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Update: Dog park at Symington Ave. Playground

As reported here on June 14th, a group of residents has organized to push for an off-leash dog park at the Symington Ave. Playground (between Perth and Symington, north of Dupont, just south of the tracks).

Some progress has been made since then, and there was a meeting held at the park on October 16th. A progress report from that meeting is posted on the Perth-Dupont Community Garden website, and states that the group is moving forward with starting a Dog Owners Association to work with the City and local residents about this.

For more information about this proposed dog park, or to get involved with the Dog Owners Association, please visit the following links:

Ward 18 Candidates Debate in the JT

The South Perth and Sterling Road Residents Association is hosting a final All Candidates Meeting on Thursday October the 14th at the Church of the First Born, 72 Perth Avenue (south of Bloor St.) starting at 6:30.

This will be a good opportunity to ask the candidates last-minute questions about their ideas for the Junction Triangle, and to attend a debate that is close to our homes.

To contact the event organizers, please email:

Love and Care Day @ Perth Adventist Church

The Perth Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church, at the corner of Perth and Wallace, has distributed flyers to the community inviting everyone to their Love and Care day this weeked. Details from the flyer:

Perth Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church invites the community to attend Love and Care Day on Sunday, October 3, 1-5 pm, 243 Perth Avenue.


Activities for the entire family:

  • Light refreshments
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Bicycle giveaway
  • Bouncing castle

Tower Automotive Chimney demolition (Wednesday)

Tower Automotive ChimneyTower Automotive Chimney

Philip from the South Perth and Sterling Rd. Residents Association just informed me that the Tower Automotive chimney stack at the corner of Perth Ave. and Sterling Rd. will be coming down tomorrow, Wednesday September 22. The exact time hasn't been determined yet, but it will probably be at around 10:00am.

This is your last chance to check it out. Besides the actual tower, this is the last major piece of the Tower Automotive site still standing. Not sure if I will be able to witness this myself, so I hope that many people can bring cameras to record photos and video of the chimney's final demise.

The demolition of the chimney stack tops off the other major changes we've seen along Perth Ave. and Sterling Road this summer: The demolition of the Toronto Hydro building, and the demolition of Tower Automotive's low-rise buildings and facades.

It's sad to see some of these changes, especially since many people considered these buildings to be beautiful and of industrial heritage value, but the good thing is that it now makes remediation of the contaminated soil possible. And hopefully some great re-developments too.

Tower Automotive Chimney

Tower Automotive Chimney

The Tower Automotive chimney stack, at Perth and Sterling. All low-rise buildings have been demolished, and the chimney will be knocked down shortly.

Photo taken from the West Toronto Railpath by Vic Gedris, 2010-09-12.

Perth Co-op 25th Anniversary Party

Perth Avenue Housing Co-op
at 120 Perth Ave at Bloor
is having it's 25th anniversary party
Saturday 21 August 2010 at 2:00

Celebrating a spirit of togetherness diversity and co-operation.

There will be food, games, prizes, entertainment special guests
and activities for the kids.

Unattended Mastiff Type Dog Wanders the RailPath

On Friday, 14 May, on the RailPath, between (approximately) 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., I saw a medium-brown coloured
mastiff type dog. The dog had on a black harness; but no leash, no muzzle and NO OWNER was in sight.

This is not the first time I have seen this type of dog wandering alone in the area of Perth and Ruskin at approximately the same time of day. I am guessing that the dog somehow escapes from their backyard.

I was also told that this dog has occasionally been seen wandering, on weekday mornings, before 8:00 a.m., on Perth Avenue, alone.

Jane's Walk - Bruce Ward @ Perth and Wallace

Jane's Walk - Bruce Ward @ Perth and Wallace

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-05-02

Jane's Walk - Perth Ave., Tower Auto

Jane's Walk - Perth Ave., Tower Auto

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-05-02

Photos: Last week's community cleanup

Edwin Ave. cleanup.: Photo by Craig CharnockEdwin Ave. cleanup.: Photo by Craig Charnock

Last weekend's community cleanup day was a success, thanks to volunteers from all over the neighbourhood. Local cleanup events were held at Carlton Park, Campbell Ave. / Rankin Cres., Symington Ave., Edwin Ave., the West Toronto Railpath, and on South Perth and Sterling Rd. These parts of the Junction Triangle are now looking much better!

Of course, tackling the litter and dumping problems in our neighbourhood is an ongoing struggle, but you don't need to wait until Earth Day to do something about it. If there's any litter in front of your homes or garages, just take two seconds to pick it up and put it in the proper place. You can also report illegal dump sites or excessive litter to the City's 311 phone number, or

Here are some photos from the April 24th 2010 Community Cleanup, submitted by various cleanup organizers around the neighbourhood. Thanks!

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