Jane's Walk: Junction Triangle

Started in 2007, Jane's Walk is an annual event honouring the late urban thinker, activist, and writer Jane Jacobs. On May 1 and 2 2010, free walking tours will take place in cities all over Canada, the USA, and other countries around the world.

A local walking tour of the Junction Triangle has been organized to take place on Sunday May 2, 2010, at 11:00am, starting from Wallace Crossing (Wallace Ave. between Campbell and Lansdowne). All Jane's Walks are free, and this one does not require registration, but you can sign up for an email reminder on the Jane's Walk website.

This walk is intended to familiarize the urban footSoldier with the newly/old named ‘Junction Triangle’ area of the City’s West end.

Contained by the railway heritage of being a former industrial hub of City ‘production’; three sides (hence ‘Triangle’) are bound by tracks isolating this closely knit working class mix of residential and post industrial TO.

Come walk the brilliant new ‘railPath Park’ and experience the semiBohemian City culture that occurs where old industrial meets newUrban.

More info and signup is available on the Jane's Walk website. Also, check out the complete list of other Jane's Walks happening in Toronto on the same weekend.

A post-event writeup and photos are posted here.