Wallace Bridge Mural Vandalism

Photo by Martin Reis, in the Junction Triangle Flickr Pool

Sometime during the night of August 16-17, the brand new mural under the Wallace Ave. Footbridge was severely vandalized. It's not the first time that this mural was tagged, including while it was still a work in progress. Artist Richard Mongiat has fixed it each time.

Personally, as much as I actually enjoy good street art and graffiti, simple vandalism of other peoples' work is extremely disrespectful. And it makes me enjoy other street art less.


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How about installing a remote camera?

These things are generally small enough to be hidden quite well - and then they could be caught in the act - and the footage could be sent to the police.

i noticed some of it the

i noticed some of it the other day - the picture shows even more damage since i was by on tuesday. i totally understand graffiti as art but i really don't get defacing art with pure and utter nonsense. what is the point of this? if someone really feels the need to scribble like a kindergartener, then why not do it on any number of bare spaces on the path itself. or hey, how about not at all? mindless destruction is just stupid.

Also on the bridge itself

I always notice dumb scribbles all over the bridge - not art. Such as, loves ", that kind of thing. Dumb sentences. Definitely not art, just kids writing whatever they feel like on the bridge. Very annoying.

I'm sorry for the muralist's sake. I saw him working on the wall of the autobody shop at the bottom of the bridge stairs, and he put a lot of effort in, only to have someone tag it.

Really Ignorant

Dogs are more subtle when they mark their spot. These dummies are obviously lower on the food chain.

I am not so sure how we can

I am not so sure how we can stop this nonsense. CAn this people even be incriminated if get caught?

Someone needs to put up

Someone needs to put up posters with"SFB is a moron" all around there. Disappointing, but not surprising... I'm sure SFB is a real stand-up citizen.

Whoever did that was a real

Whoever did that was a real SFB.