has however been highly transparent and your expectations are unreasonable. The board is charged with managing the affairs of the corporation, the purpose of having a board is to run the corporation on behalf of the owners, to have all of the owners be aware of the day-to-day matters and finances of the corporation would be inefficient, expensive and not result in better decisions being made. The responsibility of the board is to publish and follow an annual budget, beyond that no reporting is required or needed unless the board chooses to make a material unbudgeted expenditure, in our case it would need to be around $30k or more.. As an owner you should be concerned with the monthly maintenance fees you are paying, the size of the reserve and the services provided, beyond that leave it to the board. Finally an owners meeting costs between $1000 and $2000 to hold, that's almost 1% of the annual budget, since we already held an owners meeting on this subject holding another would be a waste of everyone's time and money.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your response.
All the things you wrote is exactly why I'm monthly maintenance fees, the size of the reserve and the services provided, which is why I suggested a little more information regarding the costs of having the machines on-site. I'm worried that the Board will have to dip into the reserve to keep the ticket machines onsite.
Plus, as a meeting & event planner for almost 10 years, an owners' meeting should not be costing between $1000 to $2000 to hold.

If your goal is to understand

If your goal is to understand and contribute to the ongoing decisions made by the board you may wish to run for a seat. As part of the board you would be able to fully understand all of the sides during each discussion and ensure that the decisions the board makes are aligned with you own values.

Keep in mind the other

Keep in mind the other parking enforcement options came at a regular monthly cost to the corporation. This one has the "potential" to be revenue generating, the others did not have that opportunity.
I say, let the current system operate for a while and see how it all plays out. If it does not perform as expected and isn't profitable or ends up costing more than the other options, it can be changed in the future. From what I have seen at other locations I lived at, the current type of system typically works off of a revenue cost sharing arrangement. It was profitable for the at my last condo. We will need to see how it does here.
Looks like visitor parking was well used on the weekend. Now... I didn't go out and check people's dashboards for proof of payment but I assume many did.

I personally don't like to

I personally don't like to have my guests pay for parking but with this system, I will pay out of my own pocket as in my view it is playing a role of a good host.

For the other option of using parking enforcement company, from talking with other condo owners comparable to our property, these companies charges are reasonable.

Although this option will not generate revenue for the corporation, if you break it down contribution per unit, paying maybe $10 dollars each unit monthly is not bad. Plus, there's no associated costs to maintain the machines. But then again, maybe in the end, it all evens out. Because whatever we dish out either way, that's additional cost to us all.

I hear you. It's not that we

I hear you. It's not that we like to have our visitors pay.... but the 3 free visitor passes per month works well for us. I think that made a difference for most people which is why the current system got the most votes.

Reserve funds can only be

Reserve funds can only be used for replacement and non-routine repairs of common elements. Upgrades can’t be paid out of the reserve fund. Directors who fail to maintain an adequate reserve fund with increased contributions or special assessments could be sued by owners in the future.

Before AGM all owners must express that the meeting costs must be very cost effective. Booking a room somewhere will not cost, as you say $1,000 to $2,000.

The majority of the cost of

The majority of the cost of having an owners meeting is not for the venue (I think the venue cost ~$100 last time), but is for the legal (and other professional) support which the board requires in order to execute the meeting in compliance with the owners rights and it's legal obligations. I believe last time the lawyer charged $800 to be present at the meeting plus additional costs for legal support needed prior to the meeting. It is possible to run an owners meeting without legal support however since owners meetings are almost always called when there is a degree of controversy it's generally not recommended since the board can get itself and the corporation into trouble. Each year the board will hold an annual meeting, during that meeting at a minimum new board members are elected, and the budget is voted on. Since the budget sets the maintenance fees for the year, that meeting should be sufficient to monitor the boards planned use for funds during the next year as well as to understand the boards actual use of funds during the previous year.

Boards are subject to Owner Scrutiny

As far as disclosure from the Board, owners are entitled to examine records without buying copies. The Board has to make them available at a time and place convenient to both the owner and the Board. Owners can look at financial records from the last six years, minutes of the Board meetings, declaration, rules and by-laws, any of the documents that the builder turned over including any bills of sale or records relating to items purchased for the condo prior to turnover, the performance audit, reserve fund studies, the agreement with the parking enforcement company or any other agreement the Board has entered into, any inspection reports. BUT NOT information that is personal - like records about employees (discipline, etc) that aren't employment contracts (owners can see them), records that have litigation privilege (but owners can see solicitor-client privileged documents) and stuff about other specific owners. In fact, whatever bank holds your mortgage can look at all of this too! And so can somebody who is buying your condo!
All an owner has to do is put the request in writing and suggest a date that is reasonable and the Board has to give the owner a reasonable amount of time to look at them. That would be enough time to read them carefully and make any notes. (For some condominiums, that could be more than one occassion of more than one day because they have so many documents - contracts, reserve fund studies - that six years of stuff could take a long time). The owner doesn't have to pay for copies unless they're asking for copies.

I'm not really sure why

I'm not really sure why that's a problem? Even since the pay parking there is almost always space available on Wallace for more parking, as I look out my window at 9pm on a Friday night there is room for between 5 and 10 cars on Wallace. It seems that perhaps as long as the spots are used as intended the complex has more visitor spots than it needs. I remain firmly of the belief, that the visitors spots were previously used by two different groups; residents and people not affiliated with the complex. Remember the Google Streetview car that was parked in visitors for months, I see it's now on Perth and has a permanent city permit, clearly not driven by a resident but by someone from the area who though it would be easier to use our spots than find street parking and pay for a permit. If people are concerned that visitors to our complex are occupying too many spaces on the local street they can lobby the city to enforce the parking by laws, or even reduce the 3 hour limit to 1 hour; as it is unless you park overnight or on the wrong side of the street, you can guarantee that you won't get a ticket.

Paid Visitor Parking

I'm all for some regulations for the parking situation and understand how the paid parking can help generate money for the board & our community. Thanks for all the hard work to get them installed.

But I have to say I'm upset at the rate...

We frequently have family & friends visit for a weekend and it will now cost them over $10 in parking fees to visit. It doesn't give the impression of a community. We needed to have a deterrent for people abusing the parking situation, but I was hoping it wouldn't also be a deterrent for having family gathering or visits.

Once again I feel the Board is only looking at the bottom-line & what rules should be enforced and not how we can create a community with respect for each other.

As far as I can tell the main

As far as I can tell the main result of this has been to push all the day time traffic onto Wallace and Perth. It does solve the issue of overnight parking, but that's about it. And now anyone who stays overnight will either pay $10 (or $6.50. $8.00, etc) or be forced to move there car onto Wallace post 7am the next day. I'm sure our friends on those streets are real happy right about now... I know there was no perfect resolution but for the sake of our friends and neighbours we should have just had enforcement of the free phone-in permits... But that would have cost us all a few extra bucks, cant have that right? Oh well, it's done. Squeaky wheels win again.

All my friends who have come

All my friends who have come to visit have had to park on Wallace or Perth up until now anyway. Now they can park where they're supposed to. If the people on Wallace and Perth don't like the extra daytime traffic, then it's up to them to set up their own system to stop the parking abuse. I'm glad our visitor parking spots are now fulfilling their intended use. If you don't like the solution, you should of voiced your issues with it prior to the installation. I'd say that anybody who complains after the fact are the actual squeaky wheels in this case.

During the owners meeting

During the owners meeting where this system was discussed and voted the rate was discussed. The amount of the fee was set because of the need to prevent people not associated with the complex from parking here, for example because they are planning to take the go train. The rate was designed to be roughly equivalent to the commercial lots in the area to provide a distinctive to use by non-visitors. Condo corporations operate as non-profits, any revenue generated by the parking system will by legal necessity be used to offset maintenance fees paid by the owners.

On the issue of community, the first time I lived in a condo I was against the use of rules when having lived in a freehold house where worked together and got along. In condos however due to the share cost of maintenance and the close proximity there are always residents who make the lives of others miserable, therefore even if you choose to let things slide in the beginning, eventually you have no choice but to set clear rules and enforce them vigorously otherwise resident conflict becomes a major issue.


From what I understand, each unit is supposed to receive a pass or card or something which will allow free parking 3 times per month. I'm not 100% certain about this though. Can anybody confirm whether this is true?

obviously it has nothing to

obviously it has nothing to do with respect , you must of been one of the people parking on street level, because if this action wasn't taken we would still have the selfish owners parking and abusing the visiter parking.. Its been well over a year the residents complaints have been heard. Furthermore, still to this day visitors still could not get parking cause the selfish owners would still be parked there today.. Small price to pay to have visitors here... This step with parking is only the beginning to making this a true community to those who want it at such and are willing to abide by the rules that have been stipulated.......and should not have had to be enforced... And to reiterate the Board is not looking for the bottom line, they are acting in the interests who are living here in this community.

Round up residents who are

Round up residents who are not pleased with this new system and express this satisfaction in writing as a group to the board and property management.

There was already an owners

There was already an owners meeting on this issue and the vast majority of owners present voted for this system.

Is that per visit? Not a

Is that per visit? Not a good approach. I agree. Visitors parking enforcement could have been by using a company that checks vehicles in the visitors parking to make sure that all vehicles parked registered their vehicle with the parking enforcement company by phone. If the vehicle is not registered then they get ticketed, I think someting like $30. The corporation will pay the company every month to monitor which is not much. Our visitors parking enforcement has worked wonders. Rarely any abuse from residents who decide not to buy a parking spot or who decide to buy into a complex with just one parking spot even though knowing their household will be with more than one car. Now, we feel confident that our visitors will always have parking spots for them to use.

The parking rate is 0.75 per

The parking rate is 0.75 per 30min to a maximum of $5 per 12hr period.


Wow, the reason why this had to be done is because of the abuse that our own community has caused... Yes this means the people who live here either only have one spot or need more then one and don't want to pay... as the above comment has stated... At least your visiters found a spot, mine never could... So here here to our Board for finally making this happen!!!!!!! Thank you so much, and I am glad it will be monitered, besides this money will be put to good use, towards our property, better then our condo fee's going up... Also i don't suggest sending any sort of petition around, it won't work, we have put up with the abuse for to long.. There is also abuse downstairs with people either parking in spots not theirs or having cars with no licence plates on them, which are being reported... it is sad of this abuse, but i paid for my spot to live here, and so will others who think they can freeload off of us... Thanks again to the Board :))

Anybody still experiencing

Anybody still experiencing the issue of HVAC being too loud? I think we should all put this on our Tarion form for second year warranty. I have a lower unit and it is really difficult to enjoy your home when you need to wait every how many minutes for the system to quiet down. The more of us complaining about it, maybe Tarion will see that this is not just a matter of perception of what is loud but that the developer has provided us with a grossly inappropriate HVAC system for the layout of our unit and then Tarion will allow us to get new system or improving/adjusting the sytem.

I air conditioner

I air conditioner is on all day & all night...and its only set at 25 degrees. The units are definitely not pushing out enough cold air and are not distributing the air through the unit properly. The third floor is colder than the main floor...obviously the HVAC system was not designed well.

yes all our AC units are far

yes all our AC units are far to loud... Plus not getting the cooling needed...... I agree... Also just a note if you all haven't noticed but the window cleaners are here.... Please check your windows if properly clean, they are not using soap at all just cold water.... Also no ladders, just a long poll with a brush and running water coming out of it.....

After a heavy rain last

After a heavy rain last sunday, the water got inside my unit. Apparently ,water came from the drainage at the patio entrance before spilling over. I have reported this issue to the property management but so far I have not received a reply. I would like to know what other actions/measures i need to undertake to rectify this issue. I appreciate any response.

Keep on sending them e-mails

Keep on sending them e-mails and don't stop calling. If you need to do it everyday, do it. Also, complete your 2nd year Tarion form to address this deficiency.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a problem in our unit too. It is so loud you can't hear conversation when it is running, and it runs and runs to just stay at 23 if we are lucky. Robert said to keep the blinds fully up (they were up except for an inch at the top). As if one inch of blinds being drawn would make that much of a difference! They also said leave the fan on auto, but we can't. it's just too loud. It's depressing to live like moles imprisoned in a dark room with a roaring fan. We've had Karl in, as well as Prima, many times, and also Robert. This is not the norm for air conditioning. We rent out a condo downtown where the air conditioning keeps the place cool, down to 18 degrees or less, quickly, and is also quiet. You can't even hear it. This air conditioning unit is unacceptable. But what can we do?

Well I have to say that I

Well I have to say that I can't get mine past 23 degrees, and thats with all blinds closed and its still warm once you start moving around.... Also upstairs is warmer, so really 25 degrees is far to warm for a unit... I have friends who keep their home at 20 degrees bang on.. I feel the construction was done wrong and now they can't do anything about it... they would need a larger unit to .... I think we need to all get together about this

I'm sorry but 18 degrees? Who

I'm sorry but 18 degrees? Who has any need for an AC on that low? Anyway, I'll save my comments on that but I will say that Toronto Hydro recommends no lower than 25.5 for an AC setting. If you want it less than 23 constantly there's a good chance you'd need a larger AC than what your space calls for and there's no reason a builder would have compensated for that.

Use your Tarion 2nd year form

Use your Tarion 2nd year form because it compromises your right to enjoy your home.

Dog owner's need to stay off

Dog owner's need to stay off of the children's playground with their dog's, it's disgusting. Read the sign!!!!!!

Where is the children's

Where is the children's playground? I didn't know that there are some common elements that are reserved for residents with children only.

I think the point the other

I think the point the other person was making was not being unfriendly, its letting your dogs pee and poo on the grass that is upsetting...... Its ruining the property..... I see dog owners walking their dogs and letting them pee on the grass right beside the sidewalk!!!!!! Come on.... if you can't even look after the little grass we have then you deserve the reminder..... It's sad that we have these complaints but it is true. I agree with the coment , its just being respectful

It is common knowledge that

It is common knowledge that when a writer uses exclamation point numerous times in one sentence, that qualifies as "screaming your head off" right to the face of the reader which is no different from typing in all upper case. And that is to be read in no other way. Good observance of etiquette writing would be so much appreciated in this forum.

We understand your frustration but do we have to write in such tone?

Thank you.

Let's Keep It Friendly

As a dog owner, I have been keeping my dog off the Children's Play Area as I respect not everyone is a dog person, yet I believe there is a nicer way to remind people to respect the segregated areas than over use of exclamation points and sounding harsh. I'm hoping, although this blog is anonymous, we can remain respectful to our neighbours.

Also, regarding the children's only area, some families have children & dogs...the segregated area makes it difficult for all to play together...just a thought.

Crazy Dog Lady

Was at the sprinkler pad today and there were tons of kids there. Lots of 2 and unders. So this woman prances right through that area with her big dog which I might add is not on a leash... Now I'm sure her dog was very nice and a good dog or she wouldn't have let it roam around. I don't have a problem with dogs at all but, is it not the law that her dog should be on a leash? Especially where there are tons of little kids around? So I stood up and calmly said to her that her dog should be on a leash. Well....CRAZY LADY then started yelling at me, can you believe it? all the while twisting her face into the most witchlike grin I'd ever seen on someone who wasn't in a show, and told me she lived across the street and it's hot out and blah blah blah. Well, I felt sorry for her. I really did. I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction. Clearly she doesn't have a happy life. I mean if you did, you wouldn't react the way she did. It was nuts. Then she told me what a bad example I was for living one's life correctly because I drove to the park (she seemed to follow me as I was leaving. I think she wanted to get the last word) and that THIS WASN"T MY NEIGHBOURHOOD!! Well lovely I thought, how welcoming is that? I walk all the time when I go places but I was visiting a friend in the area and I drove and stopped at the park on the way home. Is that a terrible thing to do??? I just had to share this as a way of letting things go. I love the junction. One of the best areas in Toronto. I have no hard feelings towards her and hope that she has a nice summer. I'll be back at that park and may even say hello to her if I see her but..... next time I'm wearing garlic around my neck!

Next Meeting

Hi Neighbours,
Wondering if anyone can tell me when the next meeting is to go over our neighbourly issues.
I would love to get more involved and help make this a great community.

Air Conditioning

Getting hot in hurr... Had the a/c on for 2 days and barely any difference. Does anyone have this problem? Should we have serviced the a/c? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Call Customer Service...they

Call Customer Service...they should send someone in to have a look & fix the issue.
We called and ours is now working great...even got down to 22
Good luck:)

we have delt with customer

we have delt with customer service, it won't go below 22 degrees that is the problem. It doesn't cool down, they keep fluffing it off. It should be way cooler then that and not constantly runing either

yes, it is unacceptable. ours

yes, it is unacceptable. ours too.

Air Conditioning

I am sorry to say but this has been ongoing..... Last summer I had every one in my unit, my AC runs day and night, doesn,t shut off, never gets to even 20 degress, even had Carl the engineer in this place who said he will fix it!!!!!! Nothing!!! Today I had it running all day long and it is 23.... Aparently these units are not meant to cool down to 20 degrees, only as far as 24 only, they didn't put a big enough blower unit in these condo's ... so we are screwed.... Unless we all go after the owner and get them to replace our air conditioners.. Last year I had them in here monitor my air,I told them in a house no problem to cool? I should not have to keep all window coverings closed and still live like a mole and still not getting any results?

Shouldn't this issue be

Shouldn't this issue be addressed by listing a deficiency item with Tarion for year end form? It seems to be that is how this should be handled.

Just wanted to say thanks to

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone. Guy came yesterday and fixed it, seemed to work pretty good.... And now it's cold again outside lol...

Air Conditioning

Getting hot in hurr... Had the a/c on for 2 days and barely any difference. Does anyone have this problem? Should we have serviced the a/c? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Grubs in flowered

Hey everyone. I've recently noticed a substantial Number of grub / larvae in my flower bed. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and what measures they took to eliminate them?


Brownstones on Davenport also

Brownstones on Davenport also experiencing the same thing. Contact your property manager and ask to get all units' treated.

Duct Cleaning

Anybody done any duct cleaning? Need recommendation of company to use.


Missing Cat- "LUNA"

Small grey and white cat. Microchipped, friendly and missing since Tuesday, May 15th. Lives at 357 PERTH AVE. She was wearing a baby blue collar but it might have fallen off. Please call Sarah if you have ANY info- 416-854-0011.

Did u find ur cat??? Aww..

Did u find ur cat??? Aww..

Ducts Cleaned

Anybody looked into quotes from companies for duct cleaning? Any recommendations would be great.

Can't we all just get

Can't we all just get along??? Why so much hatred & discrimination?
Renters versus owners; Calling parking authority on our neighbours (who maybe didn't see the tiny sign on the side of the building); Non-dog owners against dog owners; noise issues; etc.
We live in a townhouse complex...we literally live on top of each other! We need to make some compromises and start to live compassionately towards each other. At least let's live without hatred & discrimination. I want to bring my children up in a complex that is kind, compassionate & treats ALL people fairly.
Together we can create a positive living environment for all of us to enjoy!

A quote from a Dalai Lama XIV speech:
We live very close together.
So our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
If you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.