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Perth Community Garage Sale

Perth Community Garage Sale
Saturday June 23rd 9 - 12

Located at the Perth Public school yard.

  • Many exciting tables of artists, sale items and bike tune up booth.
  • A wonderful raffle.

All proceeds going directly to Perth school yard improvement fund.

Come support your community, meet your neighbours and find a treasure.

Opening of new Railpath to Perth/Sterling Link

Railpath connection to Perth/Sterling, under construction: May 20, 2012Railpath connection to Perth/Sterling, under construction: May 20, 2012

If you've been down the West Toronto Railpath, south of Bloor St., in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed something new: A connection from Perth Ave. and Sterling Rd. to the Railpath is currently under construction. In the photo above, taken May 20th, it's just a gravel path, but since this past weekend it was freshly paved.

Notes from March 23 2012 Sterling/Tower/Castlepoint Meeting

I took the following notes at the March 23 2012 meeting hosted by Castlepoint Realty Partners, regarding their redevelopment plans for the former Tower Automotive property on Sterling Rd.

Sorry for the sloppy post and taking so long to type it up... Comments, corrections, and other discussions should be posted in the Discussion Forum.

Following some brief introductions and announcements, Fraser Tompson from Rio Tinto Alcan (the previous property owners) provided an update on soil and groundwater remediation efforts:

  • Groundwater "pump and treat" has been taking place since 2003.
  • Pump and treat to be replaced by with a "permeable reactive barrier". In short layman's terms, the permeable reactive barrier filters the groundwater as it flows off of the site.
  • Ongoing excavation of oil impacted material: TCA, a volatile organic compound. (Note: They did not specify exactly what TCA is, but I think it may be Trichloroethane)
  • Also need to clean up gasoline that is currently under the pump building on the south side of the property. Will do this after demolition (likely April 2012)
  • The remainder of this work will take place from May to August this year.
  • All work is overseen by the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Question about impacts of dust during demolition and cleanup, especially due to the nearby daycare and residences. Answer: A dust management plan was submitted with demo permit. Will be watering the site to keep it from getting dusty. Will do a better job than they have in the past.

158 Sterling Road Final Cleanup by Rio-Tinto

Tower Automotive, Sterling Rd.: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2009-02-28.Tower Automotive, Sterling Rd.: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2009-02-28.

Philip from the South Perth and Sterling Rd. Residents Association writes:

Just so residents know there will be the final stages of soil removal happening over the next few months.

Please let folks know that work will be visible over the next couple of months and we will be having trucks on the streets with the same safety precautions. Also we have a dust control plan and air monitoring program for when the work is underway.



Development Meetings: 362 Wallace and 243 Perth

On Tuesday February 21st, 6:30-9:00PM, there will be a two-for-one special of local properly development community consultation meetings. Both meetings take place at St. Luigi / Perth Ave. Public School.

  • 6:30PM: Planning Application for 362 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden Paint site next to Wallace Bridge)
  • 7:30PM: Planning Application for 243 Perth Ave (The church at Perth/Wallace)

Details for both of these meetings are in the attached announcement documents.

You can find discussion forums for both of these development sites here:

Could the Junction Triangle Become the Next Liberty Village?

From Torontoist:

Could the Junction Triangle Become the Next Liberty Village?

An ambitious development could introduce major change to this tiny west-end neighborhood.

While the brownfield on Sterling Road just east of the West Toronto Railpath is known to most as a first-class eyesore, a proposed development might not only revitalize the property, but possibly also the chronically underdeveloped Junction Triangle neighbourhood that surrounds it. That is, if the City of Toronto and corporate interests can agree it should be built.

The Junction Triangle is enclosed by three sets of railway tracks, a tall, skinny area that roughly runs south and west of Lansdowne and Dupont, narrowing to a point at Dundas West. It’s a bit south and a bit east of the Junction—the two are distinct neighbourhoods—and hasn’t yet seen the same revitalization the Junction has. The brownfield in the Junction Triangle was formerly Tower Automotive, a sheet-casing facility built in the early 20th century that closed in 2006. Its machining buildings have since been razed, though a 10-storey tower, designated a heritage property and popular with urban explorers, still stands. Castlepoint Realty Partners purchased the property in 2008. Their hope is to turn the area into a mixed-use neighborhood, in the vein of Liberty Village or the Distillery District.

Meeting: Tower Automotive / Sterling Rd. Development

There will be another community meeting regarding the re-development of the former Tower Automotive properties on Sterling Rd., now owned by Castlepoint Realty Partners.

The meeting will take place on Thursday October 13, 7:00PM at the Church of the Firstborn, 72 Perth Ave.

Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailao, the City planning department, and Castlepoint Realty Partners will be in attendance. More details will be posted here soon.

  • Notes and discussions from the January 18 2010 meeting are posted here.
  • There was another meeting on April 20 2011 with some updates, but notes are not posted online (yet).

Perth-Wallace Church Development: Community Meeting

Note: You can download the original meeting announcement PDF files in English and Portuguese.

Meeting Notice
Community Consultation Meeting

Planning application for: 243 Perth Avenue

Meeting Date: Thursday, April 28, 2011
Meeting Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Meeting Location: Perth Avenue Church at Wallace Avenue
Lower level
Please use entrance door from parking lot
243 Perth Avenue

The site is located 243 Perth Avenue on the northeast corner of Perth Avenue and Wallace Avenue between Bloor Street West and Dupont Road. The site has an overall area of approximately 1,737 square metres. At 243 Perth Avenue there is currently a church occupied by the congregation of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Adjacent to the church building on the north is a paved parking area containing approximately 750 square meters.

Community Meeting - Sterling Rd. Developments

The following meeting notice regarding the former Tower Automotive lands on Sterling Rd. is from Philip at the South Perth and Sterling Road Residents Association:

Castlepoint Developments
& The South Perth and Sterling Road Residents Association
invite You to Attend an Important
Community Meeting for The Sterling Road Redevelopment Project

Please join us on April 20th for a community update on the redevelopment of 158 Sterling Road

Location: Church of the Firstborn, 72 Perth Ave.
Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm


  • Drop in open house 6:30 – 7:00 pm
  • Presentation 7:00 – 8:00 pm
    • Welcome and Introductions (John O’Keefe, Castlepoint)
    • Project Overview and Update (Pino Di Mascio, Urban Strategies)
    • Master Plan (Gianni Ria, Page and Steeles Architects)
    • Summary and Next Steps (Alfredo Romano, Castlepoint Principal)
    • Question and Answer and Review of Panels 8:00 -9:00 pm

*Snacks and beverages will be provided*

You may also be interested in seeing the notes and discussions from the January 2010 meeting.

South Perth / Sterling Cleanup: Volunteers Wanted

South Perth and Sterling Cleanup: October 2008South Perth and Sterling Cleanup: October 2008
Philip from the South Perth and Sterling Rd. Residents Association writes:

April 16th is Spring Cleanup day (Saturday from 9am-1pm)

This year we are looking for:

  • 5 to 7 Captains to manage the pivotal points in the neighborhood cleanup

Plus as many Volunteers for each of the following areas:

  • The Laneway South of Bloor between Perth and Sterling Road
  • Perth Avenue South of Bloor to the bottom of the street where the Chimney stack used to be.
  • Sterling Road from Bloor South to the old Moloney Lot.
  • The old Moloney parking Lot and adjoining Grassy/Weed lands.
  • 221-227 Sterling along the East Side where all the garbage piles up against the curb
  • South Side of the street all along the old Tower property.

And if we can have some of the kids to volunteer for the refreshment stand Castlepoint is offering to provide refreshments, but only if we can have a table manned for this.

Recycling items can be separated & Garden Waste must be put into the large paper bags and trash in heavy duty green bags (all bags will be provided courtesy of Rio-Tinto Alcan).

Separate arrangements will be made for a toxic taxi pick-up for disposing of paint and oil and various other items that were to be kept from the regular garbage but can be place out on that day by the Gray Postal box across from 213 Sterling Road.

If you are interested please drop Philip a line with contact info to:


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