Tower Automotive Chimney demolition (Wednesday)

Tower Automotive ChimneyTower Automotive Chimney

Philip from the South Perth and Sterling Rd. Residents Association just informed me that the Tower Automotive chimney stack at the corner of Perth Ave. and Sterling Rd. will be coming down tomorrow, Wednesday September 22. The exact time hasn't been determined yet, but it will probably be at around 10:00am.

This is your last chance to check it out. Besides the actual tower, this is the last major piece of the Tower Automotive site still standing. Not sure if I will be able to witness this myself, so I hope that many people can bring cameras to record photos and video of the chimney's final demise.

The demolition of the chimney stack tops off the other major changes we've seen along Perth Ave. and Sterling Road this summer: The demolition of the Toronto Hydro building, and the demolition of Tower Automotive's low-rise buildings and facades.

It's sad to see some of these changes, especially since many people considered these buildings to be beautiful and of industrial heritage value, but the good thing is that it now makes remediation of the contaminated soil possible. And hopefully some great re-developments too.


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Tower Chimney: Villager article

Jeff Hayward wrote an article about this in The Villager / Inside Toronto:

loss of the 'old'; tears or cheers??

While i too have conflicted thoughts on the falling of the last piece of a structure i have viewed, again with mixed feelings for years, rather than voicing unsubstantiated prejudgments at what will now rise from the filthy soil beneath, we should be offering our energy (i am) to participate in controlling, as citizens of a growingly diverse area of the City, to ensure that what is built here will be suitable, useful, substantial, and adhere to a vision of what can be done architecturally to improve the environment, the utility of what is most suited to this area, and the actual lives of those who encounter and/or live here.

Bruce, a4hTO, junctionTriangle

What a shame, can't wait to

What a shame, can't wait to see area get infiltrated with glass monstrosities of shit. The street level will go from full of character to suburban Markham in look. Are they at least preserving the pre-1900 brick for a possible rebuilding of the lost facade's?


They couldn't remediate the soil because of one narrow chimney? Come on! It's sad to see a piece of history that adds so much character to city.

Ah well, enjoy your empty field of rubble or ugly condo.