Perth-Wallace Church Development: Community Meeting

Note: You can download the original meeting announcement PDF files in English and Portuguese.

Meeting Notice
Community Consultation Meeting

Planning application for: 243 Perth Avenue

Meeting Date: Thursday, April 28, 2011
Meeting Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Meeting Location: Perth Avenue Church at Wallace Avenue
Lower level
Please use entrance door from parking lot
243 Perth Avenue

The site is located 243 Perth Avenue on the northeast corner of Perth Avenue and Wallace Avenue between Bloor Street West and Dupont Road. The site has an overall area of approximately 1,737 square metres. At 243 Perth Avenue there is currently a church occupied by the congregation of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Adjacent to the church building on the north is a paved parking area containing approximately 750 square meters.

The applicant proposes to convert the existing church building (A) into a residential condominium building containing 23 residential dwelling units. The overall existing height of the church is approximately 52.11 meters. On the parking lot area the applicant proposes to construct an underground parking garage containing 16 parking spaces and an additional 4 surface parking spaces. Access to the parking garage and surface parking will be from the laneway running along the east side of the property. Above and on top of part of the garage the applicant proposes to construct a new residential condominium building (B) containing 14 residential dwelling units. The church building and the new residential building will not be attached other than below grade at the parking lot level. The church (A) will have a gross floor area of approximately 2,600 square meters and the new residential building (B) will have a gross floor area of approximately 1,207 square meters. Total gross floor area is approximately 3,801 square meters. The overall height of the new residential building (B) is approximately 15.67 metres, and the proposed overall density would be 2.19 times the lot area.

The church building (A) and the new residential building (B) will have separate entrances accessible from one access point on Perth Avenue. The applicant proposes to provide a minimum of 2 zip car spaces available for residents of the project and the community.

Purpose of the Meeting
The meeting will provide an opportunity for the community to have input on this project, view the plans and ask questions, before the developer submits an application to the city.

If you cannot attend the meeting you can still make your views known by sending your comments to Greg Dell by fax at 905-615-8903 or by e-mail to Please also cc. your communication to Councillor Ana Bailão, Ward 18, to the fax number 416-392-7957, or by e-mail to

Note: There is an existing forum discussing this development over here.

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