South Perth / Sterling Cleanup: Volunteers Wanted

South Perth and Sterling Cleanup: October 2008South Perth and Sterling Cleanup: October 2008
Philip from the South Perth and Sterling Rd. Residents Association writes:

April 16th is Spring Cleanup day (Saturday from 9am-1pm)

This year we are looking for:

  • 5 to 7 Captains to manage the pivotal points in the neighborhood cleanup

Plus as many Volunteers for each of the following areas:

  • The Laneway South of Bloor between Perth and Sterling Road
  • Perth Avenue South of Bloor to the bottom of the street where the Chimney stack used to be.
  • Sterling Road from Bloor South to the old Moloney Lot.
  • The old Moloney parking Lot and adjoining Grassy/Weed lands.
  • 221-227 Sterling along the East Side where all the garbage piles up against the curb
  • South Side of the street all along the old Tower property.

And if we can have some of the kids to volunteer for the refreshment stand Castlepoint is offering to provide refreshments, but only if we can have a table manned for this.

Recycling items can be separated & Garden Waste must be put into the large paper bags and trash in heavy duty green bags (all bags will be provided courtesy of Rio-Tinto Alcan).

Separate arrangements will be made for a toxic taxi pick-up for disposing of paint and oil and various other items that were to be kept from the regular garbage but can be place out on that day by the Gray Postal box across from 213 Sterling Road.

If you are interested please drop Philip a line with contact info to:


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neighbourhood clean-up, perth

Good for you Craig! We attempted to organize something along Perth last year, and got very little response. Basically us, a brand new neighbour to the south (they actually hadn't even moved in yet) and another to the north. I was disappointed! But we did pick up a considerable amount of garbage. We'll be out there again this year, but I'm not going to put my organizing hat on this time.

Interest in clean up elsewhere in the JT?

We organised a great clean up on and around Edwin Avenue - and I know there were other crews around the neightbourhood that had a very good turnout as well.

Last year we roganised things that each street cleanup was organised by a crew captain of sorts - who is interested in doing this again for their street.

I had a total of 14 bags last year with all the help we had - who else wants to be a part of it? Lots of fun, and a great way to meet neighbours and make a positive, communitiy contribution. Reply here if interested...

- Craig

Clean Up

I worked with my family and one other neighbour to do the lane between Symington and Campbell on the south part. We also had low interest. I hope someone can step up to do the lane between Rankin and Campbell south of Wallace. It is disgusting. There is part of a television, lots of dog poop and at one point there was about 50 dvd's thrown all over the place. We will also be doing the community garden at Symington and Rankin and will need volunteers for weeding and planting come spring. There are only a handful of people involved at this stage and the lot is 210 feet long. A substantial amount of space to have to weed. We try to get out most Sunday mornings at about 10:00 am and would appreciate the help.

Rankin Lane

I wouldn't mind spearheading a clean up of Rankin Cres and the lane behind. Someone did a great a job yesterday afternoon cleaning up the small green space at the end of Rankin at Wallace and the top half of the lane (removing the busted TV and surrounding garbage. Thank you!
A do have logistical question: Does the City pick up the excess garbage for free or do i have to foot the bill for bag tags?

Registering cleanups

If you expect to collect more garbage than you can dispose of in your own / neighbours' garbage cans, you should definitely register with the City:
Then they can arrange to pick up whatever you collected.

For anyone cleaning a park, you can often just place the collected trash in the park's garbage cans. If there are overflow bags, those should definitely be called in too.

Ana Bailao is also organizing a cleanup around Perth and St. Luigi's schools, and is looking to co-promote these efforts. Be sure to let her office know about any cleanups too (it will go out in her newsletter, etc.)