Robbery (purse snatching) on Bloor at Railpath

On Tuesday, August 20th 2013, at around 9:40PM, a "violent street robbery" occurred on Bloor St. by the West Toronto Railpath bridge.

On August 23rd, Toronto Police 11 Division sent out the following alert:

Robberies - 2 violent street robberies occurred - one at Bloor Street West and Perth Avenue and the second one was at Osler Street and St. Clair Avenue West

I requested more info, and got a reply today with details:

The robbery occurred on Tuesday 2013.08.20 at around 9:40PM. The actual location it occurred was at Bloor Street West at the West Toronto Railpath bridge. It was a purse snatch type robbery. The culprit was described as male wearing dark clothing.

The matter has been assigned to the 11 Division Major Crime Unit and the investigation is ongoing.

If anyone has any information about this, please contact Toronto Police 11 Division.

There have been many ongoing concerns about safety while walking under our neighbourhood's many railway underpasses. Though the police are actively investigating this incident, it's certainly worth staying vigilant and looking at permanent ways to improve safety in these areas.


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Ward 18 party


I am an Active18 steering committee member and I would like to invite your group to participate in our AGM/ ward 18 party. The event is set to take place on Oct 2 in the evening. We're asking that fellow community groups join us and make a presentation about key activities.

Would you be available to participate? We're getting together the final details and will have a poster/flyer to share with after the weekend.

Thank you,

Dupont and Edwin

Underpass lighting

Improved lighting is probably a good start. There are problems with sight lines too, of course, especially with the staircases. And now even worse with the sidewalk narrowed at the GO/UPE station construction.

I think the pedestrian environment will improve around the station, once it's finished in a couple of years, as it will be more opened up and brighter at sidewalk level.

Lighting Will Be Improved

A repost from Aug 8 as it relates:

When the area traffic group started meeting one issue that came up a lot was the unfriendly and some times poorly lit underpasses in the area. Some feedback came the other day....

"A quick note to inform you that further to requests made by the JTTMC, and a lot of pushing by Councillor Bailão, Toronto Hydro will be rehabilitating the lighting at the following Junction Triangle underpasses: Dupont/Osler and Bloor/Perth"

Hopefully this will make these routes safer and more inviting at night with improved lighting.