Chances of electrification of UP line...?


I am considering buying a property in the Junction Triangle. I am wondering if I can get some opinions from people on here who have attended the recent public consultations what they think the chances of electrification of the UP rail link are?

It seems to me that the Electrification EA is a good sign that that this is likely to happen. However, I have not followed this or other electrification projects so I don't know if this always leads to somewhere...

Given the proximity of the Junction Triangle to the rail lines and the upcoming massive expansion of trains along the UP line, this is probably the biggest worry for me in buying property here...


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There will be another round of consultation in February 2014 for the Electrification EA. The Liberals agreed they would roll out electrification as a result of the Georgetown South Expansion project now ongoing. However, electrification still is an unfunded project along with the fourth track on the Weston subdivision. As there will be at least one provincial election between now and the any electrification-related construction, it all depends on who wins. In the meantime, the GTS project will be building soundwalls along most of the rail corridor. There will be separate public consultation for that.