Does anyone have any further infomation regarding the shooting that occured on Hugo Ave @ approx. 1:30am on Dec.9th? Police were around early morning that day but gone by daybreak.

Quite distrubing to hear about this occuring, I can't help but think that the sketchy characters that "This Month Only" attracts were involved in this.

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I also didn't hear anything

I also didn't hear anything and have friends that live on Hugo. But I do agree that " this month only " has to GO. It has been a thorn in my side for years. I have seen everything you can think of happen there, drugs, prostitution and overly drunk costumers, which I've seen drive away. I have contacted Ana Bailao office about this many times, they say that there working on it...well 4 yrs. Mrs. Bailao and the local police haven't done much??? But guess calling the police is all we have ??? hoping for better solution.


Perth/Dupont crossing has more going on than TMO. Popular churrasqueiras chicken place Eduardo's (Conditional Pass), has something going on. I see drunk and hangover construction workers leaving the place via front doors early mornings.

Hugo Ave Shooting

I didnt hear anything. I live at close to Hugo and TMO. The spot is bad. I call the Police every time i see, drag dealers idling around.
TMO also over-serves to his customers. I think the only way to change the area, is to call the police every time we see something odd.