Opening of new Railpath to Perth/Sterling Link

Railpath connection to Perth/Sterling, under construction: May 20, 2012Railpath connection to Perth/Sterling, under construction: May 20, 2012

If you've been down the West Toronto Railpath, south of Bloor St., in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed something new: A connection from Perth Ave. and Sterling Rd. to the Railpath is currently under construction. In the photo above, taken May 20th, it's just a gravel path, but since this past weekend it was freshly paved.

Castlepoint Realty Partners, the current owners and developers of the property that this path cuts across, will be hosting an official opening ceremony BBQ on Saturday June 16, 3:00PM to 5:30PM. I will post more details about it if/when I get them.

It's also worth noting that this coincides with the Cycle and Celebrate the West Toronto Railpath event on the same day.


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Gates Are Open on New Railpath Entrance

It might not officially open until Saturday, but the gates are down and the new bike path from Perth/Sterling is open (this morning) to the West Toronto Railpath. It's terrific. What a generous effort on the part of Castlepoint to build the connection before they even started construction on their property!

Railpath News Can Be Found Here Too

We generally post about Railpath as things develop so you will find a lot of material on this site if you search for it. A faster way to keep up to date is to visit Railpath for latest news.

There is a feasibility study about to start and Friends of Railpath has been working with developers like Castlepoint, Metrolinx, and the City to make stage 2 a reality. The Metrolinx plans in the Georgetown corridor have greatly complicated stage 2 but many people quietly have been working to figure out the technical and geographic issues involved. Councillors Bailao and Perks are 100% behind getting this done asap.

I would add that Councilor Bailao is working on changing the Sterling and Dundas corner for the better and that the access point that Castlepoint is putting in is part of their larger development plan of which they consulted with Friends about.

This is really great, but

This is really great, but something has to be done about extending the trail south. Making an indirect left at the crosswalk on Dundas then heading down St. Clarens for the southern half of the trip really isn't a great idea. It doesn't avoid the dangerous Sterling intersection or that whole stretch of Dundas which can be so dicey.