158 Sterling Rd. - Castlepoint - Former Tower Automotive site

Please use this forum for discussing the re-development of the former Tower Automotive / Alcan / Northern Aluminum site on Sterling Rd. and Perth Ave.

I will soon try to consolidate the posts from other pages / forums on this site into this one forum topic so the info is easier to find. Check back soon. Post your comments below.

Here's the message that started this forum thread:

Does anyone know when the frontage of the former Tower Auto site began to get demolished as of this past weekend of August 28th, 2010? I thought that the developer was trying to save this frontage and also that it is protected under the Ontario Heritage Act Part 4, as stated on heritage Toronto's website under 164 Sterling Road.

Will the rest of the factory structure along with the chimney, excluding the tower itself going to come down too?

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Greybrook Securities / Realty Partners buys into Tower Auto site

I'm not too familiar with how this all works...but it seems like another major investor / developer is on board with Castlepoint's re-development of the Tower Automotive site, providing $22M in financing.

More details in the linked press release.


Greybrook Closes a $22,400,000 Equity Financing for a Mixed-Use Development With Castlepoint Group

TORONTO, July 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greybrook Securities Inc. and Greybrook Realty Partners Inc. are pleased to announce the successful closing of a $22,400,000 equity private placement offering of units of the Greybrook Bloor West Limited Partnership and the Greybrook Bloor West Trust.

Proceeds from the private placement will be used to purchase an interest in an eight acre property located in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario and to fund the development of a mixed-used project on the acquired parcel. The development plan for the project calls for the construction of 665 residential condominium units and townhomes, and up to 550,000 sq. ft. of commercial retail and office space.

MoCCA moving to Strearling

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is Moving to Junction Triangle,
Article here:


Castlepoint Agreement

There is an agreement finally for the Castlepoint development.(The city Planning Department needs to get over its fixation with 1950's "employment lands" and Nestle needs to show up at public meetings like everybody else.) Now after some needless delay hopefully Sterling will now be revitalized. The agreement link is below and may take a few moments to load as it is a big document.


Finally some common sense has

Finally some common sense has surfaced,

I think everyone knew mixed-use was the best option for that land,
Trying to preserve a decades old designation that has proven it doesn't work was foolish,

I'm happy an agreement has been struck


great news! thanks for

great news! thanks for posting the link, looking forward to seeing Sterling Road revitalized in months and years ahead.


The developer, Nestle, the City, the Residents Association and the OMB are in mediation to resolve issues. There should be an update on where things stand by the end of May.

It is extremely rare that residents and the developer are on the same side so lets home this can be resolved and bring new jobs, residents, improvements to the area.



I believe this is the development in question.

Any Updates?

Hi, wondering if anyone has any information with regards to the sterling road development? I know Castlepoint was appealing to the OMB, and there appears to some activity on the site recently. I think it would be great for the community for that land to be redeveloped.

Agreed; the old feeling there

Agreed; the old feeling there had a unique texture to it, however, enviornmental cleanup is key. Great to see it happening and although I suspect it will be a long time before anything gets constructed, (let alone remediated) it sure is encouraging to see some change as opposed to the lack of maintenance on a dilapidated facade.

Tower auto demolition

The demo started sometime last week, and is still happening today. I went by on the weekend to look around and take some photos (may post some later).

At the public meeting hosted by Castlepoint back in January (notes are here), they said they wanted to preserve the walls and the boiler house / chimney, but because of the environmental cleanup that is required, they need to dig down under all of those structures. At the meeting they basically said that the walls will come down (yup, gone now) and that they were uncertain about the boiler/chimney.

Pretty much the entire site has new fencing around it now, so I have a feeling that most of it will come down over the next couple of weeks. I just really, really, hope they can keep the chimney.

I'm a bit saddened that this section of Sterling Rd. has completely changed just in the last couple of months. The Hydro building was demo'd last month (and now site remediation is underway), and with the Tower Auto walls gone, that awesome industrial canyon feeling along there is gone.

But then again....soil cleanup is a good thing too.