Off-Leash dog park in the Junction Triangle

Symington Ave. Playground: Map from the City Parks & Rec. dept., 2008.Symington Ave. Playground: Map from the City Parks & Rec. dept., 2008.

Some neighbourhood residents are proposing to create an off-leash dog park in the neighbourhood. They are thinking of using the north-west section of the Symington Ave. Playground (between Perth and Symington, north of Dupont and just south of the CP tracks). You can find out more about this proposal and get involved here.

A few details from their website:

In the Symington Avenue Play Ground, there is a need for an off leash area for the local pet dogs. There is an unused area of the park that would be ideal for this.

Residents interested in establishing an off-leash area in their neighbourhood are requested to take the following steps:

  1. establish a local dog owners’ association – this groups must have a minimum of 2 members who will represent the association by providing their names and contact information to Parks, Forestry and Recreation and agree to carry on-going communication between the City of Toronto and local residents including dog owners.
  2. submit a request in writing to Parks, Forestry and Recreation with the following information:
    • Neighbourhood where the need for an off-leash area exists – please include Ward, (we are ward 18) neighbourhood name (The Dupont West Neighborhood, formerly know as the Junction Triangle) and major intersections. For more information regarding Toronto’s neighbourhoods, please visit:
    • Suggested park (The Symington Avenue Playground 360 Symington Ave.) within the neighbourhood and location within the park - just north of the water fountain - between the street (Perth Ave.) the CPR train fence, and the black park fence next to the baseball diamond)
    • Names, mailing addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of the 2 key contacts

If you are interested we have created a e-mail address to receive your comments. We will contact you directly with updated information:


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Symington Playground - Streetview

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