Criminal activity

Car Vandalized - Seeking Assistance

This past weekend, a local resident and business owner's car was vandalized with a pretty significant amount of spray paint. It happened on Franklin Ave. near Parkman Ave.

The incident was reported to police but nobody has been caught, etc. If you witnessed anything related to this incident, please contact Toronto Police 11 Division (416) 808-1100, or Crime Stoppers via 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or

Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal

Anyone hear about a dead man found in front of the Bank of Montreal at the corner of Dupont St. and Symington? Apparently it happened last week. My friend in the hood told me about it. She said that there were two men arguing in front of Dupont and Perth and later they made their way to the BMO on Symington and apparently one guy died there.

The police were enquiring about who might have witnessed the crime.

As I heard this second hand I just wanted to confirm that it happened. I checked the news and did not see any stories about the incident.

two strange incidents

Hi everyone. Two strange incidents to report. Yesterday an expensive tool was stolen from right under a workman's nose at our neighbour's place, corner of Perth and Ernest. He had brought the item into the house, gone back to the truck, and returned in moments to find it gone. Then this morning I put my dogs out and they were barking like crazy, so I went out to bark back at them, and saw a man trying car doors on Ernest. When he saw me, he went down the back lane, heading north between Perth and Symington. Just a note of warning to keep things locked!


Does anyone have any further infomation regarding the shooting that occured on Hugo Ave @ approx. 1:30am on Dec.9th? Police were around early morning that day but gone by daybreak.

Quite distrubing to hear about this occuring, I can't help but think that the sketchy characters that "This Month Only" attracts were involved in this.

Robbery (purse snatching) on Bloor at Railpath

On Tuesday, August 20th 2013, at around 9:40PM, a "violent street robbery" occurred on Bloor St. by the West Toronto Railpath bridge.

On August 23rd, Toronto Police 11 Division sent out the following alert:

Robberies - 2 violent street robberies occurred - one at Bloor Street West and Perth Avenue and the second one was at Osler Street and St. Clair Avenue West

I requested more info, and got a reply today with details:

The robbery occurred on Tuesday 2013.08.20 at around 9:40PM. The actual location it occurred was at Bloor Street West at the West Toronto Railpath bridge. It was a purse snatch type robbery. The culprit was described as male wearing dark clothing.

The matter has been assigned to the 11 Division Major Crime Unit and the investigation is ongoing.

If anyone has any information about this, please contact Toronto Police 11 Division.

Stabbing at Wallace and Campbell

At around 8:30pm tonight, an 18 year-old man was stabbed in the abdomen near Wallace and Campbell Avenues.

Only a few details so far in the news:

From the Toronto Star:

An 18-year-old man was stabbed multiple times after a fight broke out in the Bloor St. W. and Lansdowne Ave. area Friday night.

Wallace Ave: Train crashes into firetruck; Firefighters barely escape

The Globe, December 22, 1930: Click image for full-size versionThe Globe, December 22, 1930: Click image for full-size version

On Saturday, December 20, 1930, four firefighters narrowly escaped injury or death when they jumped from their firetruck moments before it was struck by a train at the Wallace Ave. crossing. You can get the details of what happened in The Globe's article (click for a large, readable image), but here's a quick summary:

Police request assistance in Dundas/Sterling stabbing investigation

Via Toronto Police Service TPSlinks and 11 Division email:

Police Request Public Assistance in Stabbing Investigation

On Friday the 8th of June 2012 at 1:45AM police responded to a call for a stabbing in the Dundas Street West and Sterling Road area.

Wallace Bridge Mural Vandalism

Photo by Martin Reis, in the Junction Triangle Flickr Pool

Sometime during the night of August 16-17, the brand new mural under the Wallace Ave. Footbridge was severely vandalized. It's not the first time that this mural was tagged, including while it was still a work in progress. Artist Richard Mongiat has fixed it each time.

Personally, as much as I actually enjoy good street art and graffiti, simple vandalism of other peoples' work is extremely disrespectful. And it makes me enjoy other street art less.

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