Symington Ave. Playground

The park between Perth and Symington, north of Dupont

Found wedding ring @ the park


I found what looks like a wedding band, in the grass at a local park. It may or may not be precious but likely has sentimental value so I wanted to share. If it belongs to you or someone you know - please contact me at with a detailed description of the ring to prove ownership and how I can best reach you so that you can be reunited with it as soon as possible.

All the best,

Perth Dupont Community Garden - Fall Harvest Potluck and BBQ

Susan Berman from the Perth Dupont Community Garden sends the following event info. Follow the links for further details:

Perth Dupont Community Garden - Fourth Annual Fall Gathering and Barbecue, along with the Dog Show and Training Workshop

Both events will be held in the Symington Avenue Playground Park, on Sunday Sept 25, starting at 4 pm.

Perth Dupont Community Garden - Potluck and Music

The following announcement comes from the Perth Dupont Community Garden, regarding their event on Friday July 15th:



Date - Friday July 15th from 6:00 pm ‘til dark

The Perth Dupont Community Garden is located just outside the downtown core of Toronto, in the west end. We are one block west of Symington Ave, just north of Dupont St. The only entrance to the garden is on Perth Ave.

Come join the Perth Dupont Community Garden as we enjoy our fresh veggies and music.

Please feel free to bring your MUSICAL talents. There will also be a few guitars on hand if you are interested in participating, but do not have access to equipment.

Perth-Dupont Community Garden - Call for Volunteers

The Perth-Dupont Community Garden is looking for volunteers to help with their flower bed and butterfly garden:

Started just as a garden with individual plots nestled into the Symington Avenue Playground Park in 2005 by the City Councillor, The Perth Dupont Community Garden has been transformed into a thriving Community Garden, and is now a center for Urban Agriculture.

With ethnic and lifestyle diversity, our community garden is a place to grow food, flowers, friendships, and personal social and leadership skills.

  • Our garden is looking for one or two people interested in flowers and roses, to help with our Front flower Bed, and our Native Plant - Butterfly Garden.
  • For more information please contact Susan

Junction Triangle Dogs Running Wild

Sent by one of the members of the Junction Triangle Dog Owners group:

Those with dogs, looking for an off-leash area in the neighbourhood, are invited to join the Junction Triangle Dog Owners group. The group will be an easy way for dog owners to communicate and stay up to date on the proposal for an off-leash area at the north end of Perth, just past Dupont. The group is set up through Facebook, but you don't need to belong to FB to join.

Update: Dog park at Symington Ave. Playground

As reported here on June 14th, a group of residents has organized to push for an off-leash dog park at the Symington Ave. Playground (between Perth and Symington, north of Dupont, just south of the tracks).

Some progress has been made since then, and there was a meeting held at the park on October 16th. A progress report from that meeting is posted on the Perth-Dupont Community Garden website, and states that the group is moving forward with starting a Dog Owners Association to work with the City and local residents about this.

For more information about this proposed dog park, or to get involved with the Dog Owners Association, please visit the following links:

Perth Dupont Neighbourhood Gathering & BBQ

The following event announcement comes from the Perth Dupont Community Garden. More information about this event is posted on their website here.

We invite you to join us for the 3rd Annual Harvest Barbecue and Potluck.

This year will be a Vegetarian style potluck, (Carnivores welcome ;-)

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 18th 2010 @ 5:00 PM

Come early to have a tour of the Garden.

Friday Evening BBQ at Perth-Dupont Community Garden

The Perth-Dupont Community Garden will be hosting a BBQ this Friday evening, July 30th, starting at 5:30pm. The garden is located in the Symington Ave. Playground, which is accessed from Perth Ave. north of Dupont St.

We are half way through the summer growing season, and we have already harvested many good things from our gardens, from beans & beets, cucumbers, peas, radishes and many leafy things like lettuce, Swiss Chard, & many kinds of kale, right up to the Zucchinis.

It will be pot luck style, so that you can bring your own things that you want cooked on the BBQ, (hot-dogs, burgers, slabs of meat, as well as the veggies that you want roasted.

We will have two BBQs' going - one is propane, the other one will be with charcoal. The Community garden will provide the charcoal as well as some veggies and Buns, ...I will have a look at the potatoes and see if they are ready to harvest, and we can cook some of them up for every one.

More info about this event is available on the Perth-Dupont Community Garden website.

Perth Dupont Community Garden - Sprinkler

Perth Dupont Community Garden - Sprinkler

The Perth Dupont Community Garden set up sprinklers at the Symington Ave. Playground, July 6 2010. Set up to cool off during the heat wave. More info here.

Perth Dupont Community Garden - Market Tent

Perth Dupont Community Garden - Market Tent

Market tent at the Perth Dupont Community Garden, July 6 2010. Set up for shade and sprinklers during the heat wave. More info here.

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