New/Renovated Library Pix: Give You Any Ideas?

Here are some recent photos of new or renovated branches of the TPL system. They give a good idea that libraries are still about books, but more importantly about social capital. Take a few seconds to scroll down them and think about what you might want to see at the expanded Perth Dupont Branch. If you have not filled out the survey then now is the time. All photos were taken by: Photographer: Stephen Evans (except the Jane Shepard and S. Walter Stewart which were taken by TPL staff).

Bloor Gladstone 2Bloor Gladstone 2

Bloor Gladstone 7Bloor Gladstone 7

Bloor Gladstone 13aBloor Gladstone 13a

Bloor Gladstone 13bBloor Gladstone 13b

Cedarbrae 1Cedarbrae 1

Cedarbrae 2Cedarbrae 2

Cedarbrae 4Cedarbrae 4

Cedarbrae 5Cedarbrae 5


Dufferin St. Clair 1Dufferin St. Clair 1

Dufferin St. Clair 2Dufferin St. Clair 2

Dufferin St. Clair 3Dufferin St. Clair 3

Dufferin St. Clair 4Dufferin St. Clair 4

Dufferin St. ClairDufferin St. Clair

Jane Sheppard 1Jane Sheppard 1

Jane Sheppard 2Jane Sheppard 2

Kennedy Eglinton 11Kennedy Eglinton 11

S. Walter Stewart 8S. Walter Stewart 8

S. Walter Stewart 12aS. Walter Stewart 12a

S. Walter Stewart 12bS. Walter Stewart 12b


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Light and Colour in New Libraries

These pictures show that light and colour dominate new libraries. They look like inviting places with nice spaces for children. Any of these branches would be a great addition to a tired looking section of Dupont Street.
With just three days left in the 100 Day Survey (ends midnight Wednesday), this is the time to add yor voice to the discussion about what features and services you would like to see in a bigger Junction Triangle Library. It's just 10 easy questions that help demonstrate your support for the project
Many thanks.