Perth Ave.

LF Parking Spot or Garage Spot near Dundas + Dupont

Hi there,

I work in the area, and am looking for a parking spot to rent, open to covered or uncovered. The office is at Dundas and Dupont, so somewhere in the area.


Union lofts

Does anyone living in the Perth\Wallace area have any information on what is happening with the construction there?

NOTE: There's an existing forum for this development here. Replies should go in that forum. Closing comments here.

Bloor-Perth Underpass Art - North Side Installation

Angel Carillo (aka Cruz1) was selected by a StreetARToronto jury to curate a mural in the railway underpass on Bloor St. between Perth Ave. and Dundas St. West. The "Wallnoize 6" event on April 17-19 will see a large group of selected local graffiti artists transform the north side wall in their own unique styles. Each of the 20+ artists will get their own panel tow work with on the wall.

A few weekends later in May, another group of artists will paint the the south side of the underpass with a graffiti-styled letters, each artist painting one letter of the alphabet in their own way.

Found wedding ring @ the park


I found what looks like a wedding band, in the grass at a local park. It may or may not be precious but likely has sentimental value so I wanted to share. If it belongs to you or someone you know - please contact me at with a detailed description of the ring to prove ownership and how I can best reach you so that you can be reunited with it as soon as possible.

All the best,

Bloor-Perth Underpass Art Project Consultation

Meeting invitation from Metrolinx. Download the original flyer with map and additional details here.

Help Choose Your Community’s Public Art!
Bloor-Perth Underpass Art Project Consultation

Crossways Employment and Social Services
2340 Dundas St. West 3rd floor suite 302
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Metrolinx and the City of Toronto’s StreetARToronto (StART) program have teamed up to deliver locallyinspired
public art that deters graffiti-vandalism while adding vibrancy and artistry to the community. This is
one opportunity to review preliminary concepts and let the artists know what you want the art in your
community to look like.

The concepts will also be posted online for review and feedback at from March 5th
to March 11th. The successful artist will be chosen based on various criteria, including how the
community’s input is represented in their final design.

Castlepoint Redevelopment of Perth and Sterling


I was at the Castlepoint community update yesterday evening (Feb 24, 2015) re: the redevelopment happening at Perth and Sterling, and I audio recorded the meeting. Feel free to download.


Carlton Park Area Community Yard Sale

Carlton Park Area Community Yard Sale

Located on

  • Edwin Ave
  • Edith Ave
  • Franklin Ave
  • Perth Ave

North of Dupont St.

Saturday, May 10th, starting at 8:00am

Rail construction access from Sterling Rd. across Railpath

As part of their ongoing construction work in the rail corridor, Metrolinx will be creating a temporary access road into the corridor from 158 Sterling Rd. (the former Tower Automotive site) across the West Toronto Railpath. Details, with map, are in the attached flyer.

Rail Corridor Access to begin early February at 158 Sterling Rd.

What we are doing

  • We are grading and installing track and signals between Lansdowne Avenue and Dupont Street to complete the expanded rail corridor for increased transit service.
  • We are accessing the corridor at two locations to finish construction by the end of this year. The first is already in use at Dundas Street West and Brad Street. The second access will be at 158 Sterling Road where we will also store new track materials.
  • Trucks will cross the West Toronto Railpath to enter and exit the rail corridor at the Sterling Road location.

How this will affect you

  • We will begin to use the 158 Sterling Road access/storage on early February until the end of 2014.
  • Railpath users will have the right-of-way over construction vehicles. A traffic control person will be
  • positioned at the access point during construction hours. Appropriate signage will be in place along the path advising users of the condition ahead. Signage will also be placed along the access road reminding drivers to stop and yield to railpath users.
  • Regular work hours are Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. There may be occasional work on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • We expect an average of 8 to 10 trucks per hour to use this access on a daily basis.
  • All trucks will travel along Sterling Road from Dundas Street West to access the construction site.
  • We will regularly clean the roads our trucks will be using, including the West Toronto Railpath.


Wilco (my dog/Havanese) bolted out of my backyard gate this morning when it started to thunder (Dupont and Symington area). Gate had been left open by the pest control guy. Been missing ever since. Noticed yesterday that the tag I just had engraved with his name and my phone number was no longer on his collar, so unfortunately there is no way to identify him. Called Toronto animal services, but no luck. If any Toronto west-enders see a little white/cream pup roaming the streets, please take a closer look to see if it's my little guy if you don't mind.

South Perth & Sterling Road Residents Association - Important Meeting

Philip from the South Perth & Sterling Road Residents Association sent the following meeting announcement:

At the Church of the First Born – Scheduled for October 23rd at 6:30-8pm – (snacks and beverages will be provided).

This meeting is the final discussion with the residents before the matter of the Rezone application goes before a final vote at Council Nov 8th. Nestles has been invited and it will be interesting to see if they attend.

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