Friday Evening BBQ at Perth-Dupont Community Garden

The Perth-Dupont Community Garden will be hosting a BBQ this Friday evening, July 30th, starting at 5:30pm. The garden is located in the Symington Ave. Playground, which is accessed from Perth Ave. north of Dupont St.

We are half way through the summer growing season, and we have already harvested many good things from our gardens, from beans & beets, cucumbers, peas, radishes and many leafy things like lettuce, Swiss Chard, & many kinds of kale, right up to the Zucchinis.

It will be pot luck style, so that you can bring your own things that you want cooked on the BBQ, (hot-dogs, burgers, slabs of meat, as well as the veggies that you want roasted.

We will have two BBQs' going - one is propane, the other one will be with charcoal. The Community garden will provide the charcoal as well as some veggies and Buns, ...I will have a look at the potatoes and see if they are ready to harvest, and we can cook some of them up for every one.

More info about this event is available on the Perth-Dupont Community Garden website.