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Artist painting 229 Wallace mural

Artist painting 229 Wallace mural

Part of the Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming project.

Photo by Scott Dobson, 2010-03-06.

Fuzzy Boundaries mural on 229 Wallace Ave.

Fuzzy Boundaries mural on 229 Wallace Ave.

Fuzzy Boundaries top-10 names listed on 229 Wallace Ave.

Photo by Bruce Gavin Ward, 2010-02-21.

Monday night walk/run

Beverley Coburn, a personal trainer who runs Active Age Fitness, has been leading "Monday Night Runs" (and walks) in our area. Every week, these runs always lead to new places within a few kilometres of the Dupont and Lansdowne starting point.

These free events are a great way to get some exercise, explore our local neighbourhoods, and meet new people. Give it a try sometime.

The upcoming run will actually focus on our neighbourhood. Here's is the announcement email sent by Beverley:

Hello Runners and Walkers,

Fuzzy Boundaries: Names listed on Wallace Ave.

The Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming group has used the former D&M Lumber building on Wallace Ave. as a canvas to display the Top 10 Names as chosen by local residents. The final vote for the neighbourhood name will run from March 1 to 14, 2010.

This building is scheduled to be demolished on March 17th, to be converted in to the 229 Wallace Lofts.

More photos, info and details on the Fuzzy Boundaries website. Additional photos by local photographer Martin Reis are posted on Flickr.

Fuzzy Boundaries mural on 229 Wallace Ave.

Fuzzy Boundaries mural on 229 Wallace Ave.

Fuzzy Boundaries has listed their Top 10 Names for the neighbourhood naming project on the former D&M Hardware / future 229 Wallace Lofts building.

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-02-22.

Illegal dumping at Wallace Ave. crossing

Illegal dumping on tracks near Wallace Ave.: November 1, 2008Illegal dumping on tracks near Wallace Ave.: November 1, 2008

The Toronto Star's "Fixer" has another article about our neighbourhood. Unfortunately, articles from The Fixer don't usually shine a positive light on things. This article discusses the illegal dumping that frequently occurs along the train tracks around Wallace Ave., between Campbell and Lansdowne Avenues.

Illegal dump makes area an eyesore
By Jack Lackey, Toronto Star, 2010-02-17

Some selected quotes:

There are a lot of ways to disrespect a community, but strewing the landscape with junk that could be properly disposed of has to rank near the top.
We went there Tuesday and found an appalling amount of garbage likely dumped in the dead of the night. There was a couch, a mattress, old appliances and several bags of trash.
On a utility pole near the tracks was a sign warning that illegal dumpers can be fined up to $5,000, which sounds formidable but is obviously considered an empty threat.
STATUS: Markings on track equipment identified CN Rail, so we called its media rep, Frank Binder. He said CN did a major cleanup there a year ago, but has since sold the track to GO Transit. GO's Vanessa Thomas took down the details and promised to update us.
A swift cleanup will take place, Thomas said, "if it is determined that this garbage is located on GO Transit property."

Read the complete article online at The Star's website.

Illegal dumping on tracks near Wallace Ave.

Illegal dumping on tracks near Wallace Ave.

A couch and other garbage illegally dumped on the GO (formerly CN) tracks between Lansdowne and Campbell Avenues, south of Wallace Ave.

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2008-11-01.

Wallace Industrial Lofts

Wallace Industrial Lofts

Former D&M Building Supplies, to be redeveloped into Wallace Industrial Lofts. 229 Wallace Ave., just east of the Newmarket/Barrie tracks.

More info in the Discussion Forum.

West is best, as Wallace Ave. shows

Christopher Hume, the Toronto Star's "Condo Critic" had some nice words to say about our neighbourhood, specifically Wallace Ave., the Railpath, and the Wallace Station Lofts:

Wallace Ave., which no one would rank among the memorable thoroughfares in Toronto, is better than it looks. This mixed landscape of old industrial heaps and lowrise residential and apartment buildings can appear bleak, but the visitor soon realizes that this is a healthy and vibrant neighbourhood. The advent of the West Toronto Railpath, which passes beneath the Wallace Ave footbridge, will only enhance the area by making it more accessible and pedestrian-friendly.

Read the complete article online here.

For an interesting look back at the past, have a look at the picture on the bottom of this page at trainweb.org. It shows what is now the West Toronto Railpath and Wallace Station Lofts back in July 1985.

362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk

The property at 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. next to the West Toronto Railpath has been vacant for several years, and is now being prepared for redevelopment. The development is being marketed as "Wallace Walk". Please use this forum for discussing this site.

A quick recap:

  • This is the former Glidden Paints and Varnishes factory site
  • The ground at this site was significantly contaminated for many years with industrial pollutants
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