South Perth & Sterling Road Residents Association - Important Meeting

Philip from the South Perth & Sterling Road Residents Association sent the following meeting announcement:

At the Church of the First Born – Scheduled for October 23rd at 6:30-8pm – (snacks and beverages will be provided).

This meeting is the final discussion with the residents before the matter of the Rezone application goes before a final vote at Council Nov 8th. Nestles has been invited and it will be interesting to see if they attend.

All of the other Stakeholder parties, Rio Tinto, Public Health, City of Toronto Reps, Councillor Baillao, Castlepoint and Architects will be present as well as The reps from the Residents Groups in the area.



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Thank you

Thank you to South Perth, Sterling Road Resident's Association for organizing tonight's public meeting. It was a lively and revealing evening.