Stabbing at Wallace and Campbell

At around 8:30pm tonight, an 18 year-old man was stabbed in the abdomen near Wallace and Campbell Avenues.

Only a few details so far in the news:

From the Toronto Star:

An 18-year-old man was stabbed multiple times after a fight broke out in the Bloor St. W. and Lansdowne Ave. area Friday night.

A witness called police to 296 Wallace Ave. around 8:30 p.m., shortly after the incident occurred. The victim was rushed to hospital in “potentially life-threatening condition,” according to EMS Deputy Commander David Viljakaien.

“He was conscious and breathing when he left, but we’re concerned about his injuries,” said Staff Sgt. Niels Sondergaard of 11 Division.

Police are currently searching for suspects, and say a group of up to 12 males may have been involved in the fight.

And Global news:

An 18-year-old male has been taken to hospital with serious injuries after being stabbed in the abdomen Friday night.

The incident happened at 296 Wallace Avenue near Bloor Street West and Landsdowne Avenue area of the Junction Triangle.

Police say a group of up to 12 males may have been involved.

The area has been blocked off for an investigation.

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Maybe some truth to those

Maybe some truth to those rumours, forensics is at the church now..

This should be nipped in the bud

I have heard quite a few complaints from locals about groups of young men hanging on those steps of the former church at night. Seems to be the same faces. I have mentioned this to the property owner but have seen no action on this. If it is true that the incident did happen there then I think a call to the Councillors office is in order before it goes any further. I was hoping that the site would have boarding around it by now.


The rumours say

The stairs on the church at wallace and perth are a gathering place for groups of people to sit.

The portuguese? man was stabbed there.

He was too frightened to goto the store at perth/wallace

He was too frightened to goto the store at Wallace and symington

But he lives at the house behind the store at wallace and campbell where he could not move any more ?

because of his injuries? stopped infront of the store at wallace and campbell.?

rumour has it.

Rumors, I hope with the victim and mom this morning

Mark, these are only rumors.

The boy who got stabbed on the weekend does not or did not hang out at the church. There are many portuguese and spanish kids in ward 18, been two of the top 5 languages that is spoken that you might find hanging out at the church. No coincidence that you would see one of the culture mentioned represented hanging out at the church. I seen them myself(girls as well).

I spoke to the victim and the mother this morning when I went over to the house and to clarify the young man who got stabbed does not live anywhere were you said.

One thing you might find surprisingly that the perpetrators might not live in the ward or hang out at the church. JF

Meant to say I SPOKE with the victim and mom

Sorry I meant to say I SPOKE with the victim and mom and not hope. JF