Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal

Anyone hear about a dead man found in front of the Bank of Montreal at the corner of Dupont St. and Symington? Apparently it happened last week. My friend in the hood told me about it. She said that there were two men arguing in front of Dupont and Perth and later they made their way to the BMO on Symington and apparently one guy died there.

The police were enquiring about who might have witnessed the crime.

As I heard this second hand I just wanted to confirm that it happened. I checked the news and did not see any stories about the incident.

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Dead Male & TMOB

Hi There,

Yes the elderly man that was found unconscious at the corner of DuPont & symington was later pronounced dead in hospital. He had substantial head trauma caused by blunt force trauma to his head. He was a patriot of This Month Only but was at the DuPont Chicken Churrisquiera located at Perth & DuPont right before he got attacked. Investigation into his murder is still ongoing. If residents think of this neighbourhood think that This Month Only is the reason for the down bringing of this neighbourhood you're are wrong. There is good & bad in every neighbourhood. Who's to say that the residents of the neighbourhood enjoy the company of the newly opened bars/establishments. Gaivota Bar which is located across the street from TMOB in the plaza is the exact same but because it's not located at the corner is harder to observe. There is gambling that happens, patriots from this bar get extremely drunk & drive away without anyone noticing. The block both entrances to the plaza with there cars & work trucks making it difficult to attend the other establishments such as Thai Lime. Closing TMOB won't solve anything as these patriots/ residents will just find another bar/establishment to go to. They're not going to move out of their neighbourhood which the majority of them have been living in longer than most of the new residents who have just recently moved into the neighbourhood. Things happen everyday that doesn't make it to the news. Perth avenue, Wallace avenue, symington avenue, DuPont street, Campbell avenue, Edwin avenue & all the rest of there conjoining streets have always had trouble & issues even way before the murder of little Holly Jones and Before the bomb & murder threats at Perth Public School & before all the murders, attempted murders & stabbings that have occurred on all these streets. I've lived in this neighbourhood for over 30 years and have seen & heard everything. If you want trouble you have to be asking for it don't look for trouble and nobody will bother you. I feel so safe in this neighbourhood & know everybody except the newbies who no offence are really stuck up and snobby and can't even say hi or wave hello as a friendly Neighbourhood gesture. Most of you especially those with children should be more worried about allowing your children roam around the neighbourhood without adult supervision considering there are more than 250+ pedophiles living within this area which includes the junction. Don't forget to smile you might enlighten someone's day & not even know it.


you might have lived for 30 years in this neighborhood have i BUT you probably don't live right beside the CRAP-'s drugs, yes i have seen both use and dealing...drunk drive, constant because i have had my front fence knocked out and they drove off...even the swat team come out once... it's so good of a bar that the owner took his family to live somewhere else instead of hearing all the crap at night...yes this neighborhood has had it's past as others. but is now bettering itself and it's starts with cleaning this black hole out of this neighborhood ... and yes Gaivota isn't any better....BUT where is our city rep. ANA BAILAO on this ....NO WHERE...

Actually Ana Bailao is quite

Actually Ana Bailao is quite involved in this issue. The City cant just come in and take peoples businesses away. There are steps and procedures that have to be met. You might want to call Ana's office and get informed.

Dear Anonymous

I agree that TMO Bar is not the only source of misbehavior we see in JT. I wouldn’t say that is the main source either. There is a phenomenal network of places that link delinquency around JT; Coffee Time at Lansdowne, Beer Store, TMO Bar, Edwardas Chicken or strip plaza serve to similar population. I agree that Gaivota Bar is an establishment that breaks many by-laws. Maybe more that other places but Gaivotas neighbors are business that serve to same clients. (including happy endings massage place to the west)

I personally contacted building owner of Gaivota Bar after one night I couldn’t stand cigarette smoke cloud coming into Thai Lime. I wanted to let the owner know about city law that prohibits smoking Tabaco within 9 meters of any building entrance (Municipal Code Chapter 709).

TMO Bar has “unfortunate” residential neighbors. Neighbors that are not necessarily newbies and are tired of being harassed by meth addicts, late night shouting, meth pipes in front yards etc...
TMO Bar does not host to locals. Owners do not live in our neighborhood, they don't care how their operations affect our neighborhood. That is not cool. Stomping on once feet for a cause that is good for all is a right thing to do weather you are a newbie or an oldie.

The Annual Debunk

How long does one have to live here to not be a new resident according to your standards? I have worked in the area since 1983 and lived here for 14 years. I recall hearing people complain about that location 14 years ago.

If it closes a new cafe or pub will open and it will be more community friendly. The current patrons will move on to another bar in another area. I have had a beer in TMO and I see that it serves some of the lower income people of the area but I also see the riff raff and troubles that it attracts late at night.One does not excuse the other.

Our area was pretty rough for a while but police stats show that crime has gone down every year for at least 15 years. You seem to almost wish the crime was back. Your statement that "250+ pedophiles living within this area" is complete BS and has been debunked over and over. It was a stat that was said erroneously and picked up by the papers but sadly people did not pay attention to the correction:

"But it turns out that the figures were not set in a context that gave them appropriate meaning. An article in the Globe and Mail on Saturday, May 8, 2004 by George Emerson, a resident of Holly Jones' neighbourhood, challenges the chief's action.

Emerson traced the Chief's statement to find the source for the figures, which turned out to be Detective Sergeant Elizabeth Byrnes in the sex crimes unit. Byrnes said the figure of 200 included a wide range of people who had committed offenses related to sex, but most were offences against adults, not children. It also included people who at one time might have lived in the area but might not now. When pressed, as to how many might be considered child predators, she said, "Maybe four or five. Maybe four. Maybe."

Byrnes also noted the arbitrariness of the three mile radius, and the fact that this part of the city does not have a higher ratio of sex offenders in the registry than other communities.

Emerson's article ends: "Chief Fantino held his news conference to press for the creation of a national registry of sex offenders. Databases and statistical analysis can be useful tools in crime solving. But they can also be easily abused and distorted to advance an agenda, however well intentioned. In the end, in addition to a cruel death, that is what is really chilling about the Holly Jones death."

Not only was the number and definition incorrect but few people bothered to notice that a 3 mile radius is from Jane to Rogers Road, to Bathurst, to past the shore of Lake Ontario.Thats is a pretty large area for "Maybe four or five. Maybe four. Maybe." .

Anonymous Crap

Thanks for making the effort to debunk the claims of this anonymous poster Scott. People too often get on this site and make outrageous statements and unsubstantiated claims while hiding their identity. Would they make the same statements if they were force to use their real names? Really wish the site moderator (who provides an awesome service to the community with this site) would revisit the issue of anonymous postings. For those rare moments when hiding a person's identity is necessary, perhaps the authors could send their comments to the site moderator for re-posting and we could end this kind of crap.

Anonymous posts

It's impossible to enforce real name posting. Even if I used an annoying third-party authentication (e.g. Facebook login), it's trivial to make something up. And that would just make it more difficult for people to post here, which people don't do as much anymore anyway...

Edited to add: Anonymous posting is also a good thing, giving people cover to post when they may be shy or unwilling to reveal personal details when posting interesting/controversial information.
...and it's exceptionally rare that anonymous posts really cause that much trouble around here anyway. I guess they just occasionally stand out.

Hope that helps, "K Putnam", whoever you are. ;)


We live close to TMO and there is some unfortunate friction (with us and certain "neighbours")... We feel like we are blamed, when we speak out about our concerns - as if deciding to live on a main street (etc) means we need to accept that people will be doing all sorts of things in our front yard... On top of that we have to deal with how this makes our family feel - we try to find alternative resolutions... we realize there are issues in the neighbourhood and it goes beyond an establishment...

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Why do people continue to

Why do people continue to come on this forum to highlight the negative things that may happen in the JT? Someone posted a while ago how Toronto Life had us in the top 20 of neighborhoods in the city and you know what, no one replied to that positive bit of news! We are surrounded by other neighborhoods that also scored in the top 20...Davenport/Corso Italia and Wallace Emerson. Someone surfing this blog from the outside must wonder about the negativity stemming from these posts. I mean we all recognize that every neighborhood has it's problems(as ours does),but this is typical of Torontonians and Canadians to have a complex about themselves and always feel insecure about what they have! Sad! Yes, we know the places that need work, but what about the places that are doing it right!

Great neighbourhood but news is important

I thought the neighbourhood was and is great.

I think it is important to be informed. When I first heard this story I was shocked and thought it was just an exaggeration by my friend, especially since it was not in the news. This was actually the only place I could corroborate the event.

Is there anything that can be done about getting "This Month Only" to care more about their serving practices?

Well, considering that the

Well, considering that the owner is a young guy with a family...One could only hope that he cared but I he does not...he use to live above the bar with his wife and after they had a child they moved he knows this is not a good place otherwise he would still be living there with his family. He applied for a patio license a few years ago, he had a petition with signatures from his customers who's addresses were not from the neighbourhood.
Ana Bailao's office is aware of this place, according to them, his license is up for renewal this month. I was told that they are fighting to get his liquor license revoked or at least his hours of operation shortened. Maybe if he gets hit in the pocket, then he will care.
I was also informed by Ana Bailao's office that the Coffee Time on Landowne and Dupont is no longer 24hrs, they now close at 10pm. They were able to do this, not because of police reports, because there were none, although everyone knows about this place, non of the neighbours ever called the police. They were able to get it due to the number of accidents that occurred as people were trying to get out of there as fast as they could after their transaction.

There is something we can do

There is an open file at Alcohol and Gaming Commission for This Month Only Bar.

My family have been negatively affected by the This Month Only bar and its patrons for years now. This might sound extreme but drug trafficking, impaired drivers and verbal insults coming from bar patrons are daily occurrences. My partner does not feel safe walking past the establishment even during day.

I have approached bar/building owners Tim and Emily many times to make them aware of the issues. I pointed out my concerns to them and offered my help if they needed any community input. The owners argued that people who deal/use drugs in front of their bar are not their patrons. They denied overserving to their clients who drive.
I continue to text the bar owners when I see impaired patrons getting into cars or on motorcycles. I record licence plates of folks that look impaired, most of them are bar regulars. I talked to the owners about positive changes in neighborhood and that they could benefit from it.

After 3 years of communicating with the bar owners there is not a change in the way they operate their business. Year 2014 was the worst in terms of level of delinquency from TMOB. Overserving and drug trafficking that happens around this licensed business should be addressed for the sake of the public and Junction Triangle.

I recently contacted Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario who is responsible for administering the Liquor Licence Act, they opened a file on This Month Only Bar about two weeks ago.

If you are concerned about any of above mentioned issues regarding This Month Only Bar please contact
Jade Lead (License Enforcement of Alcohol Commission): 416-432-1226. Jade seems very reasonable.
Your call will make a difference.


last night there was a fighting occurring in front of This Month Only Bar (1540 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6P 4G7). It stated on Perth and Dupont and moved to Perth Ave. and Hugo Ave. There were 10-20 People involved. It was taking place from about 1:00AM untill 3:00AM. Residents that live around those streets you were up and worried about their families.

There is an open file on This Month Only Bar at License Enforcement of Alcohol Commission
please call Jade Lead : 416-432-1226, and tell her about your concerns.
Your call will make a difference.


Re: Why do people continue to...

PrimeMinister - I acknowledge your point. Great initiatives and general improvements need to be acknowledged.

However important and often "difficult" issues must be addressed.

This is a great forum to

This is a great forum to discuss issues in the neighbourhood, regardless of those issues being positive or negative. I don't think it benefits anybody to ignore something as serious as a man being found dead on Dupont. Especially seeing as it has not been reported anywhere else.

Also, speaking about a business such as "This Month Only" and hi-lighting the issues some neighbours have had with this place is only a good thing. I have no idea what can be done about "This Month Only", but this is a great forum to talk about ideas.

Unless legitimate businesses

Unless legitimate businesses step up to seize the storefronts around this place and eventually weed out places like this that have run rampant in this hood for years, there is little that can be done. They will claim they are running a business. By now I would have hoped that more indie entrepreneurs would have taken a chance on some of the storefronts on Dupont...other than Cafe Con Leche, Farmhouse Tavern, Farmer's daughter, Baguette and Co, Boo's and maybe El Amacen(does it even open it's doors with consistent hours?) and Four Cats art studio, there are too many abandoned places. I know it has to do with zoning but nothing will change unless the aforementioned types of places exsist. The bar itself has potential...the space it is as does the one across the street...but they pose issues because of the people that frequent them...

Change comes slowly, yet all

Change comes slowly, yet all the businesses you just listed there have opened only in the last 4 years. That is actually quite impressive rate of change. That is a lot of good in our 'hood.

yay hopefully more good

yay hopefully more good things to come...tim should all live!!!

oh wow, this was not on the

oh wow, this was not on the news anywhere. if it weren't for this forum, we would never know. not sure what is worse in our neighbourhood. the drug related crimes, or the nasty smell coming from Nitta

Wow thanks for the update. I

Wow thanks for the update. I didn't think that actually did happen in the neigbourhood.


Yes police knocked on our doors. Asking if we heard any noises. They said that somebody "passed away" from the bar. It is unfortunate that police comes only if somebody "passes away". Those over-serving (often to drivers) bars are a real danger to our residents.

There is NON EMERGENCY Police line to call for drug deals and drunk drivers:

there a line for liqueur license enforcment
Staff Sergeant. Ed Wong: (416) 326-7161.

This Month Only

This Month Only is a blight on our community. Every night people screaming, yelling, blatantly selling drugs outside, constant fighting, drunk people getting into cars, harassment of bystanders, bikers idly revving their motorcycles at 3 a.m - the list goes on. I really wish the police would crack down on this place.